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Viking guide

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Viking 04.png

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Hull vicing m3.png


border=0Well-armored and can withstand quite a lot of damage.
border=0It’s short, which lets it avoid being hit in some cases.
border=0Fairly stable, wide and heavy -- it’s hard to push a player who’s using Viking, make him lose balance or knock off his target and make him miss.


border=0Sometimes it isn't fast enough to reach the enemy base on full health without using drops or supplies.
border=0The shortness often makes it difficult to attack targets which are located on a higher level than Viking.

Preferred equipment

Viking feels best in company with mid-ranged and long-ranged turrets - Smoky, Thunder, Ricochet, Railgun and Shaft. Viking can also be used with short ranged weapons in medium-small maps, but it has to keep hidden.

Preferred game modes and maps

Viking is perfect for any game mode and map. On large maps Viking usually stays in defence, and supports the attacking teammates with fire, on small maps -- Viking itself successfully attacks. When using supplies, it becomes a more versatile hull.

Interesting moments and history

- Viking was introduced in the game in Spring, 2010.
- Players like Viking for its brutal appearance, firmly associated with real tanks.