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All of the information listed below can also be found in the Patch Notes section and the News Archive section.


April 9th (Update #643)

  • Starting «Cosmonautics day» event;
  • Added new temporary event currency;
  • Updated ultra containers:
    • Added «Armadillo» protection module;
    • Added new Hammer's «Blunderbuss» augment.
  • Added positive «Supercharge» status effect that lets you deal critical damage with every shot.
    • Added «Supercharge» status effect to Dictator's overdrive:
      • Duration - 3 seconds.
      • The effect is applied to your tank and to teammates' tanks that are inside your OD's effective radius.
    • Added «Supercharge» status effect to Hornet's overdrive:
      • Duration 7 seconds;
      • The effect is applied only to your tank.
  • Added stun, EMP and heat status effects to Wasp's bomb.
  • Fixed the bug with Gauss's «EMP Salvo» not dealing damage to opponents in splash range.
  • Fixed some critical damage related bugs.
  • Fixed the bug with a filter in the MM group invite screen that lets you choose to show only clan mates in the list of players you can invite.
  • Many fixes of UI for main screen, battle List, Shop and clans.

April 1st (Update #642)

List of changes:

  • All armor piercing augments now apply this status effect only while dealing critical damage;
  • Railgun changes.
    • After dealing critical damage, critical chance for the next shot is reduced to 10%. After that shot (if it deals damage), the chance goes back up to 50% again.
    • «‎Round destabilization» augment‎: critical damage is increased by 30% instead of 60%, critical damage chance is increased to 70%;
    • «Electromagnetic accelerator "Scout"» augment: critical damage is decreased by 40% instead of 30%;
    • «Large caliber rounds» augment: common and critical damages are increased by 20% instead of 40%, shot reload is increased by 60% instead of 50%;
    • «‎Hyperspace rounds» augment: common damage is increased by 40%;
    • «Incendiary Rounds» augment: critical damage is decreased by 30%, shot warmup time is increased by 20%, critical damage chance is set to 50%;
    • «‎Stun rounds» augment: critical damage is decreased by 30%, shot warmup time is increased by 20%, critical damage chance is set to 50%;
    • «Cryo rounds» augment: critical damage is decreased by 30%, shot warmup time is increased by 20%, critical damage chance is set to 50%;
    • «‎EMP rounds» augment: critical damage is decreased by 30%, shot warmup time is increased by 20%, critical damage chance is set to 50%;
  • Hopper - Overdrive charge per second is decreased by 10%;
  • Mine - Critical damage is decreased from 9999HP to 3999HP;
  • Dictator - Overdrive energy restored for teammates is decreased from 50% to 33%;
  • Destroying a tank with common damage is indicated in orange;
  • Destroying a tank with critical damage is indicated in red;
  • Critical healing is indicated in blue;
  • Critical and kill damage indicators are increased in size to differentiate from regular damage indicators.

March 26th (Update #641)

List of changes:

  • Easter in Tanki Online!
  • Updated ultra containers, added resistance module with protection against critical damage;
  • Added critical damage feature for all turrets with 10% chance to deal it;
  • Removed default damage range.
  • Isida:
    • % chance to heal 10 times more HP;
    • «‎Support nanobots» augment increases the chance to 4%.
  • Hammer:
    • When dealing critical damage, all targets hit by shrapnel get the same critical damage;
    • «Dragon's Breath» augment applies the burning status effect only on critical damage shots.
  • Smoky:
    • The maximum chance of dealing critical damage is limited to 20% for the first modification and increases per modification to 50%:
      • Mk1: 20%;
      • Mk2: 24%;
      • Mk3: 28%;
      • Mk4: 31%;
      • Mk5: 35%;
      • Mk6: 39%;
      • Mk7: 43%;
      • Mk7+: 50%.
    • Added new type of critical damage on a critical shot, like other turrets have;
      • Augments: Supercumulative rounds, Incendiary rounds, Cryo rounds, EMP Rounds, and Paralyzing Rounds apply status effects only on critical damage shots.
  • Magnum:
    • «Harpoon» augment can deal critical damage only with a direct hit.
  • Striker:
    • Critical damage is calculated separately for each missile in a salvo.
  • Railgun:
    • Default damage now ranges from 450 (Mk1) to 900 (Mk7+);
    • Added critical damage: 800 (Mk1) up to 1600 (Mk7+) with a fixed 50% chance;
    • When hitting several targets, the same critical damage is applied to all of them;
    • «Round stabilization» augment disables critical damage but also increases default damage by 33%;
    • «‎Round destabilization» augment either deals increased critical damage (+60%) or deals negligible default damage - 100 HP:
    • «Hyperspace rounds» augment doesn’t deal critical damage.
    • «Adrenaline» augment increases both default and critical damage.
  • Mine:
    • Removed default damage range;
    • Default damage changed to 1500;
    • Added 1% chance to deal 9999 damage.
  • «‎Blaster» drone:
    • Removed default damage range;
    • Cannot deal critical damage.
  • Added new expensive resistance module with protection from critical damage:
    • Mk1: available from ultra containers;
    • Mk2: 15 000 crystals;
    • Mk3: 75 000 crystals;
    • Mk4: 150 000 crystals;
    • Mk5: 330 000 crystals;
    • Mk6: 500 000 crystals;
    • Mk7: 850 000 crystals;
    • Mk7+: from 2 250 000 to 6 750 000 crystals depending on how fast you upgrade it.
  • Fixes and changes of UI.

March 19 (Update 640)

List of changes:

  • Made some changes to Hopper’s overdrive. If you activate it and your tank is destroyed immediately after, your overdrive energy won’t be saved.
  • Changed the time needed to make a Crusader’s icicle. Now it is just 0.7 seconds instead of 1.3 seconds before firing!
  • Fixed how the following elements are displayed in the game: «Home» button, protection module slot, notification about receiving rewards for Challenge levels, etc.
  • Fixed alignment and sizes of additional information about the battle time and score.
  • Made MM groups look better
  • Fixed the bug that let a tanker unequip a protection module during its cooldown.
  • Updated descriptions for the following paints: Green Quads, Trapped Inside, Carbon stars, Constellation, NanoHUD, Pixel Plasma, Offensive, Pink Elephant, Orange urchin, PCB.

March 4 (Update 638)

  • List of changes:
    • Hunter's standard skin got updated to HD.
    • Added two new Railgun augments to ultra-containers:
      • EMP Rounds:
        • Turns off the active supplies for 6 seconds.
        • Loading up before shooting time is increased by 20%: from 1,1 to 1,32 (s) for all modifications.
        • Minimum HP is increased by 40%:
          • Mk1: 390 → 546 (hp);
          • Mk2: 474,41 → 664,17 (hp);
          • Mk3: 534,71 → 748,59 (hp);
          • Mk4: 582,94 → 816,12 (hp);
          • Mk5: 631,18 → 883,65 (hp);
          • Mk6: 667,35 → 934,29 (hp);
          • Mk7: 703,53 → 984,94 (hp);
          • Mk7+: 800 → 1120 (hp).
        • Maximum HP is increased by 40%:
          • Mk1: 810 → 1134 (hp);
          • Mk2: 972,65 → 1361,71 (hp);
          • Mk3: 1088,82 → 1524,35 (hp);
          • Mk4: 1181,76 → 1654,46 (hp);
          • Mk5: 1274,71 → 1784,59 (hp);
          • Mk6: 1344,41 → 1882,17 (hp);
          • Mk7: 1414,12 → 1979,77 (hp);
          • Mk7+: 1600 → 2240 (hp).
      • Cryo Rounds:
        • Decreased temperature by 100% from minimum temperature for 0.5 seconds.
        • Loading up before shooting time is increased by 20%: from 1,1 to 1,32 (s) for all modifications.
    • Railgun’s «Stun rounds» augment:
      • Increased stun time from 1 to 2 seconds.
    • Gauss’s «Electromagnetic salvo» augment:
      • The radius of disabling supplies is decreased from 20 to 14 meters.
    • Gauss’s «Armor-Piercing Salvo» augment:
      • The radius of applying the effect is increased from 0 to 6 meters.
    • Ares’s overdrive:
      • Now when the tank is killed at the moment of overdrive start it is possible to leave some charge unspent.
  • The garage now displays Gear Score details for all equipped parts of the tank instead of turret and hull parameters.
  • Added a sound for all pop-up notifications.
  • You can now delete all numbers, including the last one, when editing the number of supplies you buy.
  • Fixed the scrolling of the paints list.
  • Friends and clan mates now have different colour nicknames everywhere.
  • Added back the option to disable MM group invites.
  • The window description header in the lobby now shows only the name of the current section.
  • When shooting a tank that has immunity from a status effect you were going to apply, an “Immunity” indicator will appear above the tank.
  • Some fixes of the «Back» button in the battle list.

February 18 (Update 637)

  • List of changes:
    • Updated Railgun's default skin to HD quality.
    • Added new augments for Railgun:
      • Incendiary rounds:
        • Increases the temperature of the first and the next targets, if pierced for 3 seconds;
        • The charge is 20% slower for all modifications: From 1,1 s to 1,32 s.
      • «Stun rounds»:
        • Disables the control of the first and the next targets if pierced for 1 second.
        • The target does not lose the flag if hit.
        • Minimal damage is increased by 40%:
          • Mk1: 390 → 546 (hp);
          • Mk2: 474,41 → 664,17 (hp);
          • Mk3: 534,71 → 748,59 (hp);
          • Mk4: 582,94 → 816,12 (hp);
          • Mk5: 631,18 → 883,65 (hp);
          • Mk6: 667,35 → 934,29 (hp);
          • Mk7: 703,53 → 984,94 (hp);
          • Mk7+: 800 → 1120 (hp).
        • Maximal damage is increased by 40%:
          • Mk1: 810 → 1134 (hp);
          • Mk2: 972,65 → 1361,71 (hp);
          • Mk3: 1088,82 → 1524,35 (hp);
          • Mk4: 1181,76 → 1654,46 (hp);
          • Mk5: 1274,71 → 1784,59 (hp);
          • Mk6: 1344,41 → 1882,17 (hp);
          • Mk7: 1414,12 → 1979,77 (hp);
          • Mk7+: 1600 → 2240 (hp).
        • Reload speed is decreased by 50%:
          • Mk1: 4,4 → 6,6 (s);
          • Mk2: 4,029 → 6,044 (s);
          • Mk3: 3,765 → 5,648 (s);
          • Mk4: 3,553 → 5,330 (s);
          • Mk5: 3,341 → 5,012 (s);
          • Mk6: 3,182 → 4,773 (s);
          • Mk7: 3,024 → 4,536 (s);
          • Mk7+: 2,6 → 3,9 (s).
        • The charge is 20% slower for all modifications: From 1,1 s to 1,32 s.
    • Changed the contents of Ultra Containers and Tankoin bundles in the Shop:
      • Ultra-containers:
        • Replaced the 1 and 3 containers bundle from the browser version of the game with a 200 and 300 containers bundle.
        • Removed the bundles with 1 and 10 containers from the mobile version of the game and replaced them with bundles consisting of 100 and 150 containers instead.
      • Tankoins:
        • Removed the bundles with 150 Tankoins from the HTML5 version of the game and added a bundle with 35200 Tankoins instead;
        • Removed the bundles with 150 Tankoins from the mobile version of the game and added a bundle with 18000 Tankoins instead.
    • Added the following maps to the ММ map pool:
      • Berlin;
      • Dusseldorf;
      • Lost Temple;
      • Scope;
      • Kolhoz;
      • Skylark.
    • Bigger maps contain up to 28 players (14x14):
      • Berlin— 28 players;
      • Dusseldorf— 28 players;
      • Lost Temple— 28 players;
      • Scope— 28 players;
      • Kolhoz— 24 players;
      • Skylark— 20 players.
    • Added an eSports version of some maps so any changes to these maps will not affect eSports:
      • Barda;
      • Barda ММ;
      • Bobruisk;
      • Gubakha;
      • Iran;
      • Kungur;
      • Cologne;
      • Bridges ММ;
      • Parma;
      • Red Alert;
      • Red Alert ММ;
      • Tribute ММ;
      • Forest.
        • The maps use the Summer theme only;
        • The amount of players on the map is limited to 14 (7x7);
        • Added the “eSport” tag in the maps name;
        • All players can create those maps.
    • When the battle ends, the players are redirected to the end screen, even if they are in the garage/settings/shop.
    • If there is an active MU sale, a shield with a [%] appears on the garage section and on the “Upgrade” button in that section.
    • If there is an active turret or hull sale, a shield with [%] appears on the garage section.
    • Fixed sorting Containers in the garage.
    • Fixed the annoying auto-pause message, which was active even after the player left the battle.
    • Fixed the error where a player got a grey screen after exiting the battle end screen.
    • Removed the “Vote” option from the battle end screen.
    • Small changes in the clan section.

February 5 (Update 636)

  • When searching for a battle, the range of ranks for a group of players can only go up, and cannot go down.
  • Changed the number of players on the following maps:
    • Aleksandrovsk: 16 → 20;
    • Archipelago: 12 → 16;
    • Barda: 16 → 20;
    • Bridges: 12 → 16;
    • Chernobyl: 24 → 20;
    • Desert: 24 → 20;
    • Future: 16 → 20;
    • Iran: 20 → 16;
    • Osa 24 → 20;
    • Red Alert: 16 → 12;
    • Silence: 20 → 16;
    • Stadium: 24 → 20;
    • Wolfenstein: 24 → 20.
  • Now, the Defender drone gives a 20 seconds bonus effect instead of 30.
  • Isida now deals 15% more damage on all modifications:
    • Mk1: 500 → 575 (hp);
    • Mk2: 573,53 → 659,56 (hp);
    • Mk3: 632,35 → 727,20 (hp);
    • Mk4: 705,88 → 811,76 (hp);
    • Mk5: 750 → 862,5 (hp);
    • Mk6: 808,82 → 930,14 (hp);
    • Mk7: 882,35 → 1014,70 (hp);
    • Mk7+: 1 000 → 1150 (hp).
  • Now, Hammer reloads the magazine 2 seconds faster on all modifications:
    • Mk1: 6 → 4 (s);
    • Mk2: 5,82 → 3,82 (s);
    • Mk3: 5,74 → 3,74 (s);
    • Mk4: 5,62 → 3,62 (s);
    • Mk5: 5,471 → 3,471 (s);
    • Mk6: 5,352 → 3,352 (s);
    • Mk7: 5,235 → 3,235 (s);
    • Mk7+: 5 → 3 (s).
  • Striker now reloads faster. From 2.5 to 1.8 seconds to the current 2.2 to 1.7 seconds.
    • Mk1: 2,5 → 2,2 (s);
    • Mk2: 2,356 → 2,097 (s);
    • Mk3: 2,294 → 2,053 (s);
    • Mk4: 2,191 → 1,979 (s);
    • Mk5: 2,129 → 1,935 (s);
    • Mk6: 2,047 → 1,876 (s);
    • Mk7: 1,965 → 1,818 (s);
    • Mk7+: 1,8 → 1,7 (s).
  • Now, Hopper accelerates 2 m/s slower and no longer receives an overdrive charge for useful combat actions within 10 seconds of applying the overdrive.
  • Ares gets points for destroying opponents with its overdrive.
  • Hammer’s “Duplet” augment takes 50% longer to reload the magazine relative to the new magazine reload time.
  • Hammer’s “Armor-Piercing Shot” augment no longer gives an acceleration boost of the magazine reload.
  • Smoky's "Rubberized Rounds" augment allows the projectiles to bounce off walls, twice.
  • Initial velocity of Striker missiles increased by 5 m/s for all modifications.
  • The bug due to which items were not equipped in the garage is now fixed.
  • The bug due to which augments were not visible in the augments menu is also fixed.
  • The bug due to which it was impossible to add a newly entered friend to the group is fixed.
  • Ability to switch the game interface language in the settings is added.
  • Missing ability to scale flag icons in the drop-down box in clans is fixed.
  • Containers have a sound effect, just like in the mobile version of the game.
  • Now, in containers, augments are displayed with an image of the turret they are for.
  • Paints from past challenges are added to containers.
  • Ability to ignore the players in the chat via the context menu is added.
  • Now getting stunned results in inability to turn on supplies for the whole duration of this status

January 29 (Update 635)

  • Smoky’s standard skin received an upgrade to HD.
  • Added animation, new shot effects and new projectile mechanics.
  • Added new augments for Smoky.
  • A new currency “Shards” for compiling containers is added.
  • Ability to double-click to equip items in the garage is added.
  • “My clan” button is added to the friends list.
  • The ability of changing your username for a bunch of tankoins is now finally re-added to the game.
  • Prizes in the form of shards are added to daily missions.
  • An end battle screen before progressing the statistics screen is displayed.
  • From the battle statistics screen, the option to view the player's clan in the context menu, which caused an error, is removed.
  • The high frequency whistle is removed from the engine sound of medium hover tank (Crusader).
  • The bug where re-opening the chat would reset the anti-flood timer is fixed.
  • A refinement to the balance of turret Smoky and some of its augments are introduced;
    • Now the critical damage has a larger spread:
    • Added the velocity of the projectile: 500 m/s;
    • Decreased the initial critical shot chance from 0 to -0.5 for all modifications;
    • Reduced the minimal chance of a critical shot by -0.5 for all modifications;
    • Increased the maximum chance of a critical shot by 0.5 for all modifications;
    • Now, the critical shot chance spreads from 0.2 to 0.4 for all modifications.
  • Augments:
    • «Armor-Piercing Rounds»: the applied status effect duration is changed from 5 to 3 seconds;
    • Augment «Assault rounds»: increases the speed by 200%;
    • Augment «High-precision aiming system»: decreases the speed by 25%;
    • Augment «Incendiary rounds»: the damage of a critical hit decreases by 25%;
    • Augment «Cryo rounds»: the damage of a critical hit decreases by 15%;
    • Augment «Armor-Piercing Rounds»: the damage of a critical hit decreases by 25%.
  • Now Matchmaking generates battles with a different number of players, depending upon the size of the map;
  • Now the size of maps in matchmaking and the number of players in them depend on the player's rank;
  • The number of players in a group now depends on the rank of the player. However, the maximum number of players in a group remains unchanged;
  • The number of players in the group now affects the available maps;
  • An “up” arrow is displayed in the garage for items that have an upgrade available;
  • Now a timer for temporary discounts is displayed in the garage;
  • When invited to a PRO-battle, you will get a notification to say whether the battle is available at your rank or not;
  • In the list of battles, the entered text is saved in the battle name field if you return from the battle lobby or from the garage.

January 15 (Update 634)

  • List of changes:
    • Crusader is now available for crystals in Garage;
    • Public and Private messages in the chat look different now;
    • Added a notification about reaching the maximum number of friends in the browser version of the game;
    • Fixed a bug with the battle list: After leaving a battle lobby, search input was being cleared but the filter wasn’t being disabled;
    • Set a 300 characters limit for chat messages;
    • When a player is not able to send a message due to anti-flood system, message sending button is replaced with a timer showing how much time the player needs to wait;
    • Now you can use ESC keyboard button to leave a battle from the battle results screen;
    • Now you can use «Leave» button after clicking on «Continue» button in PRO battles.


December 25 (Update 633)

  • Starting festive season celebrations
  • Replaced current default Hornet's skin with the brand new HD one
  • Changed Crusader's overdrive - decreased shell's speed but increased the negative status effects time
  • Fixed the bug with Crusader overdrive's shell flying through a target without dealing damage (including point blank shots)
  • Now when activating Crusader's overdrive, an icicle appears near your tank's muzzle and start moving towards a target after a short delay
  • Fixed the bug with Railgun sometimes not dealing damage to Ares and Crusader
  • Fixed the bug with overdrives of Ares and Crusader sometimes not shooting when overdrive was activated
  • Fixed parameters of Magnum's Harpoon augment which led to having enormously large shell explosion range
  • Changed the MM group interface in the main screen
  • Fixed the bug with not showing that a leader is not ready if the leader is still in a battle
  • Fixed the bug with new players not being able to receive MM group invites
  • Fixed the bug which allowed to have only 1 player in an MM group
  • Fixed the bug with not being able to invite a clan member to an MM group if the players are not friends
  • Fixed the layout issues with long nicknames in team battles and context menus
  • Fixed animation of Silver Bricks and Holiday Lights animated paints

December 11 (Update 631)

  • Ultra Weekend - The new missions and events are already in the game.
  • Early access period for Crusader! Get the new hull before anyone else by opening Ultra Containers!
  • While Mammoth's overdrive is activated, immunity from all status effects is applied.
  • Added a context menu when clicking on a player's nickname in the majority of places where you may see a nickname.
  • Improved matchmaking group invites, including adding the ability to invite a player to your group even if the player is already in another group.
  • Fixed the problems with large nicknames in the friends menu.

