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Twins guide

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A guide to Twins


Twins really is one of the very unique guns in Tanki Online. This will tell you a few things about it, a few tips, and overall guidelines for using this dangerous weapon.


Actually, Twins was one of the first guns to be released. It was also a topic for debate before the rebalance. At first, several tankers noticed that the knock back for twins initially was much too high, and in the end Tanki dropped the knock back. However, it still remained a cheap and effective gun, M3 only being 500 crystals (that was before the currency rate was multiplied tenfold, during the rebalance). Several tankers wanted it de-powered again, but this failed and it stayed as it was. After the rebalance, it became one of the more effective weapons, for several reasons. First of all, it now had more power compared to what it had before the rebalance, when either Railgun or the tier 2 weapons outclassed it in respect to statistics. It now had enough power to compete. However, it had infinite ammo, and didn't slow down. This unique characteristic made it one of the first choices for hard-core supply users, and it effectively replaced Rico as the "Drugger's Choice" weapon. However, several protective paints are specifically used to significantly decrease Twins' effectiveness. We will go over those later.



Game play


Game play with this gun is really fast-paced, but it is very fun if you know how to use this fast-shooting, double-barrelled plasma shooter. Most of the time, this gun is used in supplies games, and that is where it can really do some damage. However, it still is deadly in NS battles, and can be the turning point of the game. Due to its unique abilities, it can be both defense, offense and mid field. However, the area that the mid fielder sometimes has to guard is to large and sometimes Twins' range will not be able to play this position.

How to protect yourself from it


This gun is very powerful, and it is highly recommended to equip strong paints to protect yourself from it, especially if you are killed by them often, or seem to meet them many times in battle. Here is a guide to protecting yourself from this weapon, with suggested rank for its use included.

  • Swamp: Private - Warrant Officer 5
  • Roger: Warrant Officer 5 - Colonel
  • Urban: Colonel - Field Marshal
  • Rock: Field Marshal - Generalissimo

These are only the highest protection for their rank. There are several paints that also could pass, and work well like Emerald or perhaps Taiga. However, if you want massive protection from this very pesky gun, these paints would be the best choice. Most of them, as well, are top-class twins protection for several ranks, and you won't need to worry about getting new paints every five ranks or so. If you have the crystals, and want huge protection against this one gun, those paints above are the way to go. However, in selecting a paint, you might also want to consider including protections from other guns besides just Twins. Though it is dangerous, there are a lot of other guns out there! However, don't get protection against more than three guns. Usually, it spreads the protection out too much. which can lower the effectiveness of the paint. (Please note one exception, Picasso)

How to use it


Though it may be tempting, plunging into the fight is not exactly the best way to use this gun. Admittedly, it does have two barrels, but you always have to remember, when you have one barrel hitting one tank, and the other barrel another tank, your damage is cut in half instantly. This is exactly what we don't want to happen right? So, it is best to use all your damage on one tank, even though your two barrels may make it look like it can handle two enemies, or more. Deal with each enemy one-on-one, and you will be much better off. Another common mistake Twins' users make is the mistake of thinking that Twins can only be equipped with a big tank, and that equipping it with Hunter or Hornet is not good. This is a big error. Though maybe equipping it with Wasp is going a bit overboard (due to the knock back), Wasp and Hunter certainly aren't that unstable, and can be very dangerous to the enemies' defense if equipped. It can also help to back out of range of enemy Isidas, Firebirds, and Freezes, using Twins' knock back to push them away from you. Another thing to remember - four is better than two, and when you get a companion, you are nearly unstoppable.


As this is the only gun in Tanki that has two barrels, this is also one of the most unique ones. I hope you have learned a little of the basics about Twins, and I hope also that you will be able to use this information to grab more crystals than ever.

For more information, check out the Pro's advice on Twins in the Tanki Online V-Log here