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Tank controls

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Tank Controls

Tank can be controlled with the arrow or WASD keys, press “Spacebar” to shoot, press “Z” and “X” to rotate the turret.

File:Tank controls.jpg

For more information:

1–5 - Use supplies (First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine). Effect of a supply lasts for about 1 minute.
F - Drop the flag. (Available in Capture the Flag mode only).
+ и - Increase, decrease the game screen. Smaller screen provides higher FPS rates.
Tab - Shows the scoreboard of current battle. The scoreboard displays the names and scores of the players participating in the battle.
Left-click on a player in the scoreboard to copy his/her nickname to clipboard (useful when you use /vote player’s nickname command to complain).
Arrows or WASD keys - Tank movement keys (you can also use arrow keys on the numeric pad when the NumLock is off).
Z and X or < and > - Turret rotation.
C or ? - Centre the turret.
Spacebar - Shoot.
Del or Ctrl+\ - Self-destruction. It takes time to self-destruct.
Q and E or PageUp and PageDown or [ and ] - Change camera position.
Enter - Type a message in the chat, press Enter again to send the message.
Ctrl+Enter or Т - Team chat.
P or Pause - Pause.

Please note, that pressing multiple keys simultaneously may cause errors on some PCs, especially when the arrow keys are used for movement. It may mean the tank is unable to shoot while moving, or rotate the turret while shooting. We don’t yet have an option to customize controls, but you can use the WASD keys as alternative controls.