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Titan guide

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{{see also|Guides for Turrets and Hulls}}
{{see also|Guides for Turrets and Hulls}}<br />

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Hull titan m3.png


border=0Has a strong armor, thanks to which it is hard to destroy it.
border=0Has a large mass and power and can easily push other tanks.
border=0Due to its high stability, it’s extremely hard to knock Titan off target and make it miss.


border=0The lack of speed does not allow Titan to go far and hide quickly in case of danger.
border=0Being short and the bad recoil effect make it difficult to hit targets that are located higher.

Preferred equipment

Titan is ideal for defending a flag, camping in one spot or dominating very small maps (Island, Ping Pong, etc.) so the turrets that perfectly match up with it are Smoky, Thunder, Shaft, Vulcan and sometimes Twins and Ricochet.

Preferred maps and game modes

Since leaving the respawn zone is hard for Titan, the size of the map does not matter. In DM and TDM modes Titan can easily shoot from the respawn point, in CP and CTF it can stand right on the point/flag, and let someone try to push him away!

Interesting moments and history

- Titan has been in the game from the day of its creation and previously was a heavy tank of a low level.
- According to polls, now Titan is the least popular hull in the game.
- Destroyed Titans, as an element of architecture, can be found on some maps.