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*[[Friends system|Friends System]]
*[[Friends system|Friends System]]
*[[Ratings_and_Statistics|Ratings and Statistics]] & [[Achievements]]
*[[Ratings_and_Statistics|Ratings and Statistics]] & [[Achievements]]
*[[Gear Score]]

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Tanki Online is the first flash-based online 3D action game. It has received a number of prestigious awards, including Site of the Day at Favourite Website Awards, Best Game without a publisher and Best technology at KRI 2009, Best technology at Russian Flash Awards 2009 and Best game of Russian Internet at the Runet Prize in 2013 and 2014.

Hundreds of thousands of players all over the world have already joined Tanki Online. To do the same, just go to and start playing! For those of you who are on Android smartphones or tablets, you can download a mobile version of the game from the Google Play store.

On the pages of this wiki-encyclopedia you will find a lot of useful information about the game, discover lots of interesting facts and get advice from experienced players. The contents of the encyclopedia are constantly updated and improved by our experienced editors. The Wiki-encyclopedia is created for information purposes and reviewing current game events only. It is not used for commercial purposes or advertising.

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