November 27 (Update 629)

  • Now you can see the special text tips when you apply any status effect to an opponent's tank or when it is applied on your tank.
  • Fixed aiming speed for Shafts scope mode.

November 20 (Update 628)

  • Added textures quality scaling to the game settings.
  • Added an option to get direct chat messages from players that are in your friend's lists. You can now have it enabled in the game settings.
  • You can now use F11 to enable full-screen mode in a battle.
  • Added a search feature for when you choose a country for payment while entering the Shop, or a map name while creating a PRO battle.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen problem for when you leave a battle after it ends.
  • Fixed typos in the descriptions of Drones, Battle Pass, and Clan license.
  • Fixed the bug that resulted in loss of control of your tank, when switching to another browser tab while loading into a battle.

      ^ Won't be released this time

  • Now after leaving a PRO battle, you will be in the lobby of this battle.
  • Now when you hover your cursor over a nickname in the lobby chat or battle statistics, it shows that the nickname is clickable.

November 4 (Update 627)

  • List of changes:
    • Launched experimental gameplay changes;
    • Made it possible to scroll through the list of players in a battle's TAB window;
    • Modified Gear Score color scheme to better delineate between higher and lower values;
    • Spectator mode improvements.

October 29 (Update 626)

  • List of changes:
    • Added new Armor-Piercing (AP) status effect.
    • Changed Hornet's overdrive.
    • Added new «AP Immunity», augment which protects from the «Armor-Piercing» status effect.
    • Added augments which apply the Armor-Piercing effect for the following turrets:
      • Freeze: «Toxic Mix»;
      • Hammer: «Armor-Piercing shot»;
      • Ricochet: «Super-smart Minus-Field»;
      • Smoky: «Armor-Piercing Rounds»;
      • Striker: «Armor-Piercing Missiles»;
      • Railgun: «Super Armor-Piercing Rounds»;
      • Magnum: «Armor-Piercing Core»;
      • Gauss: «Armor-Piercing Salvo»;
      • Shaft: «Armor-Piercing Sight».
    • Added new «Harpoon» augment for Magnum, which almost allows you directly aim at opponents.
    • Added permanent immunity to all status effects for Juggernaut.
    • Respawn protection now also protects you from all status effects.

October 23 (Update 625)

  • Changed the behavior of hover tanks while strafing.
  • Fixed the bug with losing the ability to control your tank in a battle.
  • Fixed the bug with a drone being shown above a tank in the garage when it is not equipped.

October 16 (Update 624)

  • Fixed the bug with equipping augments in battles;
  • Decreased the time to open the Garage from the Lobby;
  • Improved tips in the Garage and Missions;
  • List of protection modules is no longer scrolled automatically when you equip or unequip a module;
  • Now you can also use NumPad Enter to open the battle chat;
  • Your drone now shows in all screens where tank model is shown, for example, the scores screen at the end of a battle;
  • Fixed information about crystals in the tutorial.

October 9 (Update 623)

  • Added Hopper to the «All hulls and turrets» product kit;
  • Improved Spectator mode in the HTML5 version;
  • Improved the layout of the Showcase;
  • Improved the layout of turret icons for modules when resizing the client window;
  • Improved scrolling for pop-up windows;
  • Fixed font issues for Polish language;
  • Fixed how the timer is shown for the cooldown window when joining a clan;
  • Fixed how scores and the «Join» button are shown for battles unavailable for player’s rank in the battle list;
  • Fixed buttons in the friend search menu;
  • Fixed the description of containers that a player doesn’t have;
  • Fixed the bug where players invited to an MM group would crash if they clicked on the “Complete” button in the missions window;
  • Fixed the bug with entering a nickname in the registration window for Firefox browser;
  • Fixed layout of tables when resizing the client window;
  • Fixed showing the sales badge for items you already have;
  • Fixed the hotkey issue for purchase confirmation window;
  • Fixed indicators in the HUD for ASL mode;
  • Fixed translations for group invite window;
  • Added a notification showing that you have successfully sent a friend request;
  • Now when you enter any garage category, it will automatically scroll to the item which is equipped;
  • Now you can use a hotkey to dismiss a notification about a successful purchase;
  • Now loading tips are changed when you press [SPACE BAR];
  • Removed the cross icon from the error window;
  • Made the K/D ratio column wider in the clan statistics table;
  • Added a tooltip when you hover over the clan search input;

October 1 (Update 622)

  • Added stars to daily, weekly and special missions. Complete ongoing challenges by completing missions!
  • Doubled the difficulty of daily and weekly missions that require earning crystals in battles.
  • Players will no longer see augments they already own in the list of possible rewards they could receive from containers.
  • New friends and requests are now shown at the top of the accompanying lists.
  • You will now only see the number of new friend requests on the friend requests counter.
  • New clan requests are now shown at the top of the list.
  • You will now need to unequip current protection modules before equipping new ones.
  • You need to click on an empty modules slot to equip a new protection module.
  • Fixed the glitch with the free mission change text.
  • If you play Tanki from an external source where it is impossible to use the HTML5 version, you do not have Flash restrictions.
  • Additional fixes with the memory leak problems.
  • Changed the number of stars in the bundles found in the Shop.

September 25 (Update 621)

  • All modifications of hulls and turrets now look the same.
    • We have started to update the game's interface and graphics (HTML5 interface, 3D bushes, ultra skins). In the future, we are going to remaster skins one by one for each turret and hull and make them more modern. There will still only be one default skin but they will be much better. In order to do this, we have had to choose only one modification skin for all turrets and hulls to remaster and this is the M3 (Mk7) modification skin. That's a technical requirement and is the first step towards implementing the plan.
  • You can now close the notifications you receive in the upper-right corner of HTML5 by clicking on them.
  • Added a notification for an increased chance of getting items from Ultra Containers.
  • Added showing clan tags to HTML5.
  • Added showing Premium Pass version of ranks in the chats and lobby.
  • Fixed the bug showing a “return to the battle” window after you left the battle.
  • Fixed the bug that shows the same items multiple times after receiving them from containers.
  • Fixed the bug that doesn’t show Premium Pass as a possible reward from containers when you already have Premium Pass activated.
  • Fixed the bug that shows the sale badge for items which are not available for a tanker’s rank.
  • You can now buy «Frost» and «Golden star» paints without having a Premium Pass.
  • Fixed memory leak when a tanker goes from a battle to the lobby or garage or vice versa.

September 17 (Update 620)

  • List of changes:
    • Magnum:
      • Now with default Magnum you can rotate your turret like any other turret;
      • Now with the «Reinforced gun carriage» augment you can change the angle of elevation;
      • Changes of Magnum’s characteristics:
        • Initial shot angle was increased to 12 for both horizontal and vertical modes;
        • Min projectile speed (m/sec) was decreased from 35 to 30;
        • Max projectile speed (m/sec) was decreased from 140 to 130
        • Projectile gravitation was decreased from 5.0 to 4.5;
        • Average splash damage (%) was increased from 30% to 50%.
    • Vulcan:
      • Improved shot effects of Vulcan;
      • Recovered the «Mysterious Red» shot effect for Vulcan.
    • Added 3D bushes.
    • Refined how augments and skins are displayed in the Garage.
    • Fixed the delay while respawning after a pause or visiting the garage.
    • Updated icons for augments and skins.

September 4 (Update 618)

  • List of changes:
    • You can now refresh your showcase using tankoins.
    • Fixed how the hover tank’s speed depended on camera POV.
    • Fixed and added back dust from tracks.

August 28 (Update 617)

  • List of changes in HTML5:
    • Ares:
      • Improved behaviour of controls;
      • Fixed the bug where it was possible to activate overdrive one more time after your tank was destroyed.
    • Clan profiles:
      • You can now use lower case characters in a clan name.
    • List of battles:
      • You can now switch between the battle name and map name when using the filter.
    • Settings:
      • Layout fixes for the change email button.
      • Layout fixes in the password change screen.
    • Challenges:
      • If a player has a paint that is one of Challenge prizes, it will be marked on the Challenges tab.
    • Improved the "Buy more" button on the containers screen.
  • List of changes in Flash:
    • Missions screen is replaced with a pop-up about migration to HTML5.

August 14 (Update 616)

  • List of changes:
    • Added the heavy hovering Ares hull.
    • Added augments for the Ares hull.
    • Added a pop-up about migration from Flash to the new HTML5 version of the game.
  • List of changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Improved quality of textures for all hulls and turrets.
    • Added «Anisotropic filtering» technology for textures of all hulls and turrets.
    • Search input is not displayed in the Friends screen if you have less than 10 friends or friend requests.
    • Changed the text of an error which is shown when you try to register an account with a nickname that is too short.
    • “Play” button is not active anymore unless you enter your account credentials.
    • The challenge widget now shows a "Completed" text, if you have finished all tiers.
    • The button to buy stars or Premium Pass is not shown any more when you finish a challenge.
    • If you are invited to a MM group, the “Play” button and buttons responsible for choosing mode are not active.
    • The tooltip indicator is not shown when you scroll MM modes to the end.
    • The “copy link” buttons are visually changed when you copy the link.
    • Placeholder text is grey now and when you click on Search input, it disappears.
    • Added tooltips for paint rarity categories.
    • Fixed font size of bought cards in the Showcase.
    • Fixed header from "Battle Pass" to "Challenges" in one of the screens.
    • Changed texts of modal windows which appear when you confirm your password/email.

July 1 (Update 609)

  • List of changes:
    • Updated coinboxes.
    • «Defender» drone:
      • Decreased double armour’s additional supply power range from +50% → +200% to +25% → +100%;
      • Increased power-up duration from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • «Trickster» drone:
      • Increased effective range from, 15 → 25 metres to 20 → 30 metres;
      • Increased battle scores from 5 to 10.
    • Twins:
      • Increased maximum rate of fire from 270 ms to 257 ms.
    • Shaft:
      • Decreased range of max damage by 50%:
        • Mk1: 40 → 20;
        • Mk2: 44,61 → 22,30;
        • Mk3: 46,47 → 23,24;
        • Mk4: 48,82 → 24,41;
        • Mk5: 51,76 → 25,89;
        • Mk6: 53,53 → 26,77;
        • Mk7: 55,29 → 27,65;
        • Mk7+: 60 → 30.
      • Decreased range of min damage by 40%:
        • Mk1: 50 → 30;
        • Mk2: 54,61 → 32,77;
        • Mk3: 56,47 → 33,88;
        • Mk4: 58,82 → 35,29;
        • Mk5: 61,76 → 37,06;
        • Mk6: 63,53 → 38,12;
        • Mk7: 65,29 → 39,17;
        • Mk7+: 70 → 42.
    • Viking:
      • Increased overdrive damage.
    • Twins’s «Stable plasma» augment:
      • Removed recoil increase;
      • Added decrease of shots speed by 15%.
    • Shaft’s «Rapid-fire mode» augment:
      • Increased maximum rate of fire from 270 ms to 375 ms.
      • Energy reload speed decrease is now 50% instead of 40%.

June 19 (Update 608)

  • List of changes:
    • “Adrenaline” Augments for all turrets are now available for crystals.
    • Correction of the in-game balance of turrets and hulls:
      • “Adrenaline” Augments received an increase to their damage at shorter ranges:
        • melee range turrets — up to +39%;
        • short-range turrets — up to +36%;
        • medium-range turrets — up to +33%;
        • long-range turrets remain at +30%.
      • Vulcan:
        • Damage per bullet reduced by 12% for all modifications:
          • Mk1: 25 hp → 22 hp;
          • Mk2: 30,88 hp → 27,2 hp;
          • Mk3: 33,82 hp → 29,8 hp;
          • Mk4: 36,76 hp → 32,3 hp;
          • Mk5: 39,71 hp → 34,9 hp;
          • Mk6: 41,91 hp → 36,9 hp;
          • Mk7: 44,12 hp → 38,8 hp;
          • Mk7+: 50 hp → 44 hp.
        • Reload time increased from 50 ms to 55 ms.
      • Isida:
        • Increased maximum number of experience points for healing from 12 to 13.
      • Shaft:
        • Energy recovery rate after a sniper shot increased by 40%.
      • “Rapid-fire mode” Augment for Shaft:
        • Removed the damage penalty in sniping mode;
        • Slowed the rate of energy recovery after each shot;
        • Increased the rate of fire.
    • Reduced the number of chat channels for various locales.
    • Added an account in-game activity check before writing in the chat.
    • Corrected the layout in the announcements window.
    • Fixed the highlighting of your nickname in battle results tables.
    • Improvements in clan lists for players with different positions.
    • Fixed challenge widget for Firefox browser.

June 4 (Update 606)

  • List of changes:
    • Returned crystal boxes with experience points for first ranks: Recruit — Sergeant-Major.
    • Returned Ultra Containers with new items.
    • Added the «Crisis» drone into Ultra Containers.
    • Added the «Adrenaline» augment for all turrets into Ultra Containers.
    • Added Gauss’s «Electromagnetic salvo» into Ultra Containers.
    • Added Vulcan’s «Rubberized rounds» into Ultra Containers.
    • Added the «Ultra» skin for Hunter and Vulcan into Ultra Containers.
    • Added 3D flags.
    • Added announcements system.
    • Added auto self-destruction mechanism (your tank is self-destructed when your tank is flipped, you can disable this in settings).
    • Removed «Double damage», «Double armour» and «Speed Boost» supplies from first ranks: Recruit — Sergeant-Major.
    • Minimum rank needed to purchase «Double armour» and «Speed Boost» was decreased by one.
    • Significantly increased loading speed for the first entry to the Garage.
    • «Hyperion drone»’s enabling supplies consumption was decreased by 2.

May 29 (Update 605)

  • List of changes:
    • Fixed a bug that generated daily missions without rewards.
  • List of changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Fixed Shaft’s zoom in sniper mode.
    • Fixed the battle link copying feature. Now it will be easier to share links between clients.
    • The “Home/Back” button should always work now.
    • Added news ticker mechanism to show announcements which are too large.
    • Fixed “Connection lost” window.
    • Layout fixes.

May 21 (Update 604)

  • List of changes:
    • The addition of positive and negative effects indication (except the Flash client).
    • The «Speed boost» (3) and «Mine» (4) supplies are now available in the Garage starting from the Sergeant (6) rank.
    • The «Double Armour» (5) and «Double Damage» (5) supplies are now available in the Garage starting from the First Sergeant (9) rank.
    • The «Battery» supply (6) and «Brutus» drone (6) are now available in the Garage starting from the Corporal (4) rank.
    • The Matchmaking system allows you to play only on maps that are unlocked for your rank now.
    • Changes in lighting on the Rio map.
    • The «Defender» drone:
      • Effect duration time was decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds;
      • Now consumes 2 more «Double Armour» supplies;
      • The recharge time was decreased from 20 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Added indication of the status of other players’ overdrives.
    • Fixed layout issues.

May 8 (Update 601)

  • Returned turret and added hull augments to the Garage.
  • Railgun’s «Round stabilization» augment moved to «Rare» category in containers.

April 30 (Update 600)

  • List of changes:
    • The regular container has been replaced with a new one that contains augments for turrets and hulls.
    • Augments for turrets can no longer be bought from the Garage.
    • Changed characteristics of augments for the following turrets:
      • Augment for Freeze «Corrosive mix»:
        • Damage per second increase is now 10% instead of 5%.
      • Augment for Isida «Nanomass reactor»:
        • Energy consumption decrease for healing mode removed.
      • Augment for Hammer «Dragon's Breath»:
        • Clip reload time increase is now 10% instead of 15%.
      • Augment for Hammer «High-capacity ammo clip»:
        • Clip reload time increase removed.
      • Augment for Twins «Plasma accelerators»:
        • Reload time increase is now 20% instead of 25%.
      • Augment for Twins «Heavy plasmagun»:
        • Projectile speed decrease is now 35% instead of 50%.
      • Augment for Ricochet «Minus-field stabilization»:
        • Shot reload time increase is now 15% instead of 20%.
      • Augment for Ricochet «Plasma-torch»:
        • Projectile speed decrease is now 35% instead of 50%.
      • Augment for Ricochet «Berserk»:
        • Energy used per shot increase is now 20% instead of 30%.
      • Augment for Smoky «Autocannon»:
        • Minimum and maximum damage decrease is now 75% instead of 80%.
      • Augment for Striker «Missile launcher "Hunter"»:
        • Added 100% projectile speed increase;
        • Removed maximum projectile speed limit.
      • Augment for Striker «Missile launcher "Cyclone"»:
        • Aiming time increase is now 25% instead of 30%.
      • Augment for Striker «Missile launcher "Uranium"»:
        • Reload time increase is now 15% instead of 20%
      • Augment for Thunder «Subcaliber rounds»:
        • Firing rate increased by 10%.
      • Augment for Thunder «“Sledgehammer" rounds»:
        • Projectile speed decrease is now 50% instead of 60%.
      • Augment for Railgun «Reinforced aiming transmission»:
        • Vertical autoaim decrease is now 20% instead of 30%.
      • Augment for Railgun «Electromagnetic accelerator "Scout"»:
        • Maximum damage decrease is now 30% instead of 40%.
      • Augment for Railgun «Large caliber rounds»:
        • Reload time increase removed.
      • Augment for Magnum «Automated gunpowder loading mechanism»:
        • Reload time increase is now 10% instead of 20%.
      • Augment for Shaft «Heavy capacitors»:
        • Horizontal aiming speed decrease removed.
      • Augment for Shaft «Light capacitors»:
        • Horizontal aiming speed increase is now 100% instead of 30%.
      • Gear Score range for drones decreased from 70 → 700 to 59 → 599 points.
      • Gear Score for augments increased from 99 to 100 points.
      • Crystal fund mechanism of PRO battles has been changed.
      • Loading into battles is now faster.
  • Changes in HTML5:
    • Changes in layouts.

April 24 (Update 599)

  • List of changes:
    • Released 8 hull alterations for Hunter.
    • Now, protection modules no longer decrease freezing (slow-down) and burning (after-burn) effects.
    • Juggernaut has 50% resistance from freezing (slow-down) speed and burning (after-burn) damage.
    • Titan’s and Wasp’s overdrive:
      • Titan’s dome no longer protects from freezing (slow-down) and burning (after-burn) effects but still decreases heating damage;
      • When you place the dome, in addition to disabling other domes, it also disables bombs from Wasp’s overdrive.
    • Hunter’s overdrive:
      • Stun duration increased from 2.7 to 3 seconds;
      • Supplies disable duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • List of changes in HTML5:
    • Triple buffering is now controlled by the player’s browser. Unnecessary framebuffer switches are no longer loaded while rendering, so graphics productivity was increased.
    • Added a confirmation window for deleting a friend from friends list.
    • Added some translations.
    • Fixed Chinese characters readability in battle chats.

April 10 (Update 597)

  • List of changes:
    • Paints were removed from the Shop.
  • List of changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Some paints are now available in the Garage for Tankoins.
    • Fixed translations for the interface when creating groups.
    • Fixed the bug with the wrong info displaying in the battle invite window.
    • Fixed text layout of the window notifying about insufficient crystals for some locales.
    • Fixed text wrapping issues in chats.
    • Fixed names of format battles in the battle list.
    • Fixed the warning window about opening an external link.
    • Fixed some other texts.
    • Fixed layout problems in the Firefox browser.
    • Fixed how 4 digits are displayed in team score.
    • The “Invite” button in the menu will not be shown anymore if you don't have at least 1 friend.
    • Battle names are no longer case-sensitive.

April 1 (Update 595)

  • List of changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Improved completed mission indicators.
    • Changed background color of message when writing to a player.
    • Fixed auto scroll when switching channels.
    • Fixed context menu in the list of invites.
    • Fixed displaying clan tags in chat.
    • Changed order of context menu.

March 20 (Update 594)

  • List of changes:
    • Changed the formula used for calculating damage when a player has many multipliers enabled.
  • List of changes in HTML5:
    • Improved camera behaviour in keyboard mode
    • Fixed lights for drop box zones.
    • Fixed “Reset all” button in settings.
    • Fixed the bug when it wasn’t possible to mention player’s nickname second time in chats
    • Added displaying alterations for all tanks in TAB stats
    • Added special indication of helpers in the chat.
    • Improved context menu when you click on a player’s nickname.
    • Made lights for bushes and trees to be the same as in Flash.
    • Titan’s dome displaying now depends on «Soft particles» setting.
    • Enter button on NumPad-keyboard also sends message to the chat now.
    • When writing to a specific player in chat all messages of the player are highlighted.
    • When you go to lobby chats from the clan chat the game doesn’t prompt you to choose a chat channel any more.
    • When looking for previous chat messages the window is not scrolled any more when new messages appear.
    • Removed «Soft shadows» setting.
    • Returned «Dynamic lights» setting.

