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You're driving. You're shooting. And then, in the blink of an eye, you're a brick. You've been Stunned.Icon Stun.png In this article, you can learn all there is to know about this stunningly powerful effect.

Icon overdrive electromagnetic pulse.pngSmoky Paralyzing Rounds.pngAugment Stun Rounds Railgun.pngStun Immunity.pngIcon overdrive BFG.png


Stun is a Status Effect applied by certain specialized pieces of equipment. When a tank is stunned, four things always happen:

  • Hull can no longer drive or turn
  • Turret can no longer turn, shoot, charge up, or reload
  • The stunned tank will drop the flag or ball
  • Supplies and overdrive cannot be activated
    • Stunned tanks will see red indicators blocking activation: No RepairKit.pngNo DoubleArmor.pngNo DoubleDamage.pngNo SpeedBoost.pngNo Mine.png

In addition, depending on the type of stun, the additional effects may occur:

  • If the stun comes from Hunter's overdrive, already-activated overdrive objects (Titan's dome generator, Wasp's bomb, or Ares's energy ball) will be destroyed.

Some important things to note:

  • Already-active supplies stay in effect, and drop boxes (including Gold Boxes can still be taken if the tank happens to be stunned where they fall.
  • Tanks retain their momentum, so fast-moving tanks (especially hovering ones) may still slide after a stun
  • Tanks near control points (CP, SGE) will continue to capture them.
  • Overdrives about to fire are interrupted (Hunter, Crusader, and Ares have a warm-up period; getting stunned during this warmup prevents the activation)
  • Stunned tanks will have this symbol above them: Icon Stun.png If you are stunned, or were the one that did the stunning, you will also see the text Stunned briefly appear above the affected tanks.


  • Juggernaut.pngThe Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
  • Icon overdrive at field.pngMammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
  • Icon Immunity.png Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

Stuns also do not affect tanks wearing the Stun Immunity hull augment, which can be purchased for 4990MiniTankoin.png (or less, during a sale), or obtained from a Container or Ultra Container, with Epic rarity level.

Name Description Effects
Stun Immunity
Stun Immunity.png
4 990 MiniTankoin.png
Makes your tank immune to stun effects, preventing your enemies from immobilizing you. While stuns are rare, protection from them could be decisive at a crucial moment. Player does not lose control of the tank Plus.png
Player does not drop the flag or ball Plus.png
Ability to still activate own overdrive Plus.png

If you attempt Stun an immune tank, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above them.

What can Stun a Tank?

Left Hunter's Overdrive
A long-time favorite of those who love to throw a wrench in their enemy's plans.

  • In addition to inflicting an EMP on nearby opponents, Hunter's overdrive stuns all enemies within 25 meters for 3 seconds.
  • The Stun takes effect immediately upon zapping, which occurs after the 1.1-second overdrive warmup.
  • Affected tanks will drop the ball (RGB) or flag (CTF, ASL)

Left Hopper's Overdrive
Perfect for a quick getaway, this overdrive is frequently used to sail over helpless enemies.

  • In addition to setting nearby tanks on Fire, Hopper's Detonation Jump stuns all enemies within 20 meters for 3 seconds
  • The Stun takes effect instantly.
  • Affected tanks will drop the ball (RGB) or flag (CTF, ASL)

Left Wasps's Overdrive
This small hull's stinger is a devastating N2 bomb.

  • In addition to a brief EMP and a long Burn, Wasp's bomb stuns all enemies that survive its blast for 1 second.

Additionally, there are currently 2 turret augments that can stun tanks, which can be obtained in Ultra Containers at the Legendary or Exotic Rarity.

Name Description Effects
Paralyzing Rounds

Smoky Paralyzing Rounds.png
Replacement for the standard cumulative shots with paralyzing rounds. Critical hits will deal decreased damage but will immobilize the target. Stun duration: 3s Plus.png
Critical damage: -50% Minus.png
Critical chance: -50% Minus.png
Stun Rounds

Augment Stun Rounds Railgun.png
An improved process of concentrating energy before firing allows critical hits to stun targets shots for a short time when they are hit. Lets you confuse opponents and assist in the defence of your base. Takes more time to heat up the barrel before shooting. Stun Duration on critical: 5s Plus.png
Critical Damage: -33% Minus.png
Shot warmup time: +20% Minus.png