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Weapons play a very important role in Tanki Online. The type of gun you choose will strongly affect your style of playing, whether it is aggressive lightning-fast attacks or firing from protected positions.

In addition, the weapon you like can be upgraded. All guns have four modifications, from the weakest to the strongest (from M0 to M3). Accordingly, the price of the junior modification isn't high. You can already try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large amount of crystals. But it's impossible to get everything you want at once. Particular guns and modifications can be purchased only with a certain rank.

It’s important to know that some guns in the game have a maximum range. On distances greater than this range these guns may do no damage at all. If it says that “up to 50m – 100%, after 100m – 20%”, then the gun’s damage will linearly decrease from 100% to 20% between 50 to 100 meters. For example, the gun will do 60% of damage at 75 meters.

Now let’s look at guns in more detail.



Turret smoky m0.png

Medium-caliber tank gun which is generally used in light and training tanks. The key to its popularity is low price and ease of maintenance. Put it on a light hull and use wearing-out strategy against heavy clumsy tanks of your opponents. Several upgrades can significantly increase the damage dealt by this little baby. Remember that Smoky’s effectiveness decreases with distance.
Players’ opinion
border=0High accuracy and rate of fire. Ability to knock off enemy’s aim. High critical damage will help to cope with any opponent.
border=0Damage decreases with distance. To improve the effectiveness, each shot must hit the target. Critical hit chance can’t be controlled.


Turret firebird m0 2.png

When battles take place in close quarters, there is no better weapon than a firebird. This is a weapon of mass annihilation which can and will melt down any tank and its crew in no time. It is highly effective in confined spaces against slow moving tanks. Firebird is relatively slow when it comes to recharging but you can also shoot with a partially recharged gun.
Player's opinion
border=0Good damage. High speed of turret’s rotation. Does maximum damage even through other tanks. Enemy gets damage for some time after attack.
border=0Very short range. Takes time to recharge.


Turret twins m0.png

This rapid-firing two-barreled plasma gun will melt enemy in seconds. Taking into account the fact that by hitting other tanks with Twins you knock off their aim, the weapon is ideal when it comes to dynamic firefight at medium distances.
Players' opinion
border=0Good damage. High speed of turret’s rotation. Strong physical effect of fire.
border=0Limited range. Inability to use cover when attacking.


Turret railgun m0.png

If mid-caliber guns are not enough for your self-expression, this weapon is right for you. Large-caliber gun with huge muzzle speed and shells using depleted uranium. Extremely powerful and accurate kinetic projectile can go right through the enemy’s tank or hit several targets standing on the line of fire with a single shot. An ideal choice for long-range trench warfare and sniping. Remember that it takes a lot of time to recharge the gun and make sure your opponents will not take advantage of it.
Players' opinion
border=0High damage of every shot. Ability to deal damage through enemy tanks. Knocks off enemy’s aim. Unlimited range.
border=0Very low rate of fire. High recoil that can knock over light hulls. Delay before the shot.


Turret isida m0.png

The idea of this unique weapon arose in the times of the cold war but was brought to life only with the development of quantum physics and nanotechnologies. The heart of this wonder-machine is generator of nanorobots able to reproduce or destroy the structure of any non-biologocal material. The weapon is equipped with impulse emitter which allows transporting nanomass in the magnetic channel at a distance of about twenty meters. Molecular material, derived when nanorobots are functioning in the mode of target destruction, is used to fix shooter’s own chassis. Thus, Isida deals damage to enemies and heals allies, which makes it invaluable in team battles.
Players' opinion
border=0Repairs itself through damage dealt to enemies. A lot of experience points is given when repairing allies.
border=0Very short range. The need to recharge the gun.


Turret thunder m0.png

This second generation middle-caliber gun is the best choice for dynamic battle. Splash damage (make sure you don’t hit yourself!) allows you to attack a group of enemy vehicles. Quick recharge will give you a distinct advantage over heavy tanks of enemy. Equipped with light armor Thunder is one of the most dangerous weapons on the battlefield.
Players' opinion
border=0Ability to deal damage to several enemies simultaneously or attack tanks you can’t see.
border=0Damage considerably decreases with distance. Shockwave can damage shooter’s tank.


Turret freeze m0.png

The idea of Freeze weapon system was born in a desolate Russian village. Using an old broken refrigerator "Sever" and a vacuum cleaner "Buran" local inventor made the "freeze thrower". A professional engineer who had been fishing near the village noticed this invention and brought it to the Zhukov Research Institute. There the clumsy "freeze thrower" became the formidable Freeze gun. It showers enemy with the chemical composition based on freon. Victims take damage and all their movements and processes become slower. Though a flow of fire can unfreeze the target.
Players' opinion
border=0Slows enemies down. High damage. Does maximum damage even through other tanks.
border=0Very short range. The need to recharge the gun.


Turret ricochet m0.png

Ricochet plasma gun is a new secret project of Siberian scientists. To produce this gun team of 22 high-class professionals have been working in the underground bunker more than three years without permission to exit on the surface. And they have created a unique weapon. It throws plasma charges cloaked with clever minus-field. When such charge hits the tank it explodes but it bounces of any other surface. So with Ricochet you can heat targets out of your visibility range. But be careful! Do not stand in the way of a released charge, as you can do damage to yourself.
Players' opinion
border=0Good damage. Strong physical effect of fire. Ability to attack tanks out of your visibility range.
border=0Limited effective fire range. The need to recharge the gun. Risk of self-damage. Setting charges in right direction requires skill.


Turret shaft m0 2.png

The Shaft gun was designed by scientists who gave its enormous possibilities. It can make coffee, deliver pizzas, pay bills, but its main feature is the sniper mode, which allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Get a unique opportunity to fight at long and short distances, as you can fire from Shaft without using its sniper scope.
Players' opinion
border=0The highest damage per shot. Ability to shoot with a charge of desired power. Ability to deal damage through enemy tanks.
border=0The slowest speed of turret’s rotation. Inability to move, poor visibility and unstable sight while in sniping mode. Low damage while moving.