March 6 (Update 593)

  • List of changes in HTML5:
    • Added festive special missions.
    • Added self-destruction countdown timer.
    • Added self-destruction activation after changing equipment.
    • Added the Vulcan ultra skin to the Showcase.
    • Added new 3D point bases for «Control Points», «Siege» and «Assault» modes.
    • Fixed point “capturing” indicator.
    • Added experimental optimized lighting system on the Arena map.

February 28 (Update 592)

  • List of changes in HTML5:
    • Added «Special Missions».
    • Fixed the bug with disappearing tank in the Garage
    • Fixed the “pause” function — tank will not be respawned while your camera is moving to a respawn point if the pause is enabled
    • Made battle interface scalable
    • Changes in the interface

February 21 (Update 591)

  • List of changes:
    • Changes in Vulcan’s balance:
      • Damage per second replaced with damage per projectile;
      • Average damage significantly increased;
      • Increased firing rate parameter: time between projectiles reduced from 75ms to 50ms;
      • Added projectile speed parameter with 250 m/s value;
      • Decreased barrel startup time to 1 second;
      • Added ricochets from an inclined surface;
      • Removed damage penalty during overheat;
      • Decreased impact and hit force.
    • Changes in alterations’ parameters:
      • Vulcan’s «Reinforced aiming transmission»:
        • Removed turret slowdown rate while shooting.
      • Vulcan’s «Incendiary band»:
        • Removed damage penalty;
        • Added projectile speed penalty;
        • Each projectile heats tank by 0,07% of maximum overheat temperature.
      • Vulcan’s «Shooting speed regulator»:
        • Now decreases firing rate by 15%;
        • Changed startup and slowdown time penalty to 85% instead of 50%;
        • Removed time to overheat boost.
      • Added new «Rubberized Rounds» alteration:
        • Increases number of ricochets to 5;
        • Increases possible ricochet angle from 60 degrees to 10 degrees from normal;
        • Decreases projectile speed by 25%.
    • Fixed behavior of damage from Striker’s explosion
  • Changes in the HTML5 version:
    • New garage.
    • Fixed Isida’s effects.
    • Improved battle creation interface.
    • Fixed glitches on animated paints.
    • Improved readability of rank icons.

February 7 (Update 589)

  • Changes in the main client:
    • Improved information tooltip about Premium status.
    • Registration form suggests different variants of nicknames if the current one has already been taken.
    • Fixed wrong rank icons for Warrant-Officer 2 and Warrant-Officer 3 ranks.
    • Fixed joints for animated paints

January 31 (Update 588)

  • Changes in all versions:
    • Fixed the bug that decreased effective radius of Striker projectile’s splash
  • Changes in Web version:
    • Increased readability of fonts in battles (nicknames, battle chat).
    • Increased quality of rank images
    • Increased quality of displaying protection modules in battles
    • Fixed the bug that displayed tank details above paints in the wrong way
    • Fixed the bug that permitted the use of the same key for 2 different actions
    • Optimized battle chat
    • Music volume in the lobby is set to 50% by default.
    • Changes in texts

January 24 (Update 587)

  • Changes in all versions:
    • Changed vanilla skins for modifications of turrets and hulls.
    • Changed Gear Score counting for all equipment.
    • Fixed the bug with counting scores for supporting teammates during overdrive recharging.
  • Changes in Web version:
    • Asiasoft, Facebook, VK and Odnoklassniki now use the updated Web version.
    • Added subdomains support. Just add something like your username before (e.g. for each of your accounts and switch between them.
    • Added nickname suggestions when you try to register an existing nickname.

January 17 (Update 586)

  • Changes:
    • Number of modifications for all turrets, hulls and protection modules increased from 4 to 7.
    • Current equipment of players converted according to previously announced new system of modifications:
      • М0 → Mk1, Mk2;
      • М1 → Mk3, Mk4;
      • М2 → Mk5, Mk6;
      • М3 → Mk7.
    • Number of points for every team mate who benefits from Dictator’s overdrive decreased from 25 to 10.
    • Number of points for every team mate who benefits from Mechanic drone decreased from 10 to 7.
  • Changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Product kits available for crystals with discounts are sold only in Showcase.
    • All XT, Prime, Legacy and Ultra skins can be bought in Showcase.
    • Added anisotropic filtering for graphics.
    • Optimized game performance while using battle chat.
    • The old HTML5 version is discontinued and replaced with the new one.
    • Released downloadable HTML5 client.

December 26 (Update 584)

  • Changes:
    • Titan:
      • The dome no longer repairs tanks, but instead increases armor;
      • Improved Titan's Overdrive. Now disables other active generators in a radius of 35 meters from its generator;
      • Dome armor bonus increased from 85% to 90%;
      • Overdrive recharge speed increased from 600 points per second to 800 points per second;
      • Dome is now shown in DM modes;
    • Thunder:
      • Increased maximum firing rate. The delay between shots reduced from 2.3 seconds to 2.2 seconds.
    • Gauss:
      • Decreased round speed from 250 m/s to 225 m/s;
      • Decreased average blast radius from 5 meters to 4 meters;
      • Decreased minimum blast radius from 8 meters to 6 meters.
    • Shaft:
      • Fixed a bug with low damage in sniper mode.
    • Dictator:
      • Now you receive 25 points for every teammate who benefits from your overdrive.
    • Temporary protection from damage after respawn
    • Fixed a bug when a player equips alterations with splash damage with wrong settings.
    • TJR mode is now available to groups.
  • Changes in the HTML5 version:
    • «Continue» button after the battle ends redirects a player to a new battle in any mode if a player joined the previous battle by clicking on the «Quick battle» button.
    • Sounds:
      • Fixed crackling;
      • Added multiple sounds for engines of hulls.

December 20 (Update 581)

  • List of changes:
    • Added new «Siege» game mode and daily missions for it.
    • Original Viking Thunder Prime skins are now separate from the re-designed versions (which will now be called “Ultra”). Current owners of these skins will now have both versions (Prime AND Ultra) in their garages.
    • Removed DM mode from MM battles
  • Changes in the HTML5 version:
    • Your team is now always shown as blue.

November 29 (Update 580)

  • List of changes:
    • Added re-designed Prime skins for Thunder and Viking
    • Added new «Hyperion» Drone;
    • Added mechanics that grant score points for supporting teammates while using the following drones:
      • Mechanic:
        • 10 points for each teammate in area of effect.
      • Engineer:
        • 1 point for each teammate when take a player takes a bonus box.
      • Supplier:
        • 5 points for each teammate in area of effect.
      • Trickster:
        • 5 points for each teammate in area of effect
    • Added mechanics that speed up cooldowns for certain supplies when using the following drones:
      • Mechanic:
        • Speeds up Repair Kit cooldown.
      • Miner:
        • Speeds up Mine cooldown.
      • Defender:
        • Speeds up Double Armor cooldown.
      • Trickster:
        • Speeds up Speed Boost cooldown.
      • Booster:
        • Speeds up Double Damage cooldown.
    • Added mechanics for additional supplies consumption while using the following drones:
      • Trooper:
        • Consumes 1 additional Double Armour.
      • Sprinter:
        • Consumes 1 additional Speed Boost
      • Booster:
        • Consumes 3 additional Double Damages.
      • Lifeguard:
        • Consumes 3 additional Repair Kits.
      • Blaster:
        • Consumes 1 additional Double Damage .
      • Saboteur:
        • Consumes 4 additional 4 Mines.
    • Changed time of drones reload:
      • Camper:
        • Reload time decreased to 7 seconds
      • Mechanic:
        • Reload time decreased to 10 seconds.
      • Driver:
        • Reload time decreased to 15 seconds.
      • Sprinter:
        • Reload time decreased to 20 seconds.
      • Blaster:
        • Reload time decreased to 35 seconds.
    • Other changes in drones
      • Assault:
        • Removed mechanics that prolong supplies active time
        • Added mechanics that decrease cooldown of Double Armour, Double Damage and Speed Boost when capturing flags.
      • Lifeguard:
        • Maximum repair increased to 3000 HP.
      • Blaster:
        • Minimum damage from blast increased to a range of 1200-1800.
      • Saboteur:
        • Minimum number of Mines increased to 3.
    • Made changes in the game balance:
      • Hammer:
        • Dragon's breath:
          • Removed penalty on spread;
          • Increased reload time by 15% .
        • Duplet:
          • Removed penalty on reload time;
          • Added buckshot spread of 50% horizontally and 100% vertically.
      • Smoky:
        • Supercumulative rounds:
          • Chance step of Supercumulative shot decreased by 60%;
          • Chance of Supercumulative shot decreased.
      • Striker:
        • Remote rocket explosives:
          • Maximum limit of rocket speed increased from 350 m/s to 400 m/s.
        • Missile Launcher «Uranium»:
          • Reload time after salvo decreased by 40%.
      • Thunder:
        • Changed projectile mechanics from instant hit to delay due to travel time
        • Added projectile speed — 400 m/s.
        • Subcaliber rounds:
          • Impact force increased to 25%;
          • Added projectile speed boost of 50%.
        • Sledgehammer rounds:
          • Added projectile speed penalty of 60%.
      • Mammoth.
        • Increased speed boost from overdrive from 40% to 50%.
  • HTML5:
    • You can now open the garage while in battle by pressing G on the keyboard;
    • Updated point capture indicator on CP mode;
    • Updated battle markers;
    • List of available items from container is now scrollable.

November 15 (Update 579)

  • List of changes:
    • Overdrive recharge status remains after a player stops being Juggernaut or rejoins a battle.
    • The Dome of Titan’s generator is no longer visible in DM modes.
    • Fixed description of Mammoth and «Missile launcher "Uranium”» Striker’s alteration.
  • List of changes in the HTML5 version
    • HTML5 version is now supported in the Firefox browser.
    • Fixed the scores bar in battles with unlimited scores or without a time limit.
    • Changes in translations and UI.
    • Added showcase to the Shop in the HTML5 version and Android version.
    • Players who used the old HTML5 client are now redirected to the new HTML5 version.
    • Added shadows on tank tracks.
    • Improved performance on outdated and slow computers
    • Supply box zones are no longer darkened on night mode maps.
    • Added news to the communicator.

October 31 (Update 577)

  • Changes in Overdrives:
    • Mammoth's overdrive:
      • Removed invincibility;
      • Removed ignoring physical impact;
      • Increased duration time from 5 to 7 seconds;
      • Increased speed boost from 30% to 40%;
      • Added instant repair;
      • Added instant removal of freezing and burning effects;
      • Cannot be disabled by Wasp's overdrive.
    • Hunter's overdrive:
      • Decreased effect radius from 30 to 25 meters;
      • Decreased duration time from 3 to 2.7 seconds;
      • Increased delay before activation time from 1 to 1.1 seconds.
    • Wasp's overdrive:
      • Doesn't disable Mammoth's overdrive anymore.
  • Changes in Alterations:
    • Freeze’s alteration «Shock freeze»:
      • Decreased damage penalty from 50% to 30%;
      • Freezing rate increased from +100% to +200%.
    • Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Hunter”»:
      • Removed maximum projectile speed penalty.
    • Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Cyclone”»:
      • Decreased aiming time penalty from 40% to 30%.
    • Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Uranium”»:
      • Decreased number of projectiles from 4 to 2.
    • Striker’s alteration «Remote rocket explosives»:
      • Added max projectile speed limit of 350 m/s.
    • Vulcan’s alteration «Reinforced aiming transmission»:
      • Decreased vertical auto-aim penalty from 30% to 15%.
    • Vulcan's alteration «Shooting speed regulator»:
      • Decreased damage per second from 20% to 15%.
  • Changes in the new HTML5 version:
    • Added remapping controls function;
    • Added WebGL1 support;
    • UI changes.

October 25 (Update 575)

  • Changes:
    • Missions:
      • Added "Damage enemy tanks" to daily and weekly missions;
      • Reduced number of "Finish battles" daily missions.
    • Freeze:
      • Decreased freezing level of the turret from 90% to 20%;
      • A full energy canister now lasts 0.5 secs longer.
    • Shaft’s alteration «Heavy capacitors»:
      • Decreased full reload time from 8 to 6 seconds.
      • Shaft’s alteration «Light capacitors»:
      • Decreased full reload time from 2.5 to 2 seconds;
      • Decreased Maximum aiming damage from 30% to 25%.
    • Juggernaut:
      • If a juggernaut self-destroys, score points are given to the opponent. Previously they were deducted from your team’s score.
  • Changes in the new HTML5: version:
    • Fixed a bug when friend's status (in group / in battle) was shown incorrectly.
    • Multiple changes to user interface and translations.

October 11 (Update 574)

  • Changes in the new HTML5 and Flash versions
    • Updated how Gear Score is calculated.
    • Removed «Team Juggernaut» mode on «Brest» map.
    • Magnum:
      • Reduced average splash damage from 50% to 30%.
    • Mammoth’s overdrive:
      • Increased range from 7 meters to 7,5 meters;
      • Increased loading speed from battle points by 20%.
    • Renamed tankoin-containers to coinboxes.
    • Disabled DM mode daily missions.
  • Changes in the new HTML5 version:
    • Main chat can now be launched from any screen by pressing the ТАВ key.
    • Interface now remembers chat window width.
    • Battle chat now hides automatically when inactive during battle.
    • Added special menu for choosing paints category.
    • Added a setting to display nickname of the player who has dropped a gold box.
    • Changed overdrive loading indicator.
    • Multiple changes in translations.
    • Multiple changes in the UI.

October 2 (Update 573)

  • Changes:
    • Fixed a critical error in Flash version when any player with Gauss turret leaves a battle;
    • Fixed a visual bug with an amount of tankoins;
    • Fixed and added «destroy Juggernaut» daily missions;
    • Changed mechanics for Trickster drone. Now also cancels background supplies cooldown;
    • Decreased amount of score points given for destroying Juggernaut to 50. Increased amount of experience points given for destroying and supporting in destroying Juggernaut by 5.
  • Changes in the new HTML5 version:
    • Fixed a visual bug that showed a paint or product kit as not bought after buying it;
    • Fixed a paint choosing glitch;
    • Fixed a bug that not allowed to choose ranks while creating a battle;
    • Removed auto-pause timer when opening the garage after leaving a battle;
    • Fixed a bug that not allowed to create a battle without supplies and bonus boxes;
    • Restored models of Striker and Magnum rounds;
    • Added a function to enable background sound after a tab with the game was hidden.
    • Made capturing zone indicators be displayed over other models;
    • Fixed a bug with supplies reload indicators when a player uses a drone;
    • Many changes of images and buttons location.

September 26 (Update 572)

  • Changes in the new HTML5 and Flash versions
    • Added Team Juggernaut mode;
    • Removed DM Juggernaut more;
    • Added daily missions for the new Team Juggernaut mode;
    • Added tankoin-container;
    • Decreased time of delay after Viking’s overdrive for some turrets;
    • Removed auto-equip of paints received from containers and challenges;
  • Changes in the new HTML5 version:
    • Fixed reverse driving control settings
    • Added mouse camera control mode while a tank flipped on its side
    • Returned dust from tank tracks
    • Added sorting rare paint alhpabatically
    • Fixed wrong indication of turret load after Vulcan’s overheating
    • Decreased sound volume level for turret’s rotation in mouse camera control mode;
    • Fixed a game crash when a bonus box appeared without a parachute

September 19 (Update 562)

  • Added camera inertia to keyboard camera control mode
  • Added dedicated reticles for Striker, Gauss and Juggernaut
  • Added a notification about receiving prizes from challenges
  • Fixed challenge tier progress bar bug
  • Fixed a bug with drones cooldown after respawning
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to activate a supply while it was already on
  • Fixed a bug with missing sound of opponents’ supplies activation
  • Added a sound effect for reloaded supplies
  • Changed location of overdrive indicator: it is now symmetrical with the radar
  • Fixed a FPS problem on Intel HD4000 graphics card
  • Restored VK and Facebook authentication gates
  • Fixed a bug that caused endless loading when an account is blocked
  • Made "Leave" button default for pause menu
  • Fixed a bug related to the display of an email address after it was linked
  • Fixed a bug that cause some players in a MM group to join a battle that was ending
  • Fixed a bug in displaying information in friends menu and inviting to a MM group
  • Added battle information for PRO battles

August 30 (Update 561)

  • Added Magnum shot colors to Containers (except Crimson).
  • Added unique items from the August challenge to the Containers.

August 23 (Update 560)

  • Adjusted Tankоin prices for the following currencies: IRR, CNY
  • Fixed a bug where the Battle Pass was not removed after the Challenge ended
  • Removed individual discounts

August 9 (Update 559)

  • New weekly containers with Tankoins have been added to the game.
  • Old weekly containers have been renamed and can no longer be received.
  • Updated prices for Tankoins in UAH.

August 1 (Update 558)

  • Accrual of battle points in DM matchmaking battles:
    • The number of frag points has been reduced from 15 to 10.
    • The self-destruct penalty has been turned off.
  • Fixed the “flying house” bug on the Molotov map.

July 18 (Update 564)

  • Changes in the balance of turrets and overdrives:
  • Gauss:
    • Increased aiming recovery time from 1 second to 2 seconds.
  • Freeze:
    • Reduced time of full cylinder discharge from 7 seconds to 6.5 seconds.
  • "Plasma-torch” Alteration for Ricochet:
    • Now reduces the speed of projectiles by 50% instead of 66%.
  • “Berserk” Alteration for Ricochet:
    • Now increases the power of shots by 30% instead of 80%.
  • “Slugger” Alteration for Hammer "Slugger»:
    • Now reduces turret rotation speed by 30% instead of 70%.
  • “Dragon’s Breath” Alteration for Hammer:
    • Now each pellet heats the target by 0.3% instead of 0.2%.
  • “High-capacity ammo clip” Alteration for Hammer:
    • Now increases magazine reload time by 15% instead of 35%.
    • Now does not affect the cooldown of shots in the clip.
  • “Duplet” Alteration for Hammer:
    • Now increases clip reload time by 15% instead of 10%.
  • “Adaptive reload” Alteration for Hammer:
    • Now, destroying the enemy tank reloads the clip completely.
  • Dictator's Overdrive supply activation effect:
    • Increased range from 15 meters to 20 meters.
  • Defender Drone:
    • The effect duration is fixed at 20 seconds.
    • Increased cooldown from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Reduced additional power supply with +(100-300)% to +(50-200)%.
  • Booster Drone:
    • The effect duration is fixed at 3 seconds.
    • Reduced cooldown from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Changes in matchmaking maps:
    • Removed ASL mode from Forest map.
    • Added a new experimental map called “Archipelago” in DM, TDM, CP modes.
    • Added Molotov in DM, TDM, CP, CTF, RGB, ASL modes.
    • Added Cross map in DM, TDM, CP, CTF, RGB modes.
    • Minor fixes on different maps.
  • Other changes:
    • Added “Owl” module to the "Anti-camper" protection modules kit
    • Added 48 hours to the July Challenge and WAR for Space to make up for starting them late.

June 13 (Update 556)

  • Gauss bug fixes:
    • Fixed incorrect calculation of damage and impact force in the splash zone of special shot.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Gauss to fire a shot after the Viking Overdrive expires.
    • Increased sprite for hitting a target with special shot.
    • Fixed a bug where a projectile would sometimes fly out of the barrel sideways when firing in standard mode.
  • Changes in the characteristics of the Gauss:
    • Increased damage spread in special mode:
      • M0: 790-920 → 640-1070;
      • M1: 1034-1199 → 840-1394;
      • M2: 1181-1367 → 960-1587;
      • M3: 1425-1646 → 1160-1911;
      • M3+: 1620-1870 → 1320-2170.
    • Reduced targeting time:
      • M0: 2.5 → 2.2;
      • M1: 2,29 → 2,05;
      • M2: 2,17 → 1,97;
      • M3: 1.97 → 1.82;
      • M3+: 1,8 → 1,7.
    • Reduced reload time in special mode:
      • M0: 5.5 → 4;
      • M1: 4,82 → 3,71;
      • M2: 4,42 → 3,53;
      • M3: 3.74 → 3.24;
      • M3+: 3,2 → 3.
  • Reduced projectile speed when firing in standard mode from 270 m/s to 250 m/s.
  • The range of intermediate damage in the special mode was increased from 5 m to 12 m.
  • Increased the percentage of average splash damage for special shots (sniping mode) from 50% to 90%.
  • Changes in the characteristics of ISIDA:
    • Increased the number of points received for repairing tanks from 10 to 12.
  • Changes in the parameters of Overdrives:
    • Mammoth:
      • Overdrive duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds;
      • increased reload speed of Overdrive by 40%;
      • increased maximum speed boost of the tank from 25% to 30%.
    • Wasp:
      • increased Overdrive recharge rate by 11%.
  • Changed attribution of points in Gear Score:
    • turret — from 0 to 4000;
    • body — from 0 to 4000;
    • each protection module — from 40 to 400;
    • drone — from 50 to 500;
    • each supply (except the gold box) — from 0 to 40;
    • turret/hull skin — 15;
    • shot effect — 15;
    • legendary paint — 14;
    • epic paint — 9;
    • rare paint — 5;
    • ordinary paint — 1.
  • Changes in maps:
    • Removed one of the Nuclear Energy drop zones for some modes in Stadium.
    • Reduced the overall height of the map and changed the ramps on Highway.

