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{{see also|Turrets|Hulls}}{{RandomText}}
{{see also|Turrets|Hulls}}{{RandomText}}
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*Once bought, a skin will remain in your Garage forever.
*Once bought, a skin will remain in your Garage forever.
*[[Alterations]] can be equipped with skins, also again, provided that you have alterations for the normal hull or turret.
*[[Alterations]] can be equipped with skins, also again, provided that you have alterations for the normal hull or turret.
== Skin Icons ==
== Skin Icons ==

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Skins are elite items that have a unique appearance. They are an optional appearance for your equipment. You will be able to equip them on appropriate turrets and hulls at any Rank, no matter the modification (M0-M3). However, it is important to note that they only differ from their original counterparts by looks, and not by any extra, higher or better statistical values. For example, there is no difference between a Thunder M3 and a Thunder XT M3 except for the new additions onto the turret. The same goes for hulls, such as Hornet M3 and Hornet XT M3.

It is important to consider that you can get these versions of turrets and hull from a total of three ways:

  • Getting them as a reward by opening containers,
  • Buying them in the Shop, and
  • Winning them in promotions and contests held by the developers.

Here are some important facts regarding skins:

  • Once bought, a skin will remain in your Garage forever.
  • Alterations can be equipped with skins, also again, provided that you have alterations for the normal hull or turret.

Skin Icons

Icon XT skin.png - XT Skin
Icon Legacy skin.png - Legacy Skin
Icon DC skin.png - Demonic Skin

List of Skins

The following table shows which turrets / hulls have skins available for them:

List of Skins
Turret XT LC DC
Firebird.png Firebird
Freeze.png Freeze
Isida.png Isida
Hammer.png Hammer
Twins.png Twins
Ricochet.png Ricochet
Smoky.png Smoky
Striker.png Striker
Vulcan.png Vulcan
Thunder.png Thunder
Railgun.png Railgun
Magnum.png Magnum
Shaft.png Shaft
Wasp icon small.png Wasp
Hornet icon small.png Hornet
Viking icon small.png Viking
Hunter icon small.png Hunter
Dictator icon small.png Dictator
Titan icon small.png Titan
Mammoth icon small.png Mammoth
Skins for all the turrets and hulls in the game have not yet been added. Developers plan to add more for all turrets and hulls in the future.

Below is a list of all the skins available for turrets and hulls, their descriptions, and appearances.


Firebird XT
Firebird XT.png

The unique Firebird XT is embellished with a unique ornament, styled after the head of a fire-breathing dragon with burning eyes.

Firebird Demonic
Firebird DC.png

Have you been looking for a way to unleash your inner demon for a long time? Here it is. Which demon will it be today — a cunning imp, an evil witch or a mysterious vampire?


Freeze XT

Unique Freeze XT is designed to look like the head of a mammoth. Sturdy silver tusks will help you as a weapon against the enemies, but also create a great protection.


Isida XT

This elegant Isida XT is styled to look like the head of a raven. It is worn with pride exclusively by the most dedicated field medics — those who are always in the line of fire to help those in need.


Hammer XT
Hammer XT.png

Fearsome Hammer XT's look is inspired by the rhino's head. With this skin, nobody can withstand your impact in a fight. Target the enemy and crush it with your powerful strike.


Twins XT
Twins XT.png

Twins XT is covered in the dinosaur hide preserved in the excellent condition among the caves of South Africa. Also infused with lava from the Indonesian volcanos, this skin turns plasma shots into a truly melting firepower!


Ricochet XT

Ricochet XT is made to look like a crocodile maw, with sharp and long teeth that will make your enemies double guess their decision to approach you in future battles.


Smoky XT
Smoky XT.png

Creator of XT-skin for Smoky spent several years among the tropical forests of South America, learning anacondas. After returning home, he wanted to recreate the image of the giant snake in a tank turret -- and that's how it's made.


Vulcan XT
Vulcan XT.png

A unique version of Vulcan, different from its standard counterpart thanks to its truly special looks. The turret is covered with golden armor plating resembling snake skin. These aggressive looks are finished with two extremely rare rubies that look like the eyes of an ancient beast.


Thunder XT
Thunder XT.png

The exclusive Thunder XT will give you the feeling of slipping into the skin of a seasoned northern predator.

Thunder Legacy
Thunder Legacy.png

Legacy-skin for Thunder will help you return to the old atmosphere of Tanki, and if you're a veteran players -- remember your best times going into the first battle.


Railgun XT
Railgun XT M3.png

The unique Railgun XT is notable because of its side pattern styled after an eagle's head, with a very distinctive predatory beak.

Railgun Legacy
Railgun Legacy.png

One of the most beloved turrets in the game gets a cool retro look with its very own Legacy skin. A throwback to what this deadly turret looked like before the rebalance.


