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Garage | Container | Special

Type Garage paint
Price in Garage 35 000 Crystal.png
Rarity Common
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Found in Containers Yes
Purchasable in Garage Yes
Description in Garage
Autumn leaves may rustle beneath your tank's tracks, but your opponents still won't be able to detect you thanks to this paint's unique blend of hues.

Rustle is a paint in Tanki Online. It can be purchased from the rank of IconsNormal 01.png Recruit in the Garage for 35 000 crystals or obtained randomly by opening a Container.

Interesting facts

  • Paint first appeared on July 29, 2010.
  • Prior to the Paint Separation Update, Rustle was worth 90,500 crystals and could be bought from Major.
  • Legacy paint description:

A paint that gives some protection against Isida and solid protection against Thunder and Freeze. Great for mid to long- range battles. Sports a natural masking texture that makes the tank harder to spot.


Rustle 2.png