April 10 (Update 551)

  • Vulcan:
    • Reduced damage after overheating:
    • M0: 300 → 90;
    • M1: 397.06 → 119.12;
    • M2: 441.18 → 132.35;
    • M3: 529.41 → 158.82;
    • M3 +: 600 → 180.
    • Reduced barrel spin time by 0.5 s for all modifications
  • Vulcan’s "Incendiary band":
    • Now reduces damage per second by 20% instead of 10%
  • Vulcan’s "Shooting Speed ​​Regulator":
    • Now reduces damage per second by 20% instead of 25%
  • Striker’s Missile launcher "Hunter":
    • Reduced recharge time after volley:
      • M0: 2.5 → 1.5;
      • M1: 2.25 → 1.35;
      • M2: 2.11 → 1.27;
      • M3: 1.97 → 1.18;
      • M3 +: 1.8 → 1.08
    • Thunder’s "Subcaliber rounds":
      • Removed recoil penalty
    • Shaft’s "Rapid-fire mode”:
      • Now consumes 375 energy per shot instead of 380;
      • Additionally reduces the energy recovery rate after a shot by 15
  • Drones (all):
    • Now increase turret damage and hull defense by 1% to 5%
  • "Driver" Drone:
    • Recharge time is now 20 seconds instead of 12
  • Updated effects on existing supplies - Added 11th April
    • Now, Repair Kit, Double Damage (DD), Double Armour (DA), or Speed Boost have their respective visual effects when activated, which will show up on the tank at any distance. This will provide valuable tactical and strategic information for the attentive tanker.

March 29 (Update 550)

  • Minor changes in turret control when playing with the mouse or keyboard.

March 15 (Update 549)

  • Matchmaking changes that should prevent sabotage from groups.
  • Added the option to register and authorise via Google account in the browser version of the game.

March 1 (Update 547)

  • Changes to Turrets:
    • Firebird:
      • Changes in heating temperature boost:
        • M0: 0.3 → 0.1;
        • M1: 0.44 → 0.29;
        • M2: 0.69 → 0.6;
        • M3: 0.79 → 0.7;
        • M3+: no change.
  • Now Isida for cured ally gets 10 points instead of the previous 15.
  • Changes to Alterations:
    • Firebird:
      • Compact Fuel Tanks: Now increases heating rate by 100% instead of 200%.
      • Incendiary mix: Now reduces power consumption by 50% instead of 20%.
    • Freeze:
      • Corrosive Mix: Now increases damage per second by 5% instead of 10%.
    • Hammer:
      • Dragon's Breath: Now each pellet heats the target by 2.2% of the maximum temperature instead of 3.3%.
    • Ricochet:
      • Plasma-torch: Now slows projectile speed by 66% instead of 75%.
      • Berserk: Now increases energy per shot by 80% instead of 100%.
    • Striker:
      • Uranium Missile Launcher: Now increases cooldown by 20% instead of 10%.
    • Thunder:
      • Subcaliber Rounds: Now increases impact force by 20% instead of 10%.
    • Railgun:
      • Round Destabilization: Now increases max damage by 70% instead of 90%.
      • Death Herald: Now does not affect the reload time but increases charging time by 10%.

February 22 (Update 542)

  • Added themed decorations and items for Iron Day
  • Added game tips to loading screen

February 1 (Update 541)

  • Duration of matchmaking battles reduced from 8 to 7 minutes.
  • Minimum wait time between equipment changes in all the battles reduced from 5 to 3 minutes.
  • Changes to winning conditions in matchmaking battles:
    • TDM: 100 kills → 70 kills;
    • JGR: 100 kills → 50 kills;
    • ASL: 100 points → 70 points;
    • DM: 50 kills → 30 kills;
    • CP: 50 points → 30 points;
    • CTF: 7 flags → 5 flags;
    • RGB: 7 goals → 5 goals.
  • Fixes to "Massacre" map in matchmaking:
    • Changed map landscape;
    • CTF and RGB now available.

January 25 (Update 540)

  • Changes in the characteristics of turrets and alterations:
    • Magnum:
      • Reduced recharge time:
        • M0: no change;
        • M1: 4.51 → 4.35;
        • M2: 4.12 → 3.82;
        • M3: 3.85 → 3.47;
        • M3+: 3,5 → 3.
  • Shaft:
    • Increased energy recovery per second:
      • M0: 111 → 125;
      • M1: 119 → 136;
      • M2: 129 → 148;
      • M3: 135 → 156;
      • M3+: 143 → 166.
  • Isida:
    • Reduced repairs:
      • M0: 375 → 200;
      • M1: 477 → 253;
      • M2: 545 → 288;
      • M3: 669 → 353;
      • M3+: 760 → 400.
    • Consumption of energy in attack mode reduced from 200 to 166 u/S.
    • Energy consumption in repair mode is reduced from 100 to 80 u/s.
  • Alteration for Isida "Support Nanorobots"»
    • Now increases repairs by 100% instead of 25%.
  • Alteration For the hammer "Duplet"»:
    • Now not gives bonus to speed be recharged clamping ring.
  • Alteration for Striker "Uranium"»:
    • Now additionally increases cooldown between shots by 10%.
  • Alteration for Thunder Sledgehammer Shells"»:
    • Now reduces the range of maximum damage by 95% instead of 90%.
  • Now ISIDA gets 15 points instead of the previous 10 for repairing allies.
  • Changed rewards for weekly quests: Completing all 3 quests now gives a total of 6 weekly containers and 3 regular, instead of 3 weekly and 6 regular.
  • Reduced the length of the matchmaking version of the Highway map.

January 17 (Update 539)

  • Fixed number of upgrade steps for Hornet M0.
    • Hornet M0 now has 20 upgrade stages (instead of just 10), just like other M0 hulls.
    • All existing upgrade steps will be converted i.e. If your Hornet M0 was at upgrade step 7, the update will convert it to step 14.

November 3 (Update 534)

  • 44 new shot effects added to the game for Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Twins, Ricochet, Striker, Railgun and Shaft turrets.
  • Alterations balance changes:
    • Ricochet alteration «Berserk»:
      • now when destroying an enemy restored 100% of the ammo tank, and not 25%.
    • Smoky alteration «Autocannon»:
      • now reduces damage by 85%, and not 75%;
      • now reduces recoil by 33%, and not 66%.
    • Vulcan alteration «Incendiary band»:
      • now ignites the target for 0,2/sec, and not 0,8/sec;
      • additionally reduces damage by 10%.
    • Thunder alteration «"Sledgehammer" rounds»:
      • now reduces reload time by 30%, and not by 20%.
    • Railgun alteration «Round destabilization»:
      • now increases maximum damage by 90%, and not by 50%;
      • now reduces minimal damage to 1 hp, and not to 5 hp.
    • Magnum alteration «Mortar»:
      • now mine placed by a shot is active for 30 seconds.
  • Added indication for the player’s alteration above the tank in battle.

October 31 (Update 533)

  • 30 new gameplay alterations added to the game.
  • Changes to current alterations balance:
    • Firebird alteration «High pressure pump»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • additionally increases min. hit distance by 10%
    • Firebird alteration «Compact fuel tanks»:
      • price reduced from 100,000 to 70,000;
      • now increases max. temperature by 200%, from 150%.
    • Freeze alteration «High pressure pump»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • additionally increases min. hit distance by 10%.
    • Isida alteration «Broadband radiators»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now reduces hit distance by 25%, from 30%.
    • Isida alteration «Support nanobots»:
      • price reduced from 100,000 to 55,000;
      • now instead of reducing energy consumption in healing mode will increase healing by 50%.
    • Twins alteration «Plasma accelerators»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now reduces reload time by 25%, from 20%.
    • Twins alteration «Stabilized plasma»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 45,000;
      • additionally increases strength of impact and recoil by 10%.
    • Smoky alteration «Assault rounds»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now increases strength of impact by 35%, from 30%.
    • Vulcan alteration «Reinforced aiming transmission»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now reduces slowdown in turret rotation by 50%, from 70%.
    • Thunder alteration «Subcaliber rounds»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • additionally increase strength of impact and recoil by 10%.
    • Railgun alteration «Reinforced aiming transmission»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now increases turning speed by 40%, from 35%.
    • Railgun alteration «Round stabilization»:
      • price reduced fromо 100,000 to 35,000;
      • additionally retains power of the shot through targets by 100%.
    • Railgun alteration «Large caliber rounds»:
      • additionally increases the delay before shots by 20%.
    • Shaft alteration «Heavy capacitors»:
      • price reduced from 50,000 to 20,000;
      • now increases min. damage by 20%, from 25%;
      • now increases reload time by 25%, from 20%.
  • Option to rent alterations removed from the game.
  • Gameplay alterations are now unlocked according to ranks, not turret modifications.
  • Now only one gameplay alteration can be equipped for each turret.
  • Now standard color of the turret shot doesn’t rely on its modification.

October 30 (Update 532)

  • Mission system reworked:
    • Mission chains replaced with weekly missions.
    • Added new container type — weekly container.
      • Weekly container includes a set of bonuses: crystals and supplies.
      • Weekly containers can be earned only as a reward for completing weekly missions.
    • Added new types of daily missions:
      • activate overdrive in battle;
      • finish battle;
      • finish battle in specific mode.
    • 3x hours of Premium as a mission reward was removed from the game.
    • “Collect supplies” missions can now be completed by activating specific supplies.
    • Slightly increased the cost of changing daily missions.
  • 9 new drones added for purchase in the Garage.
  • 3 new drone kits added to the Shop:
    • «Trinity» — «Supplier», «Defender», «Sprinter» drones;
    • «Drone amid a clear sky» — «Trickster», «Booster», «Lifeguard» drones;
    • «Full house» — «Saboteur», «Camper», «Blaster» drones.
  • In the «Second coming» kit the «Supplier» drone was replaced with the new «Miner» drone.
  • Changes to drone balance:
    • Assault:
      • changed bonus for the duration of active supplies:
        • with no upgrades: (7 → 3), sec.
      • recharge increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
    • Driver:
      • changed the amount of time for overdrive recharge that is reduced for each enemy tank destroyed::
        • fully upgraded: (20 → 30), sec/kill.
      • recharge reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.
    • Engineer:
      • recharge increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
    • Supplier:
      • now available for purchase from the Captain rank, instead of WO5;
      • price increased from 50,000 to 90,000 crystals.

October 19 (Update 530)

  • Changes to drone mechanics:
    • “Engineer” in addition to its standard mechanic now activates the effect of the picked up supplies for all allies in the battle.
    • “Mechanic” in addition to its standard mechanic now allows to use Repair Kit even if you have full health.
  • Currently equipped drone is now displayed above your tank in the Garage.
  • The color of the overdrive activation effect is now green for your allies and blue for your enemies.

October 16 (Update 529)

  • Turret balance changes:
    • Freeze:
      • full-reload time increased from 8 to 9 seconds.
    • Twins:
      • reduced projectile speed:
        • М0: 60 → 40;
        • М1: 68 → 48;
        • М2: 72 → 52;
        • М3: 75 → 55;
        • М3+: 80 → 60.
      • reduced minimal hit range:
        • М0: 60 → 50;
        • М1: 68 → 58;
        • М2: 72 → 62;
        • М3: 75 → 65;
        • М3+: 80 → 70.
      • increased maximum hit range:
        • М0: 15 → 40;
        • М1: 17 → 48;
        • М2: 18 → 52;
        • М3: 19 → 55;
        • М3+: 20 → 60.
      • minimal hit radius increased from 4 to 5 meters on all modifications;
      • added new parameters “average hit radius” and “average hit percentage”.
        • These settings impact the effectiveness of splash damage: it will become bigger.
    • Shaft:
      • increased minimal aimed damage:
        • М0: 355 → 380;
        • М1: 448 → 478;
        • М2: 551 → 587;
        • М3: 623 → 663;
        • М3+: 705 → 750.
      • increased ammo recovery speed:
        • М0: 100 → 111;
        • М1: 107 → 119;
        • М2: 114 → 129;
        • М3: 119 → 135;
        • М3+: 125 → 143.
      • reduced reload time between shots without aiming:
        • М0: 2,5 → 2;
        • М1: 2,37 → 1,87;
        • М2: 2,22 → 1,72;
        • М3: 2,12 → 1,62;
        • М3+: 2 → 1,5.
      • energy for an aimed shot increased from 250 to 1000 on all modifications.
  • Changed the standard texture for Holiday paint.

October 10 (Update 528)

  • Time required for M0 turret and hull MicroUpgrades reduced by 3 times;
  • Redesigned configuration of the MM-version of the map Future:
    • slightly widened ascending pathways to the house near the Blue base;
    • removed the inner area of the house near the Red base;
    • removed the ascending pathway to the bridge near the Red base: now the bridge continues to the end of the map, and can be used to reach the roof of the big house.
  • The length of Matchmaking battles reduced from 9 to 8 minutes.

September 25 (Update 527)

  • Turret balance changes:
    • Ricochet:
      • reduced the energy cost for shots:
        • М0: 126 → 100;
        • М1: 121 → 88;
        • М2: 118 → 80;
        • М3: 115 → 69;
        • М3+: 111 → 60.
      • reduced the reload speed for the energy tank from 83,33 to 50 units per second on all modifications;
      • reduced the minimal hit range:
        • М0: 70 → 50;
        • М1: 79 → 56;
        • М2: 85 → 60;
        • М3: 93 → 65;
        • М3+: 100 → 70.
    • Magnum:
      • the remaining time from not charging the shot to a full 100% power is now added to the reload time*;
      • reduced the time of the «clean» reload:
        • М0: 7 → 5;
        • М1: 6,35 → 4,5;
        • М2: 5,8 → 4,1;
        • М3: 5,5 → 3,85;
        • М3+: 5 → 3,5.
      • minimal hit radius increased from 15 to 20 meters on all modifications;
      • added new parameters «average hit distance» and «average hit percentage».
        • These parameters impact the effectiveness of splash damage: it will become less.
  • For M0 hulls and turrets the number of MicroUpgrade steps increased from 10 to 20.
    • The overall cost and time of upgrading remains the same.
  • The duration of Matchmaking battles reduced from 10 to 9 minutes.
  • Adapted versions of «Cologne», «Parma», «Magistral» and «Bobruisk» maps added to the list of Matchmaking and PRO-battle maps.
  • *Changes to the reload mechanic for Magnum will appear in the game a day later, than the main release — with server restart 02:00 UTC September 26th.

September 6 (Update 525)

  • Turret balance changes:
    • Smoky:
      • Increased the maximum hit range;
      • Improved critical damage;
      • Increased middle-to-long range effectiveness.
    • Striker:
      • Improved the starting speed for rockets;
      • Improved the angle speed for rockets;
      • Reduced target acquiring time for rockets.
  • PRO-Battle List changes:
    • In addition to custom player names for battles, original map names will be shown too;
    • Maps in Battle List are now sorted by the time of their creation, from the earliest down to the oldest battle.
  • Small changes in Matchmaking mechanism:
    • Reduced waiting time for solo players;
    • Improved prediction accuracy for waiting time;
    • Introduced rank limits for players in battle groups: now all players in the group must be at maximum 5 ranks above or below the group’s creator;
    • Fixed the visual indication of game mode for players in battle groups.
  • Friend List updates for Matchmaking:
    • Added indicators “in battle” and “in battle group” for Friend List;
    • Added option to invite friends into battle group even if they are already in battle.
  • Supply drops:
    • Increased time before the first wave of supply drops from 40 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • The “Battle!” button in Battle List renamed to “Matchmaking”.
  • Small changes to configuration of Matchmaking version of maps and ASL mode.
  • Added an option to Settings to allow gifts from all players, not just friends.
  • “Fall leaves” animated paint added to containers.

August 10 (Update 521)

  • Changes to turret and alteration balance:
    • Firebird:
      • lowered direct damage:
        • М0: 375 → 200;
        • М1: 454 → 303;
        • М2: 590 → 479;
        • М3: 669 → 582;
        • М3+: 760 → 700.
      • lowered minimal impact distance:
        • М0: 17 → 15;
        • М1: 18,6 → 16;
        • М2: 21,5 → 17,8;
        • М3: 23,1 → 18,8;
        • М3+: 25 → 20.
      • increased temperature limit for beginner and medium MUs levels;
      • heating up speed became upgradable;
      • weak impact percentage increased from 0 to 10%;
      • cone angle increased from 20° to 25°.
    • Freeze:
      • lowered damage:
        • М0: 529 → 450;
        • М1: 647 → 582;
        • М2: 706 → 635;
        • М3: 882 → 794;
        • М3+: 1000 → 900.
      • lowered minimal impact distance:
        • М0: 17 → 15;
        • М1: 19,3 → 16,5;
        • М2: 20,3 → 17,1;
        • М3: 23,1 → 18,8;
        • М3+: 25 → 20.
      • weak impact percentage increased from 0 to 10%;
      • cone angle increased from 20° to 25°.
    • «High pressure pump» alteration for Firebird:
      • cone angle will now decrease by 75% instead of 70%.
    • «High pressure pump» alteration for Freeze:
      • cone angle will now decrease by 75% instead of 70%.
  • Changes to battle score distribution for actions in Matchmaking battles:
    • CTF — number of score points for delivering the flag reduced from 100 to 75;
    • RGB — number of score points for delivering the ball increased from 50 to 75;
    • CP — number of score points for neutralizing a control point increased from 5 to 10.
  • Batteries added to rewards for completing daily missions.
  • Adapted version of Sandbox map added to the list of Matchmaking and PRO battles.

July 28 (Update 519)

  • Changes to Juggernaut mode:
    • reduced damage, armor and healing from Juggernaut’s overdrive: on lower ranks -- reduced more, on medium and high ranks -- reduced less.
    • added sound for when Juggernaut is destroyed;
    • Juggernaut’s overdrive now has purple color;
    • fixed several errors in the mode.
  • Removed from the score table at the end of the battle additional crystals indication for players with *Premium account or Beginner’s Pass.
    • The summary of all rewards at the end of the battle, including prizes, is now shown in the “Rewards” column.
  • World Cup 2018 paints removed from the Shop.
  • The low damage percentage for Hammer increased from 10% to 25%.
  • The number of score points for delivering the flag in Matchmaking CTF battles increased from 50 to 100.
  • Changed the geometry of the Matchmaking version of Tribute.

July 20 (Update 518)

  • A new “Juggernaut” mode added to the game (available from the Sergeant rank).
  • An updated version of Sandal map added to the list of Matchmaking maps.
  • Additional updates for the Matchmaking version of Massacre map.
  • Repair Kit supply now available for purchase from the Recruit rank.
  • Mine supply now available for purchase from the Corporal rank.
  • Double Armor and Double Damage supplies now available for purchase from the Master Corporal rank.
  • Battle List of PRO-battles and PRO Battle Pass now available from Warrant Officer 1.
  • Changes to turret balance:
    • Thunder:
      • slightly reduced reload time;
      • considerably increased the distance of maximum damage;
      • slightly increased the distance of minimal damage;
      • slightly reduced the impact power of the shot;
      • increased the power of the splash explosion;
      • added new parameters “range of average impact” and “percentage of average impact”.
    • Shaft:
      • slightly reduced the recharge time between shots while NOT in Sniper mode;
      • slightly increased the maximum range of shots NOT in Sniper mode.
      • reduced by two times the range of minimal impact of shots while NOT in Sniper mode;
      • reduced by two times the percentage of weak impact shots while NOT in Sniper mode;
      • the amount of energy per shot slightly reduced, and the parameter is no longer upgradable.

June 30 (Update 516)

  • Daily missions to earn experience points were replaced with missions to earn score in battles.
  • Fixed error in Matchmaking when several battle groups could be put onto the same team, and at the same time no battle group would be placed on the opposing team.
  • The number of player reports required for the battle to be highlighted for battle moderators to check was lowered from 25% to 15% of the number of players in the battle.

