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The Tanki Online Cybersport Channel - What is it?

Imagine you want to watch your favourite clan fight it out against one of the top clans in the English community. Chances are you're not actually able to join the battle yourself, and almost certainly you don’t possess spectator mode to view the action from your own perspective. Well then, how are such important battle such as clan wars broadcast so that thousands of viewers can watch them, right at the moment the action happens? The Tanki Online Cybersport Channel, of course.

To fully understand the meaning of the Cybersport Channel, we must first look at the word cybersport. What’s that? What does it mean? Cybersport is definitely not just a term related to Tanki. Cybersport is a general term to encompass the play of online games or video games, such as Tanki, competitively (and more often than not, prizes are involved!). Such “E-Sports” or electronic sports are watched by millions upon millions of viewers across the world covering thousands of different games. How is this done? Through something similar to what we use to broadcast Tanki - a Cybersport Channel. In fact, you can find a link to the Tanki Online Cybersport Channel on the Tanki homepage, or you can follow this link.

For you computer buffs out there, to stream live events, or livestream something, Tanki commentators use a neat piece of software called Livestream for Producers that enables us to broadcast anything we want to the world at its viewing pleasure. The program captures the screen of the computer, or can even be set up to a camera if you’re into that style of communication. Then it connects with the cybersport channel the administration has set up, and with a minimal delay you can soon watch whatever you want.

On the channel, there’s also this nifty feature that lets you follow all the action you missed while you were away, and conveniently sends it to your email. Also if you register an account, you are enabled to comment on the stream live. The cybersport DJs can see these comments as they are sent and can then answer questions, fix problems, or even take suggestions and requests based on what you as a viewer want to see. As the customer’s always right, so is the viewer.

On the main channel, there are multiple “sub-channels” that categorize each kind of stream, show or broadcast the Tanki DJs create. Note that not all of these channels have to do with cybersport - some have almost nothing to do with Tanki! However, that factor makes the quality of these shows no less, as the content put on these channels are just as entertaining, fun and appealing to watch. Channels such as Wolf battles, Clan Championships, and tournament related things like the current Plasma Fights tourney, all include battles streamed and within the minute of the action are brought live to your monitors. Then there are channels like contests, radio and music shows that are more casually geared, and often times include crystal prizes that the viewers can win. So don’t miss out!

You might be thinking to yourself, All these channels and this streaming must be a lot of work. Who has the time to do all of this? I’m glad you asked. The channel is run and monitored almost all the time by a specialized group of Tanki staff called Tanki DJ’s. DJ technically stands for disk jockey, someone who plays music, although that does not fully match up with the description of what we do. A more appropriate term that would fit is Tanki cybersport commentator, but you can just call us DJs - we prefer it!

The DJs operate under a code and set of regulations. There is a chain of command and work gets done efficiently and properly, but not to say we don’t have a bit of fun here and there! Also, cybersport has a set of agents that help the DJs with their overall duties, which may include advertising streams, collecting data and various winners of contests, results and statistics, and even researching information to provide content during streams. The agent team works hard and really helps keep cybersport going.

To recap, the Tanki Online Cybersport Channel is not only a place to watch streams - it’s a place to gather news, share information, make new friends and above all, have fun. It is run and kept for the good of Tanki and its loyal fans! I hope from this you learned some new information on the channel, and I can’t wait to see you at our next show!