Magnum XT

The owner of Magnum XT is easily recognized on the battlefield thanks to the menacing look of the turret. Experienced artillery users claim that this exclusive skin helps hit targets even on the largest battlefields.


Shaft XT

Golden lion with a silver mane, shaped into the form of Shaft XT, will become your trusted battle friend and will help protect the pride of fellow lions from the enemies.


Wasp XT
Wasp XT.png

The elite Wasp XT is special due to its unique side ornament, resembling the wings of an ancient dragon.


Hornet XT
Hornet XT M3.png

The elite Hornet XT is unique in terms of its looks. Its staggering armor plates resemble the wings of a bird of prey, stressing the hulls dynamic and elegant looks.


Viking XT
Viking XT.png

The exclusive Viking XT is memorable thanks to its exterior, featuring a distinct armor pattern that conveys northern strength and stability.

Viking Legacy
Viking Legacy.png

Get ready to gather surprised stares on the battlefield! All players will think they saw a ghost from the past, as you roll by with a Viking hull from the old game graphics.


Hunter XT

The side panels of the Hunter XT are a stylized representation of the feathers on a bird of prey as it dives with sharp talons to make the kill. This skin embodies its owner's predatory skills.


Dictator XT

Equip the elite Dictator XT and you will easily lead the charge for your team, cover your allies, and nothing will hide from your keen sight. The shine of golden wings on the sides of the hull can be seen from a mile away!


Titan XT
Titan XT.png

Mythical XT-skin for Titan that personifies tenacity and the unbreakable will of the hull. This skin also grants its owner a truly titanic strength. Enemies, you better watch out!


Mammoth XT
Mammoth XT.png

This elite Mammoth XT is special due to its unique texture. The hull is covered with additional golden plating that symbolizes the stability and unprecedented protection of this extremely heavy tank.

History of Skins

History of Skins

The Original Smoky XT

Smoky XT

On February 12, 2011, there was another special event, themed at celebrating the 1 500 000th player to register in the game. For Valentine's Day, a special new turret called «Smoky XT» came out. It was more expensive and more powerful than the regular «Smoky» turret. For a week, every player ranked Warrant Officer 1 or higher could buy this turret, and use it until February 22. On the next day, the damage from «Smoky XT» was increased and two more days were added to the event. This caused a huge rift between players (as there weren't any events like this before). In the game and on the forums, «Smoky XT» became the most popular topic of discussion. On February 24, 2011, at 8:00 AM Moscow time, the turret was removed from players' Garages forever.

First Appearance of Railgun and Hornet XT

For the New Year 2014-2015 celebration events, it was possible to rent a unique set of items. These were the elite and exclusive, Hornet and Railgun XTs. All modifications from M0 to M3 - depending on the rank - were available, with improved characteristics and unique appearances. The cost of rent was initially very high (half a million crystals per set of M3), but declined every day until the end of the campaign - on the last day of the holidays prices was a hundred times lower than at the start of sales. On January 12, 2015, the rental period ended, and New Year's elite items were removed from the store and Garages.

Hull hornet xt m0.pngHull hornet xt m1.pngHull hornet xt m2.png
Turret railgun xt m0.pngTurret railgun xt m1.pngTurret railgun xt m2.png

Second Appearance of Railgun and Hornet XT

Around six months later, on July 14, 2015, Railgun and Hornet XTs were added back to the game (albeit only in the M3 version and with basic characteristics) to become rare unique prizes for Generalissimos (and later, only Legends) for completing a special Daily Mission. The first lucky person who collected both items was the German player I.ReSpAwN.

Appearance of Thunder, Firebird, Wasp and Viking XT

On September 10, 2015, Thunder, Firebird, Wasp and Viking XTs was added into the game - which could be obtained by completing a specific Daily Mission. These versions differed from their original counterparts only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.

Alternate Way of Obtaining XT Equipment

On October 21, 2015, Premium Accounts were added into the game - and with the addition came the ability to buy XT items in the Garage for 500 000 crystals! So, instead of playing loads of hours in order to complete the special missions, you could now save up and buy the item you'd want for crystals.

Appearance of Vulcan and Mammoth XT

On December 25, 2015, Vulcan and Mammoth XTs was added into the game - which could be obtained by completing a specific Daily Mission or by purchasing them in the Garage. These versions differed from their original counterparts only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.

Appearance of Smoky XT

On August 10, 2018, Smoky XT was added into the game - after its release it was added into Containers and as part of a special Shop offer. This version differs from its original counterpart only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.

Appearance of Thunder and Viking Legacy set

On August 10, 2018, the Thunder and Viking "Legacy" skins set was added into the game. These unique skins were designed to look like the "old" Tanki graphics from Tanki 2012. It was given only to players who had the Top 10 Stars from each faction in the event War: Domination. These versions differed from their original counterparts only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.