June 23 (Update 515)

  • Balance changes in turrets:
    • Freeze — damage increased on all modifications:
      • М0: 375 → 529;
      • М1: 488 → 647;
      • М2: 533 → 706;
      • М3: 669 → 882;
      • М3+: 760 → 1000.
  • Isida — removed ability to unfreeze and deflame tanks.
  • Balance changes in drones:
    • Assault — increased bonus to the active time for supplies:
      • without modifications: (5 → 7), sec;
      • fully upgraded: (10 → 15), sec.
    • Trooper — increased the active time of supplies:
      • without modifications: (7 → 10), sec;
      • fully upgraded: (15 → 20), sec.
    • Mechanic — increased healing radius:
      • without modifications: (10 → 15), meters;
      • fully upgraded: (20 → 25), meters.
  • Changed the position of several spawn points, bases and flags on Matchmaking versions of maps Aleksandrovsk, Bridges, Industrial Zone, Kungur, Osa, Tribute, Year 2042.
  • The number of points gained in Matchmaking battles per each captures point in CP decreased from 25 to 15.
  • Updated paint descriptions for “Champion”, “Silver”, “Bronze”, “Acid” and “Gladiator”.
  • Iraq and Palestine added to the list of countries for clan’s selection.

June 5 (Update 513)

  • The size of battle groups in Matchmaking is now limited to 3 players;
  • After creating a battle group protection modules of group members are no longer shown in Matchmaking;
  • Fixed bugs with drones “Trooper” and “Mechanic”;
  • Trooper is no longer triggered during the respawn;
  • Mechanic now applies to all nearby allies a full healing effect of the Repair Kit, and not its own bonus healing effect;
  • Fixed the bug when supply cooldowns would not reset directly after the respawn.

May 18 (Update 511)

  • 12 new paints added to containers.
  • New animated paint “Canyon Hero” (can be found in containers).
  • Flag limit in CTF and score limit in RGB increased from 5 to 7.

April 27 (Update 510)

  • Changes to time and score limits in standard, non-PRO battles:
    • Time limit reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes;
    • Kills limit in DM and score limit in CP reduced from 100 to 50;
    • Flag limit in CTF and score limit in RGB reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Changes to daily mission chains:
    • Disabled mission chain reset if you don’t complete at least 1 mission a day;
    • Maximum number of chain levels increased from 4 to 10;
    • Reward for the maximum level of the new mission chain system is equal to the reward for the maximum level of mission chains in the old system, with sequential rewards increase on levels in between.
    • Reward for completing the maximum level of mission chains now includes 1 more container.
  • Slightly reduced Overdrive cooldown.

February 6 (Update 502)

  • Changes to Rugby mode:
    • When the ball is caught, it will now spin above the tank;
    • When the ball is thrown, it will now also realistically spin in the air.
  • Changes to Assault mode:
    • Now the Red Team will earn 5 points for delivering the flag;
    • The time until a dropped flag is returned is now shortened.
  • Other updates:
    • The sound volume when rotating the turret is lowered.

January 26 (Update 501)

  • New game mode «Rugby».
  • 23 new paints for containers.
  • Added new daily missions «Earn experience» / «Earn crystals» / «Capture Flags» / «Score goals» for Rugby and Assault.
  • Disabled new super missions «Destroy 9999 enemies» and «Earn 99999 experience» from appearing in new daily missions.
  • Disabled battle notifications at the center of the screen.

December 28 (Update 500)

  • Changes to Assault mode:
    • Blue Team no longer receives score points for controlling the point;
    • Blue Team now gains 1 score point for every destroyed enemy tank.
  • Removed daily mission “Finish 1st in a battle”;
  • Added new daily mission “Finish among top 3 of the winning team in a battle”. Mission can be completed in any mode;
  • Added new effects when opening containers.

December 7 (Update 496)

  • Friends List Changes:
    • Added player limit on Friends List — 300 tankers;
    • Added limit to incoming friend requests — 50 requests;
    • Removed the list of friends requests sent;
    • The field for sending friend request is moved from the list of sent requests to the Friends List;
    • Enabled auto-removal of friends who are inactive for more than 6 months;
    • Enabled auto-removal of all friends for players who are inactive for more than a year;
    • All players’ incoming and sent friend requests were cleared once.
  • Added new protection against jump hacks to the anti-cheat system;
  • Removed notification for players in battle that a cheater was reported.

November 16 (Update 493)

  • Disabled the option to show your Premium Account status to the other players (Statistics screen and Premium-bonus).

October 20 (Update 486)

  • Lobby Screen has been reworked to make it easier to join battles for specific modes.
  • Rank limits for standard (non-PRO) and PRO battles decreased.
  • Battle list now unlocks at the rank of Master Corporal.
  • “PRO Battle” Pass now unlocks at the rank of Master Corporal.
  • “New Players” chat channel and Battle Chat now unlock at the rank of Gefreiter.

October 12 (Update 485)

  • Added to the game:
    • Unified Battle List;
    • Cross-server chat;
    • Thematic chat-channels.
  • Removed from the game following daily missions:
    • «Finish 1st in a battle 0/2»;
    • «Finish 1st in a battle 0/3»;
    • «Collect Gold Box 0/1».

October 5 (Update 484)

  • Unlock ranks for maps changed.
  • Unlock ranks for paints in Garage changed.
  • Fixed bug with forbidden dot character when using Rename Pass.
  • New special offers added to Shop.

August 18 (Update 477)

  • All Garage paints are now available from the rank of Recruit.
  • New bundle “All turrets and hulls M0” added to Shop (available from Recruit).
  • Fixed bug with tank’s semi-transparent state during respawn.

August 4 (Update 473)

  • New unlock ranks for M0 hulls and turrets:
    • Available from Recruit: Smoky, Firebird, Wasp, Hunter;
    • Available from Private: Twins, Thunder, Titan, Dictator;
    • Available from Gefreiter: Freeze, Isida, Ricochet, Mammoth;
    • Available from Corporal: Hammer, Vulcan, Railgun, Hornet, Viking;
    • Available from Master Corporal: Striker, Magnum, Shaft.
  • 4 kits for beginners (“Almighty”, “Yin-Yang”, “Commando”, “Universal soldier”) no longer available to purchase.
  • Fixed bug with the Beginner’s Pass.

July 13 (Update 470)

  • Multiple bug fixes, indluding:
    • Frozen loading screen after joining a battle;
    • Ranking up effect.
  • Revision of the payment section for Ukrainian users.

July 12 (Update 469)

  • New feature - “Overdrive” added to the game.
    • This Overdrive activates all 5 supplies (except gold boxes) for you and your teammates nearby;
    • “Overdrive ON/OFF” option added to PRO Battle settings;
    • Overdrive is turned off by default in format battles, except Parkour.
  • Changes to Repair Kit mechanic:
    • Initially Repair Kit instantly restores 1000 HP and reduces burning and freezing effects, and then additionally restores 3000 hit points over 3 seconds;
    • The repair-over-time effect will be interrupted if any damage is sustained;
    • The repairing effect will be interrupted as soon as the tank is fully repaired.
  • Changes to supply active/cooldown times:
    • Repair Kit
      • Duration: 3 seconds
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Smart Cooldowns: Reduced by 50%
    • Double Armor
      • Duration: 30 seconds
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Smart Cooldowns: Reduced by 50%
    • Double Damage
      • Duration: 30 seconds
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Smart Cooldowns: Reduced by 50%
    • Speed Boost
      • Duration: 30 seconds
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Smart Cooldowns: Reduced by 50%
    • Mine
      • Damage: Unchanged
      • Cooldown: 30 seconds
      • Smart Cooldowns: Reduced by 50%
  • Changes to destroyed tank disappearing delay and respawn times:
    • Destroyed tank disappearing delay time reduced from 3.5 sec to 1.5 sec
    • Respawn delay time increased from 2 sec to 4 sec
  • New sounds and effects for supplies panel.
  • Now you will be able to see the amount of hit points restored by friendly Isida or with picked up Repair Kit.
  • Changing paint while being in a battle now doesn’t cause immediate self-destructing.
    • New paint applies only after next respawn.
  • New key bindings for Overdrive and Quick Garage added to Settings.
    • Now you will be able to open Garage while being in a battle by pressing a key.
  • Fixed bugs in “Odnoklassniki” app.

July 6 (Update 467)

  • “Promo Codes” option added to Shop (Under “Other” section).
  • Fixed bug with invisible tank parts.

May 26 (Update 461)

  • Released Bonus and Discount Cards:
    • Kits Discount Card;
    • Paints Discount Card;
    • Gold Boxes Discount Card;
    • Premium Account Discount Card;
    • Crystals Discount Card;
    • Gold Boxes Bonus Card;
    • Premium Account Bonus Card;
    • Crystals Bonus Card.

May 18 (Update 460)

  • 9 brand new paints added to the Shop.
  • All European game servers (RU, EN, DE, PL) grouped into one category.
  • Anti-cheat improvements.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

April 21 (Update 456)

  • Balance changes for Firebird, "Compact tanks" alteration, Isida, Hammer, “Slugger” alteration, Smoky, Striker, Thunder and Magnum.
  • Additional Daily Bonus in Premium Account:
    • Given to Premium tankers only;
    • Given every day following the day when Premium is activated, and as long as Premium is active;
    • User must log into the game to receive the daily bonus. Bonuses on days when the user doesn’t login are lost.;
    • Consists of 2500 crystals, 3 Repair Kits and 10 of each of the other supplies (with the exception of Gold Boxes);
    • Bonus will be the same for all ranks.
  • New Daily Mission types:
    • “Earn crystals” and “Earn crystals in a mode”;
    • To complete the mission, player needs to finish a battle and get a crystal reward;
    • Bonuses from Premium account and Beginner’s Pass count towards mission progress.
  • Changes in Communicator:
    • Now the game remembers last opened tab;
    • “News” tab still opens first when there are unread news items;
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • New flags for CTF mode.
  • Sound for Magnum powering up extended.
  • Respawn zones on Siege are now spread out wider in the map.
  • Different bug fixes, including:
    • Problem with Monte Carlo Summer
    • Problem with Valley Space
    • Problem with authorization via VKontakte

April 14 (Update 455)

  • Changes to the lobby chat section:
    • The lobby chat section has been renamed to “Communicator”;
    • The Communicator has 3 tabs: News, Chat and Clan Chat;
    • Players can read the news both current and past news items in the News tab.
  • Fixed some bugs with map previews and “Space” theme.
  • “Space” theme will remain forever for all maps.

April 7 (Update 453)

  • Changes to Daily Missions:
    • Rewards for missions increased by another 10% compared to rewards before Patch Update #451;
    • Rewards for Daily Mission Chains and prices for changing missions increased proportionally;
    • Probability of getting crystals as a reward in daily mission decreased to 37%.
  • Rank limits when creating a battle changed:
    • Default rank brackets for Legends decreased to Fieldmarshal - Legend;
    • Default rank brackets for Generalissimos decreased to Brigadier - Generalissimo;
    • Rank brackets for other ranks slightly expanded.
  • Prices of Product Kits in the Shop decreased.
  • Various server optimizations.

March 29 (Update 451)

  • Changes to microupgrades:
    • Number of steps for M2 hulls, turrets and modules decreased to 10;
    • Number of steps for M3 hulls and turrets decreased to 20 (steps for modules remain 15);
    • Total step cost for M2 hulls, turrets and modules decreased and now equals to the cost of the stock M3 modification of the item;
    • Total step cost for M3 hulls, turrets and modules remains the same.
  • Changes to Daily Missions:
    • Now Daily Mission objectives can be only completed in standard (non-PRO) battles;
    • Rewards for Daily Missions increased by 10%.
  • Changes to Auto-completion system:
    • Monitoring start delay is now 60 sec (was 3 minutes);
    • Auto-completion waiting time is now 15 sec (was 30 sec);
    • Cooldown after cancelling auto-completion is now 10 sec (was 25 sec).
  • Rank limits when creating a battle expanded for all ranks.
  • Some bugs with Magnum fixed.
  • Critical errors disabled:
    • Up until now, when the Tanki Online client received a “strange” instruction, it would spit out a Critical Error and throw you out of the game. With this update, we’ll be disabling the Critical Error (when bugs will go off you will not be disconnected from the server).

March 23 (Update 450)

  • New turret “Magnum” released.
  • New protection modules with Magnum protection released:
    • Falcon S-C: Magnum;
    • Eagle D-E: Magnum, Shaft;
    • Panda D-D: Twins, Magnum;
    • Panda D-E: Ricochet, Magnum;
    • Panda D-F: Hammer, Magnum;
    • Ursa T-H: Isida, Ricochet, Magnum;
    • Ursa T-J: Twins, Striker, Magnum;
    • Kodiak T-K: Freeze, Striker, Magnum;
    • Kodiak T-L: Firebird, Vulcan, Magnum;
    • Griffon T-F: Striker, Magnum, Shaft;
    • Griffon T-G: Hammer, Magnum, Shaft;
    • Griffon T-H: Ricochet, Magnum, Shaft.
  • New achievements for Striker and Magnum added to Ratings.
  • New product kits with Magnum added to Shop:
    • “Unicorn”: Hornet M1 and Magnum M1;
    • “Archer”: Hunter M1 and Magnum M1;
    • “Panther”: Dictator M1 and Magnum M1;
    • “Excalibur”: Viking M2 and Magnum M2;
    • “Hyacinth”: Mammoth M2 and Magnum M2;
    • “Ballista”: Hunter M2 and Magnum M2;
    • “Siegfried”: Hunter M3 and Magnum M3;
    • “Bertha”: Mammoth M3 and Magnum M3;
    • “Gustav”: Titan M3 and Magnum M3;
    • These kits will not be available for purchase in Garage.
  • Changes to map pool of auto-created battles:
    • Novel, Lost Temple, Esplanade added;
    • Noise removed.
  • Issue with game loading using Firefox resolved.
  • Improvements in payment error form and handling.
  • “Critical error” optimization.

March 16 (Update 449)

  • Changes to all M0 hulls and turrets:
    • All M0 hulls and turrets are now available from the rank of Recruit;
    • Prices of all M0 hulls and turrets changed slightly;
    • Values of all parameters (excluding damage) and protection decreased slightly.
  • Changes to damage and protection of all M0, M1, M2 and M3 hulls and turrets:
    • Increase in damage and protection;
    • Changes don’t apply to M3+ hulls and turrets.
  • Changes to micro-upgrades for all M1 hulls and turrets:
    • Number of steps decreased from 50 to 10;
    • Total step cost halved and equals the cost of the M2 modification of the item;
    • Speed up cost is 2 times higher than step cost on each step;
    • The aggregate value of steps and speed ups remains the same;
    • These changes apply only to M1 modifications of all hulls and turrets;
    • All existing and completed M1 micro-upgrades will be converted.
  • Rental of Alterations.
    • Alterations can now be rented for 24 hours for the price of 5000 crystals.
    • Rent for real money removed.
  • Other changes.
    • Bulk discounts for buying items of the same type removed.
    • Discounts now don’t apply to product kits.
    • Garage Info about product kits’ content simplified.
    • Bonus supplies removed from the kits in the garage.

March 2 (Update 445)

  • Changes to micro-upgrades of M0 hulls and turrets:
    • Number of steps decreased from 50 to 10.
    • Total step cost halved and equals to the cost of M1 modification of the item.
    • Speed up cost is 2 times higher than step cost on each step.
    • The aggregate value of step and speed up remains the same.

February 16 (Update 441)

  • Bug fix for incorrect creation and joining battles.
  • Changes in the balance of Shaft, Hammer and Isida and their alterations:
    • Removal of self-healing function for Isida.
    • Hammer pellets now have Ricochet mechanic.
  • Shaft arcade shot damage now decreases over distance.
  • New flags added for clans - Romania, Turkey, Iran.

February 10 (Update 439)

  • Balance changes for Twins, Ricochet and Vulcan.
  • Alterations for Twins and Ricochet.
  • Changes to Vulcan's «Faster Horizontal Tracking» alteration.
  • Changes in the Player Ratings formula.
  • Bug fixes in the Clan system.
  • Bug fix for battles without Micro-upgrades.

February 1 (Update 437)

  • Player Ratings.
  • Supply drop zones are now visible from everywhere on the map.
  • Clan fixes.
  • New settings window.
  • Fixed kick exploitation bug.

January 26 (Update 436)

  • Clan System:
    • First iteration of clan system.
    • Released with limited functionality.
  • Changes in Ricochet mechanics:
    • Number of shots in magazine increased from 12 to 14.
    • Vertical aiming angle decreased.
    • Range of maximum damage is increased.
  • Smoky:
    • Decreased firing speed.
    • Decreased critical damage.
  • User Interface - When clicking on the garage button during a battle, players will no longer be asked whether they want to leave the battle, and will instead be taken directly to the garage without leaving the battle.

January 19 (Update 435)

  • Changes in the referral interface for the game client.
  • Minor fixes in Client optimization.

January 11 (Update 431)

  • Changes in Striker:
    • Increased grace period for recovering focus on a lost target when attempting to lock-on.
    • Angular velocity of rockets increased.
    • Reload speed Increased.
  • New Format - Hornet/Striker. Available for:
    • Hornet M3.
    • Hornet M2.
    • Striker M3.
    • Striker M2.
  • Changes for Shaft:
    • arcade-shot firing speed increased.
    • vertical aiming angles decreased.
    • recoil increased slightly.
    • Zoom increased in sniper mode.
  • New year content removed.
  • New bundle added in the Shop.
  • Fixed turning bug while driving in reverse with inverse control.
  • Fixed previews with Raider and Stalker kits in the Shop.
  • PayPal bundle removed from the Shop.

December 23 (Update 430)

  • Striker turret has been added to the game.
  • New protection modules with Striker protection released:
  • New batch of Alterations released
    • High pressure pump - Firebird.
    • Corrosive mix - Freeze.
    • Support nanobots - Isida.
    • High capacity drum - Hammer.
    • Precision targeting system - Smoky.
    • Modified firing rate - Vulcan.
    • Armor-Piercing Ammo - Thunder.
    • High-caliber Ammo - Railgun.
    • Faster horizontal tracking - Railgun.
    • Assault emitters - Shaft.
  • Micro-upgrades and Alterations can now be disabled separately when creating a Pro Battle.
  • Friendly-fire option for Pro Battle implemented.
  • Deck-9 has a new preview image.
  • New Year Celebrations.
  • Themed garage decorations.
  • Themed in-game decorations.
    • Billboards.
    • Parachutes.
    • Flags.
    • Bushes.
    • Gold box skin.
    • Gold box drop zone.
    • Holiday image for "Thanks for your purchase".
  • 2 holiday paints (one regular and one premium).
  • 3 in-game gifts:
    • Candy Cane.
    • Snow Globe.
    • Gingerbread Tank.

December 8

  • The maps Magadan, Deck-9 and Canyon have been returned to the game and are only accessible using a Pro Battle Pass or Premium account.
  • Smoky’s critical damage will no longer be affected by distance from target.
  • The «Battle» button will no longer send players to maps that are unavailable at their rank.
  • Map-specific missions have been removed from the game.


  • Global update of the game balance. (update is being prepared for release)

November 30 (Update 428)

  • Parameter tweaks on Vulcan, Firebird, Compact Cylinders alteration, Freeze, Isida, and the Broadband Transducers alteration.
  • Added "Continue" button — users will be kicked if he/she doesn’t click the "Continue" button when the battle resets.
  • Shaft bug fixed.
  • Alert bug fixed.
  • Minor changes in the shop interface.

November 30 (Update 427)

  • The option to create battles is now only for Premium users and PRO Battle Pass holders.

November 16 (Update 426)

  • Implemented system for managing multiple accounts on login
  • Implemented “Battle” button for Quick Battles. The button will automatically send the player to a battle on that server that best fits that player’s rank. Please note that this system:
    • doesn't work for PRO battles (ignores them).
    • sends players only to recently started battles.
    • sends players to maps that are closer to being full.
    • doesn't evaluate players equipment or skill.
  • Non-Premium and Non-Pro Battle Pass users now can only create 15min battles.
  • Fixed issues with Paysafecard.
  • Fixed Freeze bug, where tank is still frozen after respawn.
  • Fixed bug with Lion T-B M3 incorrectly displaying 46% Twins resistance instead of 50% in battle.
  • Time of inactivity before kick has been decreased to 120 Seconds.
  • The time for autofinish to become active has been decreased to 180 seconds.
  • The Autofinish timer has now been decreased to 30 seconds.
  • Range for default battle created by Legend reduced to General.
  • Range for default battle created by Generalissimo reduced to Lieutenant-General.
  • Range for default battle created by Commander reduced to Major General.
  • Range for default battle created by Field Marshal reduced to brigadier.
  • Range for default battle created by Marshall reduced to Colonel.
  • Range for default battle created by Gen. reduced to Colonel.
  • Range for default battle created by Lieutenant-General reduced to Lieutenant colonel.
  • Range for default battle created by Major General reduced to Major.
  • Range for default battle created by brigadier reduced to Major.
  • Range for default battle created by Colonel reduced to captain.
  • Range for default battle created by Lieutenant colonel reduced to Second Lieutenant.

September 22

  • Alterations, Kits and Supply kits.

September 13

  • Update to the contents of the in-game shop.

