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War of Superpowers

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War of Superpowers banner.jpg

The War of Superpowers was a War that took place from May 1st to 29th, 2019. This War was fundamentally different from previous Wars. For one, there were no teams, and secondly, the paints you had to buy to attend would stay in your Garage forever.

In order to participate in the War, one had to choose one of three paints - "Tarantula", "Cap", and "Crusher". The paints were purchasable from the 1st of May in the Garage and remained available for purchase until the end of the War.

The event

Of course there was an occasion for this War. In April 2019, the new hull Overdrives were released. These Overdrives are abilities, or in other words, "superpowers" that give the tank a variety of advantages over team members and opponents for a short time.
Another occasion would be that the last part of "Avengers" appeared in theaters. Also in this movie, there are different super powers. For this reason, the paints are based on the hero from this movie.

The factions

War of Superpowers superpaints preview.png

There were no proper factions, as written above, because each player fought on their own. However, there were three paints that you could buy. These were based on three superheroes: Spiderman, Captain America, and Hulk.


The previous Wars were about which group collects the most stars. This concept was not followed here. The task in this war was to accomplish six tasks that could be found on a specific page. These tasks could only be done in Matchmaking battles.


There were six "tasks" and there was a small prize for each completed task. If you performed all six tasks, you received the unique paint Thankos' Armor.

Mission Reward
Task 1

Maintain a K/D of «1.00» or higher during the event
War of Superpowers 1.png

10x Gold Boxes


Task 2

Use 100 Overdrives
War of Superpowers 2.png

3x weekly containers
Container weekly preview.png

Task 3

Collect 50 «Nuclear Energy» supplies
War of Superpowers 3.png

100x all supplies

Kit supplies 100 small.png

Task 4

Earn 1 000 stars while you're on the winning team
War of Superpowers 4.png

The other two War of Superpowers event paints Icon info.png
War of Superpowers paints.png

Task 5

Destroy 7 000 enemies
War of Superpowers 5.png

30 000 crystals

Missions 7.png

Task 6

Destroy 40 Juggernauts
War of Superpowers 6.png

3x Container
Container preview.png

Additional Prizes
War of Superpowers 7.png
Completing all six tasks will reward you with the unique paint Thankos' Armor. This is the main reward in the "War of Super Powers". The owners of this paint made a real feat, collecting all 6 crystals of power.

Paint Thankos Armor.png