September 9

  • Downloadable client.

August 12

  • New paints and modules.

July 29

  • DM-tournaments and the “Gold box” supply.

July 21

  • New shop and paints.

July 14

  • Paint and module separation.

July 1

  • Newbie’s pass, double-click on items in garage and coloured buttons when switching from battle to garage/lobby.

June 23

  • DM system testing, change to rank requirement for lobby chat access, increase of garage loading speed when opening it in-battle, new gifts.

June 3

  • Renovated garage look.

April 14

  • Mechanism for deleting unused nicknames.

March 17

  • Improvement in account security and changes in chats.

March 3

  • Mission chains, chat improvement and other changes.

February 19

  • Ability to disable Gold boxes in PRO-battles.

February 12

  • Early battle finish system.

January 28

  • Private messages in chats.
  • New gifts.

December 25

  • New XT items and special New Year game mode.

December 10

  • Paint preview and new sorting mechanism in the garage.

December 3

  • Changes to the garage and reworked CP mode.

November 12

  • Changes to micro-upgrades.

October 29

  • Personal profiles, ratings and achievements.

October 21

  • Premium accounts.

October 8

  • Changes to the forum post and topic rating mechanism.

October 1

  • Test drives and personal discounts system.

September 17

  • The latest unlocked modification of equipment is available to purchase directly, discounts for purchase of similar equipment type sets.

September 10

  • New additions to the list of XT-items

September 3 (Update 362)

  • Updated textures for Vulcan
  • Updated visual effects for Vulcan
  • Bug fixes

August 27 (Update 361)

  • Score caps for standard battles
  • Bug fixes

August 6 (Update 358)

  • 50% decrease in the price of changing a daily mission
  • Automatic country detection for the Payment Section

July 30 (Update 357)

  • Changes in Daily Missions rewards
  • New crystal packages
  • Removal of the ability to select a custom sum of crystals when buying

July 23 (Update 356)

  • Changes in SMS payment fees

July 14 (Update 355)

  • Daily Missions
  • Changes in maximum range of Firebird, Freeze and Isida

July 1 (Update 354)

  • Changes in turret and hull parameters
  • Changes in the way supplies and gold boxes work
  • Battle and server chat icons for chat candidates, moderators and administrators
  • Ability to manually adjust the speed of turret rotation camera

June 18 (Update 353)

  • Payment section fixes
  • Experimental increase in the speed of turret rotation camera

May 28 (Update 351)

  • Anti-cheat and lag fixes

May 22 (Update 350)

  • Improved micro-upgrades

May 15 (Update 349)

  • Anti-cheat on jump hack

April 30 (Update 348)

  • Mouse controls bug fixes
  • Anti-cheat on instant acceleration

April 23 (Update 347)

  • Changes in the parameters of turrets and hulls
  • Reworked Forest and Sandbox
  • Supply bonuses for beginners
  • Improved system for changing equipment in battle

April 16 (Update 346)

  • Bug fixes for the mouse controls

April 9 (Update 345)

  • Mouse Controls
  • Changes in auto-aim mechanism

March 3 (Update 331)

  • Reworked system for early battle termination
  • Increased funds for lower ranks
  • Improved Speed Boost supply (increases turret rotation speed as well)
  • Increased HP for medium and heavy hulls
  • New Score Multiplier Passes

February 6 (Update 317)

  • Vulcan turret
  • Protective paints from Vulcan and Hammer
  • Updated looks for Hammer

January 30 (Update 312)

  • Paints with Hammer protections

January 26 (Update 310)

  • Aleksandrovsk map
  • Changes in rank limits for mid and higher ranks
  • Decrease in impact force of Smoky and Railgun

December 27 (Update 302)

  • Battles with obvious outcome now might end sooner
  • Players are now automatically sent to specific servers based on their current rank

December 24 (Update 301)

  • Support for the most demanded formats (Hornet+Railgun, Wast+Railgun, Hornet/Wasp+Railgun, Parkour)

December 19 (Update 300)

  • Changes to lengths of standard battles

December 17 (Update 299)

  • New Hammer turret

December 16 (Update 298)

  • Further changes to the list of battles

December 12 (Update 297)

  • Updated list of battles

December 4 (Update 296)

  • Laser scope for Shaft
  • Night mode for maps

November 27 (Update 294)

  • Changes in battle fund distribution
  • Fixed lengths for non-PRO battles
  • Gold box is now dropped 20 seconds after the notification
  • More customization in PRO battles
  • Further changes in Isida’s updated visual effect
  • Ability to disable drop zone marks in settings

November 18 (Update 292)

  • Predictable drop zones

November 12 (Update 291)

  • New visual effects for Railgun and Isida

October 30 (Update 288)

  • New Product Kits system.

October 10 (Update 287)

  • New design of gold boxes

October 3 (Update 285)

  • Advanced tips on fixing issues occurring in the game
  • Improved battle chat for team modes

September 29 (Update 284)

  • Smart Cooldowns for supplies
  • New icons for supplies both in the game and its interface
  • Improved indication of supplies that are active or being recharged

September 25 (Update 283)

  • Micro-upgrade speed ups now get cheaper depending on the remaining wait time

September 19 (Update 282)

  • Ability to switch between servers right in the game
  • Optimization of 3D-engine that lead to a significant decrease in chances of a Fatal Error
  • Player’s rating is no longer displayed

August 7 (Update 277)

  • New anti-flood system

July 2 (Update 270)

  • Changes in the game balance
  • New garage descriptions

June 3 (Update 264)

  • Updated CP mode (changed mechanics, CP is now supported by every CTF map);
  • Fort Knox is now available from Corporal rank;
  • Server and battle chats are available to players with the rank of Gefreiter and higher;
  • Changes in battle fund distribution between teammates;
  • Gold box notification is now orange (harder to miss);
  • Capital «i» and lowercase «L» now look different;
  • You can now add a player to your ignore list right from his or her context menu;
  • Ability to disable main chat in Settings;
  • Each skybox now consists of 6 separate textures, which makes the image clearer and brighter.

April 23 (Update 254)

  • Changes in the balance of turrets and hulls.

April 1 (Update 245)

  • Automatic problem detection system.

March 25 (Update 242)

  • Ability to change equipment without having to leave the battle.

February 19 (Update 229)

  • Numerous fixes and improvements of the game’s client part. Critical error issue has been fixed.

February 14 (Update 227)

  • Slight changes in maps. Previews of maps have been updated

February 10 (Update 224)

  • Registering a new nickname is a lot easier now. If the nick you want to have is already used, the system will automatically suggest several nicknames instead of it by adding various postfixes.
  • New progress bar

February 7 (Update 222)

  • Ability to enter Tanki Online using a Facebook account.

January 31 (Update 220)

  • Existing maps have been reworked.

January 14 (Update 214)

  • Winter holidays in Tanki Online are over. All the holiday elements have been removed from the game.

December 31 (Update 213)

  • 50% discount on all items in the garage except for MUs and kits.
  • The color of Speed Up button in Micro-upgrades menu has been changed to prevent players from accidentally clicking it.

December 24 (Update 210)

  • Minor changes in the interface of micro-upgrades
  • The graphics engine has been optimized. Now, if you use hardware acceleration, your FPS should increase.

December 19 (Update 208)

  • Micro-upgrades — ability to constantly upgrade certain parameters of your items.
  • PRO Battles: more options when creating battles, including the ability to disable MUs.
  • Visual effect of rank up.
  • Crystals given to players for achieving each new rank. Crystals for previously achieved rank have been also given.

December 14 (Update 207)

  • New product kits have been added to the game.
  • Light effects from Thunder and Smoky hits have been changed.

December 12 (Update 206)

  • Brightness of lighting without shadows has been decreased.

December 11 (Update 205)

  • New physics model for tanks.
  • Improvements in anti-cheat system.
  • Reducing traffic between client part and server part of the game.
  • The order of items in Garage has been changed.

December 9 (Update 204)

  • Ability of inviting friends to battles has been further improved.

December 7 (Update 203)

  • Bottom ranks of supplies have been changed. «Nitro», «Double Power» and «Double Armor» are now available from Gefreiter, both in the shop and in daily gifts.

December 4 (Update 200)

  • Lighting from gunshots has been added to the game.
  • Now you can disable Anti-aliasing in settings.
  • Viewing angles on monitors with different aspect ratios are now the same.
  • Overall color correction of maps. Lighting without shadows has become brighter.

December 2 (Update 199)

  • From Christmas to Christmas event has started, 2014 crystals gold boxes have been added to the game.

November 27 (Update 196)

  • Ability to invite friends to battles has been added.

November 21 (Update 193)

  • Protections of some paints have been changed: Acid gives 18% from all weapons, Champion’s protections are now 25%.
  • Daily gifts are now available from 1 am (UTC+0)

October 31 (Update 190)

  • Halloween. Special flags, billboards, holiday paint, 3000 gold boxes and Halloween map have been added to the game.

October 10 (Update 188)

  • Farewell to Moon Silence event is over. Moon Silence map and holiday billboards have been removed from the game. Moonwalker paint has been removed from the shop.

October 3 (Update 187)

  • Beginning of Farewell to Moon Silence event. Moonwalker paint and holiday billboards have been added to the game. Value of gold boxes on Moon Silence has been increased to 3,000 crystals. The chance of it being dropped has been increased by half.

September 28 (Update 186)

  • New product kits have been added to the game.

September 2 (Update 181)

  • Holiday billboards and a special paint for Tankman’s Day have been added to the game.

August 19 (Update 180)

  • «Platform» map has been removed from the game.

August 15 (Update 179)

  • Descriptions in the Garage and texts on loading screens in the English version of the game have been corrected.

August 13 (Update 178)

  • Special paints for forum moderators, cybersport representatives and members of the Creative League have been added to the game.

August 1 (Update 176)

  • Changes to the rules of the game have been made: now it is forbidden to post referral links in the chat and in the forum.

July 20 (Update 173)

  • Some visual errors on Future, Factory and Platform maps have been fixed.

July 19 (Update 172)

  • Maps of winners of Looking for a Level Designer contest have been added to the game.
  • «Future» with CTF, DM and TDM modes.
  • «Factory» with CTF, DM and TDM modes.
  • «Platform» with CTF, DM and TDM modes.

July 18 (Update 171)

  • Some errors in Friends System have been fixed. There were problems with loading players' names in battle statistics and «New Friend» indicator.
  • Sound loading problem has been solved.

July 16 (Update 169)

  • Friends System and player context menu have been added.
  • Now team vote removes a player from no-supplies battles.

July 4 (Update 166)

  • Glide paint for crew making Tanki Online parkour tutorials has been added.
  • Lucky 7 paint for winners of Lucky 7 tournament has been added. The paint has 15% protection against all turrets.
  • Zeus paint description has been changed.

June 27 (Update 165)

  • Traceur paint has been added to Garage. The paint is temporary and will be removed once the Masters of Parkour contest is over.
  • Crash and Gallery maps have been switched off.
  • Minor updates in the payment section.

June 18 (Update 163)

  • Resists of Champion paint have been changed. Now it has 22% protection against all turrets.
  • New award paints have been added:
  • Silver — Twins (30%), Railgun (30%), Thunder (25%), Smoky (25%), Shaft (20%), Ricochet (20%);
  • Bronze — Twins (40%), Railgun (35%), Ricochet (35%);
  • Gladiator — Twins (25%), Railgun (20%), Thunder (20%), Firebird (20%);
  • Veteran — protection against all turrets (20%).

June 17 (Update 162)

  • Anti-cheat system has been updated

June 11 (Update 161)

  • Tanki Online Birthday is over
  • Rank limits for battles have been extended for several ranks.

June 4 (Update 160)

  • Tanki Online’s birthday: holiday paint and billboards, changed look of flags, launch of the Discount Week.

May 16 (Update 154)

  • In-game and chat system messages for German community players have been improved.

May 15 (Update 153)

  • Victory in Europe Day is over: Holiday paint and billboards are set to standard, gold boxes are back to default value.

May 14 (Update 152)

  • Procedure of paying with credit cards has been simplified.

May 9 (Update 151)

  • Victory in Europe Day in Tanki Online: holiday paint and billboards, 3000 gold boxes, 25% discount in Garage (everything except product kits).

May 7 (Update 150)

  • May Day is over: Holiday paint and billboards are set to standard, gold boxes are back to default value.

May 1 (Update 149)

  • Gold box sound notification has been added.

April 29 (Update 148)

  • Notification that tells about gold box being dropped soon has been added. Drop zones for the bonus have been reworked.

April 17 (Update 144)

  • Funds in the game have been increased by 60%.

April 16 (Update 143)

  • «Team kick by vote» system’s testing has been completed.

April 12 (Update 142)

  • An ability to buy crystal in packages and receive bonus crystals has been added.

April 9 (Update 138)

  • An ability to kick a player from a team by voting has been added.
  • New product kits have been added.
  • Deep shadows effect (SSAO) has been added.
  • Anti-flood system has been improved.
  • Now it is much easier to select necessary items in the garage thanks to added Drag’n’Sсroll support.
  • Now items are equipped automatically after the purchase in your garage.
  • Resource loading has been optimized. You can join a battle a lot faster.

April 1 (Update 137)

  • Updated internal statistics system.

March 28 (Update 136)

  • Added a new chat command #news, which creates a link to «Russian Portal NEWS».
  • Added a new chat command #teams, which makes reference to the «Team» section of the forum.

March 27 (Update 135)

  • Added the effect of «dynamic shadows» on the visual effect of the «dust from the track»

March 21 (Update 134)

  • Added a separate checkbox to enable or disable the «dust» in the game options screen.

March 20 (Update 133)

  • Visual dust effect is added under tank tracks.
  • A tank in garage now has a shadow.
  • The holiday of «March 8» is over. Holiday paint and billboards are set to standard.
  • White rectangle tank bug in the garage is fixed.

March 14 (Update 132)

  • Fixed the display of the active filter buttons below the battle list.

March 12 (Update 130)

  • A feature to filter the battles list by game mode was added.

March 7 (Update 129)

  • Preparations for the, «March 8» holiday
  • Turned off the «Fort Knox» map
  • Changed the name of the map «Fort Knox II» to «Fort Knox»
  • Changed the name of the map «Fort Knox III» to «Edinburgh»
  • Improved the map «Forest»
  • Improved the map «Gravity»
  • Improved the map «Edinburgh»
  • Improved the map «Fort Knox»

February 26 (Update 128)

  • Improved the «anti-flood».
  • Information about buying crystals.
  • Improved the calculator in the payment section.

February 22 (Update 127)

  • Iron Days in Tanki Online.
  • Holiday paints and billboards.
  • 25% Discount on all hulls in the game.

February 21 (Update 126)

  • Improved the «anti-cheat» system.
  • In the «Payment Terminals», «Russia» is selected by default.
  • Added the PayPerClick Button in the payment section.
  • Fixed: the empty list of numbers from mobile operators in the payment section.
  • Fixed: the incorrect display of the buttons in the WebMoney payment section.
  • Fixed: the absence of supplies in the garage, which made them unusable.

February 19 (Update 125)

  • Removed the holiday billboards and paint.
  • Updated the server platform version.
  • Removed the calculator from the DAOPAY payment option.

February 14 (Update 124)

  • Holiday «Valentine’s Day».
  • Billboards and festive paint.
  • 50% Discount on all Firebird grades.
  • Initial achievement set at 200 crystals.

February 13 (Update 123)

  • Changed the economic system of the game.
  • Added a lag smoothing effect when destroying enemy tanks.
  • Divided the English forum into organised sections.
  • Fixed auto guider of the Railgun and Shaft.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to change the configuration of the tank during the battle without losing points.
  • Fixed the lack of guidance about the new upgrades in the garage available after ranking up.
  • Fixed a bug in which news alert appeared repeatedly at the entrance to the game.
  • Fixed a bug in which there was no alert showing the player the reason after being kicked.
  • Fixed a bug in which non-referral players were present in the referral lists of players.
  • Fixed — enemy mines displayed after self-destruction.
  • Fixed a bug in which players had a negative number of mines in the garage.

February 5 (Update 122)

  • Turn off the system, which required E-mail to register.

February 1 (Update 121.3)

  • Fixed Railgun and Isida.
  • Fixed a bug that caused de-synchronization of game servers

January 31 (Update 121.2)

  • Setting up of the new server platform.

January 30 (Update 121.1)

  • Correction of errors in the new platform.
  • Fixed the ban system on the forum.
  • Fixed bug report system in the payments section.

January 28 (Update 121)

  • Translation of «Tanki Online» to a new server platform.

January 24 (Update 120)

  • Smoothed and reduced the lag effect. Tanks do not chop while driving.
  • Fixed a bug in which auto-target did not work from afar.
  • Fixed the false automatic disconnection of users during battle.
  • Fixed an error in the Isida.
  • Fixed errors in the speed of rotation of the Shaft turret in scope mode.
  • The power indicator Dual Energy in scope mode now appears correctly.

January 16 (Update 119)

  • Further development on the anti-cheat.

January 10 (Update 118)

  • Changes in the payment section.

December 29 (Update 117)

  • Gold Box value at 200 crystals until the morning January 9th, 2013!
  • Body «Hunter M0» free for all. Changing recruit Kit.
  • Mysterious clues on maps.

December 26 (Update 116)

  • Changed the logic of bonus boxes.

December 25 (Update 115)

  • Christmas mood in «Tanki Online»! Paint, billboards, boxes, flags!

December 17 (Update 114)

  • rebalance is introduced...

December 12 (Update 113)

  • Introduced two test maps in new style, Gallery and Crash.

December 7 (Update 112)

  • Improvements in the anti-cheat system.
  • Changing the logic behind the release of bonus boxes in the battle.

November 29 (Update 111)

  • In the payment section added a credit cards payment button.
  • Removed the «Consultants' battle» paint.
  • Reactivated control points mode on the map «Kungur».

November 21 (Update 1.110.0)

  • Added a system for auto-tuning graphic settings for the game.
  • Disabled «The first fight before registration." A tutorial replaced it.

November 8 (Update 1.108.0)

  • Fixed a bug that caused false «kick for inactivity» out of the battle
  • Fixed the link for «Other» in the payment section

October 30 (Update 1.107.0)

  • Hosted «Halloween» at «Tanki Online»

October 24 (Update 1.106.0)

  • Ability to login and register through «VKontakte».
  • Fixed a bug in the email validation system.

October 11 (Update 1.105.0)

  • The «soft particles» are disabled by default.
  • Maps and AtraI AtraII have been combined. The maximum number of players in the Atra increased to 8 in DM mode and up to 4/4 for team battles. The map is also refined in terms of performance and gameplay.
  • Improved the 2042 map. Changes have affected the performance and gameplay. Also in 2042 was added the «control points» mode.

October 4 (Update 1.104.0)

  • Added a new «Dynamic shadows» function!
  • Improved the system of getting bonuses in the game TDM.
  • Changed the texture of guns Freeze, Ricochet and Shaft

September 6 (Update 1.100.0)

  • New game mode «control points."
  • Updated graphics in «Tanki Online».
  • Added the traces of the guns shots for all of the guns.
  • Added animated tank tracks.
  • Added the «soft particles».
  • Added the fog effects.
  • Added option to purchase experience through the experience indicator.
  • Added a chat command #wiki, which creates a link to Wikipedia of «Tanki Online».
  • Updated tips when loading the game.
  • Corrected the description of the «Holiday» paint.
  • Made some changes on the map «Sandal».

August 22 (Update 1.99.4)

  • In the payment section the button Webbilling was added!
  • Fixed the ability to send a chat message containing only spaces.
  • Fixed the function of going to an element of the garage from a banner showing the new things available.

August 16 (Update 1.99.3)

  • Added a paint «Engineer», to the group of testers.
  • Fixed the CTF mode on maps, Massacre, Atra II, Monte Carlo, Industrial Zone, Solikamsk (winter / summer).

August 15 (Update 1.99.2)

  • Fixed the CTF mode on the map Massacre
  • At the request of the clan movement representatives, on the map Tribute the dropping zone of bonuses have been change.

August 11 (Update 1.99.1)

  • CTF mode is temporarily disabled on the map Massacre (summer) and (winter), until all its errors are fixed.

August 9 (Update 1.99.0)

  • Improved the anti-cheat system.
  • The map Dusseldorf was optimized. Now playing on it would be more comfortable.
  • Fixed the Atra II (winter) map. Now tanks are not sucked into the texture.
  • Fixed a bug where map ownership of the conquer the map was not displayed.
  • Fixed errors in the mapping of textures (z-fighting) on the maps: Kungur Summer / Winter, Madness, Opposition (Summer / Winter), Novel (Summer / Winter), Canyon (Summer / Winter), Molotov (Summer / Winter), Esplanade, highways (Summer / Winter), Gravity (Summer / Winter)
  • Fixed a bug with the rotating of the shaft gun. Now, tankmen can see where the shaft is really aiming at.
  • Fixed a bug which caused tanks with Shaft to move jerkily after the targeting mod.

August 2 (Update 1.98.0)

  • New billboards for the «Tankiada» competition.
  • We can now press and hold counters in the garage and in the payment section. The figure will continue to change in the selected direction.
  • Fixed a bug in which during the loading of the game, the banners with tips were not displayed in a particular language version.
  • Fixed a bug where the button «Other» in the payment section had no inscription on low-resolution screens.
  • The situation in the tournament, «Conquer the map» will now be monitored in real time.

July 26 (Update 1.97.0)

  • Fixed the order of things in the garage.
  • Paints sorted in descending order according to protection.
  • Added a «OneCard» button to the payment system in the EN and DE versions.

July 20 (Update 1.96.0)

  • Fixed a visual bug on the map in 2042 winter and summer themes.
  • Banned players, can no longer complain about the offender in the battle.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to send a number of complaints per person.

July 17 (Update 1.95.0)

  • Updated the links to the Xsolla payment system.
  • In the payment section, a new «Beeline» button appeared, which will make prompt payments for subscribers of this particular mobile operator.
  • Added the ability to copy the nickname a player in a battle, by using the left click on the nickname in the statistics table (press TAB).
  • Changed the algorithm for rendering shadows, they are now displayed correctly under the overturned tanks.
  • Fixed a bug where multiply pressing Enter when entering a battle triggered the anti-cheat system.
  • Fixed the command «Self-destruction.»
  • Fixed a visual bug in the winter theme of the map bridges.
  • Fixed an error where the Isida gun was sometimes ineffective against the opponent.
  • Changed the skybox algorithm upload at the entrance to the battle. They do not blink anymore.
  • Fixed auto entrance in the list of battles.

July 5 (Update 1.94.0)

  • Preparations for competitive events.

July 3 (Update 1.93.0)

  • In the game we added optimized shadows under the tanks.
  • Added the ability to complain about a player in battle through a battle command.
  • Removed the Bridges II Map.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes illuminations to display incorrectly.
  • The speed of the camera movement by the keys PgUp and PgDown no longer depends on FPS.

June 26 (Update 1.91.0)

  • In the garage added a product «1000 experience», which allows you to buy gaming experience points.
  • Subscription «score multiplayer pass» will now receive experience points faster by 30% instead of 25%.
  • The rating index was removed from the game formula, it does not affect the experience any more and the resulting growth rate of the fund in the battle.
  • Fixed a form of battle creation.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to go into a battle started on the map Stadium.
  • Removed the logo contest, «Conquer the map».
  • Removed the CTF game mode on the map «Polygon».

June 18 (Update 1.90.0)

  • A player who has created a private battle, now sees it in the list, even if he is not a moderator.
  • Added a mode for CTF, «Garder».
  • Added Modes TDM and CTF on «Polygon».
  • Fixed a mechanism to create private battles.
  • Made modifications to monitoring the battle using the spectator mode.

June 14 (Update 1.89.0)

  • Fixed a bug that did not save the last created map.
  • Fixed a bug that did not display information about the battle, after getting out of it.

June 8 (Update 1.88.0)

  • Holiday Euro 2012.
  • Holiday gold boxes.

June 6 (Update 1.87.0)

  • Paint, billboards and a gold box on the map «Opposition» returned to the everyday kind.
  • Improved the anti-cheat system.

June 4 (Update 1.86.0)

  • Launched a holiday dedicated to the third birthday of «Tanki Online!»

June 1 (Update 1.85.1)

  • Added paint, for the group helpers «consultants».
  • Fixed a bug about that links to the battle did not work.

May 31 (Update 1.85.0)

  • Added and improved the anti-cheat system.
  • Added additional emission locations of Gold Boxes on the maps: Polygon, Sandal, Bridges, Madness, Iran.
  • Added monitoring of the battle (spectator mode for moderators).
  • Fixed errors on maps in 2042.

May 24 (Update 1.84.0)

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the gun to fire Shaft with maximum damage immediately after the spawn tank.
  • Fixed a bug where the forum was not accessible after being unbanned.
  • Set up and added more to the anti-cheat system.
  • Changed link button 'Other' in the payment section.
  • Consultants can no longer be banned for flooding in the chat.
  • On the maps of Silence and Silence II fixes and moved drop zone crystal boxes.

May 23 (Update 1.83.0)

  • Changed the map preview for the 2042 summer and winter themes.

May 18 (Update 1.82.0)

  • Improved the anti-cheat system.
  • Tank shadows added to the game.
  • Added traces of gun shots of the Smoky gun.
  • Added different areas for the falling of the gold box in the following maps:
    • 2042
    • Winter 2042
    • Boombox
    • Boombox winter
    • Garder
    • Winter Garder
    • Sandbox
    • Sandbox winter
    • Silence
    • Winter Silence
    • Silence 2
    • Winter Silence 2
    • Zone
    • Zone winter
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of the slider for selecting the rank-limits when you create a battle.
  • Removed the ability to create DM battles for 0 persons.
  • Worked on the payment section. Fixed internal links and descriptions.

May 3 (Update 1.79.1)

  • Fixed a bug where links to restore and change the password were not working.
  • Improved the anti-cheat system

April 28 (Update 1.79.0)

  • The «Best of May» competition started!
  • Increased rank-limit during battle creation for higher ranks.
  • Refined the anti-cheat system.

April 26 (Update 1.78.0)

  • The logic of the falling of bonus, crystal boxes and gold boxes changed.
  • Fixed a bug in the list of battles, when the selection of a new battle became impossible, as the indicator kept changing back to the previous battle.
  • Fixed a bug that instead of working links to a battle appeared meaning less #.
  • Localized and fixed a memory leak. Now the server will work more reliably.
  • Worked on more anti-cheat system settings.

April 19 (Update 1.77.0)

  • Started a new campaign: «share the confiscated goods!».
  • Added a system that will send important reminders about account security in the chat.
  • Removed reference to «Tanki Online 2.0." from the alert that appears when receiving a Double Crystal.
  • Fixed the short links in the chat.
  • Changed the logic of the rank-limit slider used during battle creation.
  • Changed the rank-limits.

April 12

  • When you create a battle, the rank limit is now tied to the creator’s rank.
  • The victory conditions selected when creating a battle have been change and the maximum time is 300 minutes, 100 flags and 999 kills.
  • Blocked players can now see the reason why they were blocked, when trying to log into the game.

April 4

  • Improved the blocking system of external links in the chat.
  • Released a system that blocks the instantaneous delivery of flags.

March 28

  • In the game, hardware acceleration support was added.

March 7

  • Optimized the operation of the system, which blocks the external links in the chat.
  • A number of guns had correction of drop damage and projectile force of the impact, depending on the distance to the target.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the sight of the Shaft gun could stay on after the release of the lobby.
  • Removed the ability to create an artificial delay before firing a Railgun.
  • Ricochet again damages when shooting close to the target.
  • Work was carried out with the code, which will reduce the number of restarts of game servers during the day.
  • The system now supports server checks that do not allow you to create a battle with any rank restrictions.
  • Amended in the system of damage accuracy, any damage is now calculated more accurately.
  • Added warning message when the Gold Box is being taken.
  • Check box «Remember me» on login form is now enabled by default, and stores the selected state.

January 27

  • The level of protection from the use of third-party software in the game has grown considerably.
  • The newbies reward for «Creating a battle» has been removed from the game.
  • Pressing the «start» button on the site, a new player does not go into the first battle, but to an entrance window, where he will be able to choose between the passage to the first battle, or registration without it.
  • In the game we added the winter version of the maps:
    • 2042 Winter
    • Arena Winter
    • Atra Winter
    • Atra II Winter
    • Camp Winter
    • Canyon Winter
    • Courage Winter
    • Deck-9 Winter
    • Duality Winter
    • Farm Winter
    • Garder Winter
    • Gravity Winter
    • Highland Winter
    • Highland II Winter
    • Highways Winter
    • Industrial zone Winter
    • Massacre Winter
    • Noise Winter
    • Novel Winter
    • Opposition Winter
    • Pass Winter
    • Polygon Winter
    • Silence Winter
    • Silence II Winter
    • Stadium Winter
    • Station Winter
    • Subway Winter
    • Valley Winter
    • Wave Winter
    • Zone Winter

October 17

  • Amendments made to the «Shaft» gun.

September 23

  • The incorrect display of «Shaft» performance in the garage has been fixed. All purchased guns have been removed, and the crystals paid for them refunded.
  • A new map was added -«Labyrinth» .
  • In the list of tips that appear when loading a game, a new recommendation— «Do not talk.»

September 22

  • Shaft gun re-balancing was finished. Previous version of the gun was confiscated from all players who bought it and spent crystals were repaid.
  • In new version of the gun we:
    • simplified control;
    • added possibility to shoot without using scope;
    • added possibility to stay in sniper mode as long as you want with fully charged gun;
    • removed black filling in scope mode;
    • visually enhanced the scope;
    • changed boxes and flags displaying in scope mode, now they become semitransparent to simplify aiming.
    • Four new paints added to the Garage: Irbis, Jade, Lead, Needle
    • added new map Highways from MonkeyMagic.

September 9

  • We have added «Registration» button to first battle interface. Now new player can register, not finishing the first battle. User still can achieve the first rank and get reward for this during the first fight or in any other battle.
  • Password length was limited to 32 symbols.

September 1

  • Payments for crystals using Paypal have resumed.
  • The cost of all payments through SMS are now include VAT.
  • The minimum payment through SMS payment for MTC subscribers has been set at 300 roubles. This change was made by the service provider itself. In the past an error could be experienced when attempting to make a payment less than 300 roubles.
  • The ability to make a one symbol password without an e-mail has been excluded.

August 25

  • The registration form has been improved. It has become smaller, more convenient — nicer.
  • Battle creation has been optimized for newbies, thanks to that fact in such battles there will be more players.
  • In the loading screen «TV grid» has been replaced with the game logo.

August 18

  • We have changed the formula of user rating calculating. Now it doesn’t count crystals bought for real money. The rating of all users will be recalculated in two days.
  • We have simplified the game entering mechanics. Now after clicking the Start

button a newcomer enters the battle without registration. There he can meet tankers of Recruit, Private and Gefreiter rank. Such a player automatically gets the nickname RecruitNNNNN, where NNNNN is unique number.

  • A player is offered to fill the registration form only after

reaching Private rank.

  • If you are not a newcomer, but also found yourself in a battle with newbies and with nickname RecruitNNNNN, then click «I have an account» button in the upper part of the game menu. We have created a basic achievement system, which helps newcomers to learn some basic elements of the game. Now you get crystal prizes for such actions, as registration after the first battle, joining the first battle after registration, first buying in the Garage etc.
  • We have changed loading indications. Now it looks like the charging

mechanism of artillery gun. Also game advices are shown during loading.

  • We have simplified the registration form.
  • The Tab button now is functional in all fields.
  • You need to enter less information to register. Only nickname and

password are required.

  • The Hall of Fame button was removed from the game menu.
  • Every player now can create a no-supply battle without a pass. The

creator also can enter this battle without a pass.

  • We have improved the WebMoney payment option. Now you can choose the

currency and amount of crystals right in the payment section.

  • The Shaft gun became visually shorter.
  • We have created a special paint for moderators.
  • Player notification regarding the Double crystal bonus card was


  • If a player has such a card, he sees an alternative version of the Buy


  • The sum on the Add button in the Garage is adjusted for Double


  • Notification about an active Double Crystal bonus card is shown in

the payment section.

  • The PayPal button is temporary removed from the payment section. We’ll start to

take PayPal payments again soon.

  • Now you can’t skip the nick checking procedure.
  • The respawn was fixed in the blue team on Noise map.
  • The wall bug was fixed on Scope map.
  • The Paints «Champion» (for Clan Tournament winners) and Acid (for TOF

winners) were given protection against the Shaft.

  • Now you can’t shoot from under the bridge right through the slope of

the bridge.

  • We have finished work on the German version of Tanki Online. Get ready to meet German

players soon!

July 19

  • Secret Gold Box event launched.
  • Debug mode turned off

June 29

  • Shaft gun went on sale!
  • Daily gift from now on are given to players from the first rank.
  • We have created payment form for Chronopay payment system.
  • A problem with Sandbox map was fixed. Newbie and veteran alike now can create battle on this map.
  • Battle found sharing was fixed for those cases, when the first and the second winners have the same amount of points.
  • Bug at Esplanade map, resulted in tank sticking, was fixed.

May 26

  • We have added three new paints with turret protection effect to the Garage. They are Inferno, Emerald and Zeus.
  • We have added «re:" command to the chat. If you type «re:" (Without quotes) and space, nickname of the last person who wrote you appears in the text field.
  • Text in the header of payment section was rewritten.
  • EasyPay button was removed from payment section.

May 23

  • Now you can use Q and E keys as well as PgUp/PgDown for camera control.
  • Freeze shooting effect was visually modified.
  • We have added new maps: Atra II and Rift by Flanagun.

April 21

  • Now you can’t take the flag lying under the bridge while you are on the bridge.
  • We have connected Gate2Shop payment system for VISA cards. Now you can make payments all over the world.
  • Maximal amount of players in Massacre map increased from 3 per team in team matches and 6 in Deathmatch to 5 per team and 10 respectively.
  • After temporary outage in-game news alert was turned on again.

April 11

  • New version of «Madness» map in space style and with the gravity close to zero.
  • We have added an in-game alert about fresh news.
  • Minor changes in registration form.

March 31

  • We have fixed problem with Paysafecard payment cards.
  • We have updated Courage map. Walls were put away, platforms became wider.

March 23

  • New registration form.

March 21

  • We have realized sources storage in local SharedObject of Flash Player. It allows us to abandon browser caching system, which is not very reliable. For example, sources could disappear from browser cache because of its limited size. Now sources are downloaded from the server only if they were changed. It can drastically reduce time of game loading.

March 4

  • We have enhanced Anti-cheat system.
  • We have installed special billboards, added Holiday paint to the Garage and replaced flags with the bouquets in CTF mode in honour of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on the 8th of March.
  • We have corrected the Nitro effect for the frozen tank. Now you will be better able to feel this effect.
  • Four new servers are launched.

February 22

  • A problem with the «Add More» button has been fixed.
  • A problem with the preview picture in the message concerning new hull-buying has been fixed.
  • We have added a special holiday paint in honour of Defender of the Fatherland.
  • We have installed holiday billboards.
  • From now on every first-time crystal buyer will receive an additional 100 crystals as a bonus.

February 17

  • We initiated rank limit for forum authorization. Now tankman gathered less than 500 points in the game can not post messages at the forum. However he can freely read others posts.
  • Registration and authorization system in the game was optimized.

February 15

  • We connected new emitter for collecting VISA/MasterCard payments — Uniteller.
  • We changed PayPal aggregator. Now we accept PayPal payments through OnlineDengi.
  • Unique gun Smoky XT became more powerful. Now it makes not 16–36 but 26–46 damage points. Also we increased the power of a blow of Smoky XT’s shell to 2.2.
  • We fixed «Double crystal» bonus card overview. Now it includes the following info: bonus crystals are not taken into account in referral transfers, in transition to Tanki Online 2.0 they will be counted like ordinary crystals but not like bought ones.

February 11

  • We’ve added new item in your daily presents — the «Double Crystal» discount card. This card allows you to get double your money’s worth for crystals.
  • You’ll notice holiday billboards and seasonally themed paint in honour of St. Valentine’s Day.
  • We’ve optimized a bit and have lowered the risk annoying of lags even more.
  • The server restart schedule has been changed. Servers 1–7 will restart at 15:00 (UTC +3) with evacuation to servers 8–12.
  • We’ve redesigned the «Buy» button, giving it a fresh look.
  • The Chronopay payment system has been temporarily turned off. Our aggregator no longer works with Chornopay, but we are in the process of establishing a direct relationship with Chronopay.
  • We’ve eliminated the error in the Izidia shooting effect.
  • We’ve enhanced the droplist in battle creation.
  • We’ve solved the problem that occurred when a players would gain 1,000,000 points during a battle, but would not achieve the Marshall rank until they re-entered the battle.
  • We’ve also solved the problem of when supply icons blinking even after the effect of the supply was over.

February 3

  • One of the errors causing the appearance of so-called «invisibles» has been eliminated
  • All New Year’s decorations including, Christmas trees (which had replaced flags), holiday parachutes, wrapped presents, and holiday-themed billboards have been removed.
  • An error that made it possible to make infinite use of supplies has been eliminated.
  • The shopping cart icon used for entering payment section has been replaced with a «Buy» button.
  • The garage has been optimized through the use of progressive loading. Upon entering the garage only visible items are loaded, allowing for faster entry. All other information will be loaded when players scroll through item lists.
  • We have launched a notification system that notifies players the moment they achieve a new rank. The message is displayed during battle.
  • We have also launched an alert system, informing players about new items available for purchase in the Garage. A message displaying the icons of these items will appear when a players receives a new rank and leaves battle or enters the game. Click on the icon guides to the description of the item in the Garage.

February 1

  • Overloaded database, caused game instability, was modified. Now all player’s achievements are not only saved but also stored through Redis. This solves a lot of issues. Due to this update search logic in the Hall of Fame is temporarily changed. To find user, you should type his full nickname, not part of it.

January 28

  • Problem with missing letter for e-mail (password) change was solved.
  • Problem with inability to enter private battle through the link was solved.
  • Problem with referral links malfunction was solved.
  • Winter versions of Barda, Berlin, Boombox II, Brest II and Island maps are active again.

January 26

  • Battle creation form was modified:
    • droplist became longer;
    • now there is search by first letter in the map’s name;
    • the last chosen map is saved in memory.
  • Tanks, whose sources weren't completely loaded, are marked with grey color in battle statistics (press «Tab» to call it). This helps to solve problem of incomplete sources loading and resists to so-called «invisibles».
  • Error in CTF mode, caused some lags, was eliminated.
  • Error messages are more detailed now. This helps find and solve problems more promptly.
  • Hash for server entering without password during evacuation and hash for permanent server entering without password are differ now. It increases protection level of the game.

January 18

  • Button for bonus administrating in No-Supplies battles was restored. Players, who bought No-Supplies battles pass in the period when the button was absent, got their crystals back.
  • Loader picture was changed.
  • Payments check system now sends letters to users from general tech support e-mail address It means you can contact technical support team to get info about your request just by answering received e-mail.

January 2

  • Protection system from hash pickup was enhanced. Generating algorithm was changed, time between trials to enter by hash was increased. Besides, all tankers entering the game will get new hash automatically.

January 1

  • New maps: «Courage» by Flanagun and «Valley» by 123egor
  • Winter came to maps «Combe», «Island», «Ping-Pong», «Wolfenstein» and «Fort Knox»
  • Payment bug report system was upgraded. Now when player sends payment bug report, system automatically checks if this payment was successful or not. If it was, player receives confirmation letter. If it wasn’t, tech support team automatically gets task and player receives a letter about that. Note: if player made a few identical payments, it is necessary to specify that in payment bug report form.

December 27

  • To enhance the level of protection we added CAPTCHA to the registration form
  • Speed hack protection system was upgraded
  • Anti-cheat system in general was upgraded too
  • Bug-report form for SMS-payments was enhanced
  • Hints for newbies now stay on the screen for several first battles — it makes knowing of Tanki Online much easier

December 21

  • TDM and CTF modes were added to Fort Knox III
  • Map «Old Silence» was added to the game

December 14

  • Warning about long first loading in loader.
  • Old winter props where upgraded.
  • Problem with password recovery was solved.
  • The principle of sport battles creation was enhanced. Now if somebody tries to launch no-supply battle without flag, kill or time limit, «Start» button is blocked.
  • Anti-flood was connected with registration form and nick checking system.
  • Link for password and e-mail changing now works only once — it allows to avoid errors.
  • Problem with «grey screen» was solved partially.
  • Meter of online activity was upgraded so now it shows amount of users in the chat more precisely.
  • Stats for long battles (with fund not less than 200 crystals) now are uploaded to file. It allows to save information about fund of battle. Attention! Could be differences in figures as far as stats are saved every minute but not every second.

October 21

  • Updates on the map «Garder» from Nobius

October 19

  • Updates on the map «Camp» from Figishe

October 18

  • Tank is no longer a barrier for Freeze or Firebird streams.
  • If you were forcibly disconnected from server you can not connect to this server for 5 minutes. But you can connect to any other server immediately.
  • «Phantom» problem is solved. Earlier, if user disconnected during loading he became so called «phantom». He was in the list of battle but he wasn’t in the game.
  • Added alternate camera behaviour which slightly improves view under low ceilings by pitching camera up. To turn on the mode check «Alternate camera behaviour» option in the settings dialog.
  • Now if player gets automatic ban for flood his chat history is cleared.

October 5

  • Solved the problem which led to unfreezing starting simultaneously with freezing. Now unfreezing starts right after it.

October 4

  • Freezes were taken away from your garages, crystals have been returned.
  • Updates of map «Madness».

October 1

  • Increase of freezing speed. Freezes will be returned within 3 days after the release.
  • Updates on the map «Silence» from Figishe

September 29

  • Setting of mip-mapping turn-on(off) function, which will bring down picture quality, but will raise performance and reduce the use of working memory. View the demo with mip-mapping function here (use Space to turn on/off).
  • Eliminated vulnerabilities which led to the following problems: destroyed or invisible tank which could shoot and move.

September 27

  • «Hall of Fame " was transported to a separate server. This improvement solved the problem with uneven achievement changes in hall of fame, raised game servers' performance and speeded servers' restarts greatly, but there will be a delay with rate upgrade (up to 15 minutes).
  • Now the size of activated and gathered first-aid kits is summed up.
  • Eliminated vulnerabilities which led to the following troubles: supplies' re-use; tanks' acceleration.

August 26

  • We have made traffic encryption. Cheat users are detected. They will be fined to 25% of all achievements, crystals on the account and stuff in the garage.
  • Client side of the game was optimized to solve some problems with game performance.
  • New coats (Taiga, Cedar, Clay, Sandstone, Rock, Prodigi).
  • Ricochet was rebalanced. All early bought Ricochets put out from the garages and crystals for them returned.
  • Freeze was rebalanced. Now Freeze damages victim from the beginning and freezes it at the same time.
  • Chat was split in Russian and English versions.
  • New function in the chat: deleting chat history by player’s nickname.
  • The problem with cutting off hanged up players is solved.
  • The mass and dynamics of Hornet M3 was restored.
  • The problem with tanks bounding during collisions was solved.
  • Isida aiming priority was changed. If ally has full health Isida doesn't detect it as an aim.
  • Time checking system for resource loading was added. If resources can not be loaded for certain time the loading will be started from the beginning.
  • Bonus medkit value is changed. Now the medkit found during battle heals 50% of hull HP.
  • Appearance of different Freeze modifications now differs.
  • The problem of displaying previews which don’t correspond to maps was solved.
  • Now the size of explosion depends on the size of tank.

July 30

  • CTF mode for Ping-pong map was added
  • New maps: Opposition from Hans_Rose, Madness from Flanagun
  • Sound of explosion was changed

July 29

  • New coats including coats with resists to different guns (another pack of coats will arrive soon)
  • New principle of medkit functioning
  • Flag indication is back but text now gradually become transparent and disappear
  • New effect and sound of explosion
  • Isida action is corrected (sometimes it didn’t heal or didn’t damage the target)
  • Aiming algorithm is changed, enemy flag bearer has maximal priority
  • Speed of unfreezing with Firebird depends on Firebird' modification
  • Speed of Freezing enemy with Freeze depends on Freeze' modification
  • Ricochet modifications now differ from each other visually
  • Shot effects of different modifications of Freeze and Ricochet differ from each other visually
  • Banned player now see not only the time of ban but also the reason for ban
  • When you change password or e-mail through special form the link for password recovery (hash) is changed too

July 15

  • Time of unfreezing reduced twofold.

July 13

  • These problems were successfully solved:
    • if game loading was interrupted player didn’t get a gift;
    • anti-foul language system reacted to the links of battles with «eb» in the name;
    • critical errors in the battles;
    • clickable battle links containing «?rnd=…" didn’t work;
    • search system cleared valid search results;
    • click to the battle link from the Garage or Hall of Fame opened information about other battle.

July 10

  • We have made server optimization to reduce the amount of lags.

July 8

  • There are two new guns: Freeze and Ricochet.
  • Each hull now has its own weight.
  • Links for the battles in chat channel are clickable now. When you click the link you see the list of battles and information about them.
  • There are new maps: Farm and Noise from Nobius; Massacre and Ping Pong from A_Creature; Atra (idea from JlEHb) and Station from Flanagun.
  • We’ve changed flags indication in battles. Written messages from the center of the screen were taken away. Now all informative symbols are allocated in the bottom right corner.
  • Different modifications of Hornet, Viking and Mammoth have different appearance now.
  • In the Hall of Fame we’ve improved search system based on player’s nickname. Now a few letters from the nick in the search line disappear if there are not any similarities with search request.
  • All links in the chat channel are clickable now but when you are trying to proceed the link which is not marked as trusted you get warning.
  • We have made server optimization to reduce the amount of lags.
  • We have changed terminology. The word «Kill» was replaced by «Destroy», «Died» by «Lost», «Suicided» by «Selfdestructed».
  • The problem of e-mail changing when the e-mail wasn’t specified during registration was solved.
  • Twins charges geometry was experimentally reduced. These charges don’t cling to objects now.
  • E-mails in the chat channel now look like links. Click to the link automatically launches your default e-mail client.
  • We’ve launched bad language checking system for names of battles.
  • Evacuation system was improved. Battles migrate to other server gradually not overloading receiving server with great amount of players at a time.
  • Hornet M1 hull price cut to 1350 crystals.

June 4

  • New gift system. Now you can find one of three different presents in the daily bonus. It can be supplies (1 or 2), crystals or one day no-supplies battles pass. Players get the gifts starting from the third rank only.
  • We took away buttons PayPal (temporarily), LiqPay (temporarily), EasyPay and RBK Money from payment section.
  • We added Prepaid Cards subsection in the payment section. Payments through Wallie, Paysafecard, Rixty and CashU are now supported.
  • Banned player now gets information about the period of his ban right in the chat. Nobody beside him can see this message.
  • From now on the chat is open for players with the private and higher ranks.
  • We have solved the problem with invisible tanks.
  • There are drop points for golden crates in every map now.
  • Different Dictator modifications have different appearances now.
  • Each Isida modification got its own shooting effect color.
  • The problem with e-mail confirmation has been successfully resolved.
  • We launched the second part of the account protection system. If you specified an e-mail in your account you will see the button «Change e-mail and password» instead of standard form for e-mail and password changing. When you click this button you get the e-mail with the link forwarding you to the page with the form for e-mail and password changing. If you didn’t specify an e-mail you can make changes right in the Settings menu without confirmation.
  • Now you can enter no-supplies battle for one-time payment in the amount of 50 crystals.
  • One month no-supplies battles pass price cut. Now it costs 500 crystals only.
  • There are new maps: 2042 by GT-Razer, Island by Figishe, Combe by Figishe, Desert by Figishe, Gravity by M0ONL1ght, Pass by Figishe, Deck-9 by M0ONL1ght, Canyon by M0ONL1ght, Polygon by Figishe and Plato by Figishe.

May 21

  • Now a nick is checked against prohibited words during registration;
  • Public command #feedback added — it is a switch to the system of ideas and suggestions;
  • Hash is changed with password change now;
  • Anti-foul language system doesn’t ban users anymore. It replaces forbidden words to symbols *** now;
  • New system of evacuation implemented: now the battle will switch to another server with all the players in it during restart;
  • Changed one of alternative buttons — (similar to Del), now Ctrl+ is the analog of Del;
  • Candidate moderators can give 5-minute bans now.

May 8

  • Fixed a bug in the 3D engine, which led to a critical error in the battle.

May 1

  • Sound of shot of Thunder is 30% quieter now.
  • Sound of shot of Twins is 20% quieter now.
  • There is no ban for links to battles containing single letter many times (like fffffffffffff).

April 27

  • Mammoth — a new armour available.
  • A limit for players amount on Zone — 12 players.

April 24

  • Hornet — a new armour is available.
  • Different appearance for grades of Titan.

April 23

  • Thunder — a new weapon is available.
  • Viking — a new armour is available.
  • Private battles link problem has been fixed
  • Different appearance for grades of Smoky, Wasp and Isida
  • Different effect of shots for grades of Smoky
  • New priorities for Isida. The highest priority for healing damaged teammate, middle priority for enemy and the lowest priority for «healthy» teammate.
  • Alternative keys for some actions: Del, PgUp ], PgDown [.
  • New chat command available for all players #updates — link to «Patch Notes / Updates».
  • New maps: Промзона/Industrial Zone by GT-Razer, Зона / Zone by M0ONL1ght, Тишина / Silence by Figishe
  • All players will be moved to another server when restart is launched.
  • Duration of banning generated by bot is reduced to day.
  • Minor changes in armours specs (Wasp М2, Hunter М1, Hunter М2, Titan М3, Dictator М1).
  • Minor changes in Smoky M2 specs.
  • Titan М3 costs 900 crystals now.

April 1

  • Second stage of server optimization has been finished. Lags were greatly reduced. Lags are network latencies during which tanks switch positions, bonuses and flags are taken with delay.
  • Purchase or improvement requires confirmation now.
  • Order #levels renamed into #ranks.
  • Added public order #forum — switch to forum.
  • Fixed bugs with password and E-mail change in settings.
  • Now bonus crystals for invited friends can be viewed on «Invitation statistics» button.
  • Fixed bug with crystals receiving for invited friends. They will be accounted today.

March 30

  • First stage of server optimization has been finished. Lags should reduce. Lags are network latencies during which tanks switch positions, bonuses and flags are taken with delay.

March 19

  • Now the distance between a flag carrier and the base is taken into account during crystal calculation for flag return in CTF.
  • Now bug report can be sent by testers only. If you have a problem with payment, fill in the form and send a message from payment section. All other problems and questions are discussed at forum.
  • Now Firebird and Hunter modifications look differently.
  • Now Firebird modifications have different colour of the fire.
  • Coats were rebalanced (Swamp + 2% from Twins (total 15%); Safari + 5% from Smoky; Dragon + 5% from Isida; Roger + 5% from Railgun; Jaguar — 10% from Firebird, но +5% from Railgun and +5% from Isida; Electra +5% from Railgun).
  • Added new map with new props Novel.
  • Maps which used to be available to low ranks are now available for higher ones also: Boombox II, Sandal II and Short Bridge II.
  • New orders appeared (#levels — switch to forum topic «Ranks», #clans — switch to forum thread «Clans»).

March 10

  • Experimentally reduced points for Isida cure. Coefficient was reduced from 2 to 1,5. Experiment will last for a week.

March 5

  • Button «Improve» is placed next to «Set» in the Garage.
  • Every modification of turrets and shells is described now in a special table which is placed in the Garage.
  • Fixed bugs in Firebird and Isida: Firebird had greater damage effect than it had to, Isida had less damage effect than it had to. Now similar modifications of Firebird and Isida have equal damage effect in full charge.
  • Fixed bug when Firebird effect during shoot while moving was displayed incorrectly. There used to be very long flame while moving backwards and very short one — while moving forward.
  • Abolished passes — Double Score. All the players who purchased the pass during making changes on server will get their crystals back.
  • A new pass was added — Score multiplier pass: multiplies all received points by 25%, lifetime — one month.
  • A new pass was added — No-supplies battle: enables you to create and enter no-supplies battles, lifetime — one month.
  • Modifications of Railgun and Twins look differently now.
  • Now the Mine is included in everyday present.

February 10

  • Added new consumable — mine. View details in FAQ.
  • Done effects visualization. View details in FAQ.
  • Changed visualization of consumable blocking time after usage (cooldown).
  • Improved automatic anti-foul language system: now the chat knows 1 300 000 Russian words. If you do not misspell the words, false responses will be rare.
  • Improved registration form — added check-up of nick availability (after you enter the needed nick and are inactive in entry field for two seconds or switching to password entry field, the nick is checked and next to it you see a tick or a red cross).
  • Now you get twice as much points for curing the tanker who carries a flag.
  • Summer is back! All the maps now have pleasant green landscape.
  • Maps Fort Knox and Wolfenstein are back.
  • Added new map Chernobyl from Duke 2.0
  • Lessened lobby loading time due to reduction of loaded maps preview, now they load when needed.
  • Now every modification of Smoky, Firebird, Twins and Railgun has own graphic effect.
  • Now you can use alternative payment system for VISA/MasterCard in payment section.
  • Solved bug when points were not accounted when you kill Isida owner or a patient during cure.

January 22

  • Finally accepted modification of Twins: vertical angle of aiming increased greatly (two degrees up, one down), lowered speed of bullets, finally accepted damage
  • Introduced paid battles with no consumables.
  • Fixed bug when a consumable timer is stopped up after getting bonus.
  • Karma was introduced in Chat: if you misbehaved, the chat remembers it and takes into account when giving automatic ban, but soon forgets about misbehaviour.
  • All newcomers will appear in the battle at once without entering game menu.
  • Now you can invite friends to the game through email.
  • Payment systems Yandex. Dengi and Webmoney were moved to another payment aggregator (2Pay). But you still can pay through the former aggregator (OnlineDengi).
  • Now if you, for some reason, lost connection with the game (being in the battle), you can return without loosing your achievements. Time to return into the battle — 2 minutes.
  • Changed algorithm of anti-foul language system. Within some period of time there can be false responses, since we’re perfecting the system. If you have examples of false responses please send them to
  • Changed algorithm of anti-flood system, now anti-flood follows typing of similar symbols in a row in one message.
  • Flags finally have taken their stand.
  • Fixed bug of mismatch between number of players in the battle list and battle info (9/11).
  • Changed the sound of Twins shooting.

January 16

  • Experimental changes in the Twins gun: the vertical angle for automatic targeting is now increased (3 degrees upwards, 3 downwards), speed of flight of the individual shells is lowered.

January 14

  • Eliminated a vulnerability that allowed to increase the speed in battles (aka speed hack). Now if you somehow speed up the tank, you’ll be automatically kicked from the battle.

January 12

  • Twins is experimentally strengthened for one week. You can discuss the current stats and post your impressions/suggestions here
  • The referral banned display problem is now solved.

December 31

  • It’s the New Year’s eve, and all the guns have gone crazy!

December, 30

  • Fixed an issue with Isida’s healing action. Previously, healing was done in percent and not in HP.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the battle chat. If the combat chat is turned off, messages will not be displayed. However, you may press enter to view all the messages you missed as well as to write one yourself.

December 29

  • Changed aggregator of payment terminals. Now we receive payments through terminals in four countries
  • Redesigned section for crystal purchasing
  • Improved ban system
  • Added new SMS-payment aggregator. Now we receive payments in 67 countries

December 25

  • Fixed bug with automatic naming of battle creation
  • Changed #plans, #faq и #rules considering new forum
  • Improved shadows under buildings on the snow
  • Links to new forum are automatically changed into clickable ones
  • Changed tree-flag design

December 23

  • Winter came to all the maps
  • Flags were temporarily turned into fir-trees
  • Introduced system of automatic change of capital letters into lowercase ones
  • Fixed bug of damaging through walls with the help of Firebird
  • The principle of pause mode has been changed. The pause mode is activated by pressing P or Pause button. If a tank has been destroyed while pause is active, the tank doesn’t spawn until the pause mode is disabled. In the beginning of a new round all tanks are spawned regardless of active pause.
  • In Chat when entering #plans appears conversion into clickable link to the corresponding Forum thread. in Chat #plans is displayed as Задачи и планы разработчиков in Russian localization and Developers’ missions and plans in English one
  • Maps Wolfenstein and Fort Knox were temporarily disconnected to be prepared for winter

December 18

  • In Chat when entering #faq or #rules appears conversion into clickable link to the corresponding Forum thread. In Chat #faq is displayed as FAQ for Russian and English localization, and #rules is displayed as Правила in Russian localization and Rules in the English one
  • In Chat the links to the forum are clickable
  • Own tank doesn’t have now nick and rank indication next to health/charge indication stripes
  • Fixed bug of single-use items use of a tank in inactive (translucent) mode
  • Fixed bug of First Aid single use when having full health
  • Added new maps: Cross from eras, Skylark from DJ_Efreitor, Wolfenstein from GrUm, Fort Knox from GrUm, Bobruisk from DJ_Efreitor.
  • Improved checking of items use frequency

December 11

  • Now in battles with bigger funds a golden box with 100 crystals instead of 1000 crystals appears
  • Hall of fame is functioning again
  • Improved system of automatic monitoring of foul language in chat
  • Network acceleration, now the servers can be used by larger number of tankers
  • Changed Nitro icon in the battle

December 3

  • Added three maps: Serpuhov from DukePlatinum, Siege from Stefman, Short Bridge from eras
  • The pause was added to the game, now during respown you don’t leave transparent mode until you start being active. The pause is limited by autokick for inactivity (5 minutes)
  • Plasma spheres were visually reduced
  • The colour of the sky is now blue-grey
  • Now a golden box with 1000 crystals can appear in battles with bigger funds

November 12

  • Changed design of Nitro item
  • Increased screenshot size when sending bugs through bugtracker, now full-screen screenshot is sent
  • Fixed bug with missing of upper menu after sending bug through bug tracker

November 3

  • Corrected damage dispersal range of all the weapons

October 27

  • Adopted improved 3D engine. Your FPS will become higher
  • Fixed bug when the player could enter CTF battle with complete team

October 16

  • Adopted Russian localization
  • Now in the Garage you can purchase «DoubleScore» which will double your points. Lifetime — 6 or 72 hours from the moment of purchasing
  • Alterations in CTF mode: for returning the flag you’ll be granted with extra points, for flag-carrier destruction your score will be doubled
  • Improved antiflood system
  • Fear Machine renamed to Railgun
  • Changed payment aggregator for VISA/MasterCard. Now we take payments from all over the world
  • Present delivery is done when the date changes but not from the moment of entering the game
  • Started voting for RuNet award, we invite you to support our project, voting link is available in the info window of present delivery
  • Added new map Lost Temple from GrUm
  • Added new map Dusseldorf from Avocado
  • Added new map Duel from Stefman
  • Added new map Magistral from DukePlatinum

October 14

  • Isida damage returned to previous position, self-healing switched off

October 10

  • Isida damage and self-healing lowered to 20%

October 9

  • Now payment through Web Money allows entering five-place number of crystals
  • Any method of payment allows using your nick
  • Double Damage renamed to Double Power because of the new gun Isida. Now it doesn’t matter what gun you use — Double Power will reinforce any gun.

October 8

  • Now players receive presents (several single-use items) every day
  • Fixed bug with suction boxes on Monte Carlo
  • Changed function of payment through SMS. Now the message should contain the text «BTL+nick»

October 5

  • Added new map Osa from DukePlatinum

October 2

  • Decreased recoil force while shooting with Twins and Fear Machine, to compensate the new aiming system
  • Decreased wealth weight in rate formula, possible shifts in Hall of Fame
  • Isida now can use self-healing if you shoot free

October 1

  • According to the results of the contest, added new colour which gives protection from various guns
  • Added map Sandal (for beginners)
  • Changed map Monte Carlo (earlier Deathtrack with red background)
  • Added map Deathtrack (totally new)

September 28

  • Added new weapon. Code name — Isida, cures friends and exhausts enemies (at the same time restores own tank).
  • Rewrote server part, now there shouldn’t be any lags and the server should sustain about 2000 players (buzzes possible — fixing in process)
  • Changed physics of barriers (breaks in walls can be shot through)
  • Added opportunity to throw away flag with the help of «F» key. The flag is thrown to where the tank is situated. Besides within 5 minutes the tank cannot pick up the flag again
  • Changed camera actions. Excluded camera falling into the tank, saved acceptable view in case of close barriers
  • Changed maximum number of players (20) on map Berlin
  • Changed Railgun aiming system — hits through dead tanks if the shot is profitable
  • Corrected Fear Machine design
  • Changed points of flag fastening to weapons
  • Added new backgrounds to maps
  • Fixed passage from the back of bridges
  • Added CTF mode on the map Red Alert
  • Fixed bug with mode buttons in creating the battle
  • Fixed bug with respawn on map Brest
  • Fixed bug in private battle auto-choice

September 8

  • Added possibility to create private battles
  • Added possibility to buy any number of items pressing «Buy» button
  • Added flag indicators on bases in CTF mode
  • Added map Boombox
  • Added map from DukePlatinum: Berlin
  • Lessened memory use on the client
  • Fixed different bugs on the client
  • Various alterations on maps

September 2

  • Experimentally added possibility of payment through Paypal
  • Map Ergach renamed to Kolhoz
  • Altered bug of messages highlight in chat
  • Corrected texture inequality in modders' maps, updated picture of map Brest

September 1

  • Added map from DukePlatinum: Solikamsk
  • Added map from ZeRUS: Ergach (will be renamed to Kolhoz)
  • CTF mode is available for all maps
  • Changed format of messages about flags (user’s name is indicated) in CTF
  • Altered repeated activation of single-use items
  • Altered bug leading to spontaneous shot after respawn
  • Altered incorrect blinking of limited score indicator in the battle
  • Altered incorrect function of «Inverse turn controls» flag
  • Various alterations on maps