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Rules for clans

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Clan creation rules

In order to create a clan you have to obtain a "Clan License".
There are two ways to obtain the license:
Win it in team tournaments (create your team in this section, win a licence and become a clan!)
Gather 10 players who have participated in at least one official clan tournament in the last 6 months (in this case contact moderators to get the license).
If you already have 10 such players, the Leader of the future clan should PM the moderators. Your message should contain:
The name of the future clan
Nicknames of the 10 players (case sensitive).
Proof of your players’ participation in the tournaments (for each player you have to present at least one screenshot with the battle results with this player present. It is recommended if you describe the battle, its time and the tournament).
Moderators will verify your request and (if everything is in order) will create the clan topic for you. After the topic is created all the 10 players have to post into it within 24 hours to confirm their participation in the clan. Confirmations made from alternative accounts are not valid.
Everyone we recommend you try and get into one of the existing clans. Or go and play with the teams and win the clan license together with them.

1. - Clans exist under the following rules:
1.1 - Clan is considered active while it has a clan license.
1.2 - The clan license may be revoked:
Due to inactivity:
- A clan is allowed to skip just one clan tournament. Clan's license may be revoked if this clan has skipped two tournaments in a row.
- If in the last 2 tournaments where it took part the clan didn't win even a single battle it's considered too weak and the license can be removed. The clan becomes a team.

For violations:
- Moderators may revoke (or suspend for a certain time) the clan license if the clan or its member violates the rules of the game, the forum, the clan's section, as well as for non-compliance, harsh language or unreasonable criticism of the administration/administration's aid actions.

General rules

2.1 - It's forbidden to sell or present the license to another clan.
2.2 - It's forbidden to create academies, satellite clans, satellite teams.
2.3 - It's forbidden to take the names of the top clans that have been closed or the names of the legendary clans (You can ask the moderators about this).
2.4 - Closed clans can't be opened again.
2.5 - It's forbidden to recreate a clan topic again or/and change the clan's name (except for leader change when it is obligatory to recreate a clan topic).
2.6 - If you want to change the clan leader refer to the moderators, they'll tell you what to do.
2.7 - It's forbidden to use administrators' or administration helpers' avatars in your clan page.
2.8 - It's forbidden to be in multiple clans at the same time (including alternative accounts).
2.9 - It's forbidden to take part in different parts of cybersport at the same time (e.g. a player can't be a member of a clan and a team at the same time).
2.10 - It's forbidden to write players' names or banners in the clan topic without their consent.
2.11 - It's forbidden to leave the player's name in the members list once he left the clan. If the player has publicly confirmed that he wants to leave the clan, leaders of the clan are OBLIGED to remove this player during the next transfer window (and if the player announced that he is leaving during an open transfer window, he must be removed by the clan leaders until it's still open).
2.12 - If a player has left the clan (for example to play in other non-clan tournaments), he can't join any clan for the next 3 months.
2.13 - A player can change clan only during the period of the transfer window, from the 1st to the 5th of every month.
2.14 - To change clan firstly you need to leave the current one. In order to do this, you have to publicly declare it in your clan topic. Then your ex-clan has to confirm that you have left during the next transfer window (or during the current one, if you announced that you are leaving while there was an open window). Only then you can join another clan. To do this it's necessary to post an official message in your new clan's topic saying that you are joining it. If everything was done correctly and your nickname appeared in the registrations topic (link to be added later), you will be able to play for your new clan starting from the 6th of this month.
2.15 - A player leaves or joins a clan the exact moment he posts an official forum message declaring it. If there is no public message, the player's action will not be registered or considered official.
2.16 - You can start playing for your new clan once the transfer window when you were added to your new clan is closed (it means that you can play from the 6th as the transfer window gets closed in the evening of the 5th).

Interactions between communities (English, German, Russian)

3.1 - The clan topic can be created only in one of the 3 sections (communities). Double topics are forbidden.
3.2 - In the clan topic you can write only in the language of the section you registered in. For example, if you communicate not in English in the English clans forum, your clan can be closed.
3.3 - Any shutdown or penalty given to a clan automatically takes effect in the other communities too (if a player was kicked from the English cybersport he won't be able to play in the Russian or German either. If a clan was closed in the English community, it can't be recreated in the Russian or German community).
3.4 - English and German clans can take part in Russian cybersport. Clans from the Russian community can't take part in English and German tournaments.

Tournaments attendance

4.1 - A clan can't take part in more than one tournament at the same time, independently of the type of the tournament or the community in which it's located.
4.2 - Clan members can't take part in other kind of tournaments which are not for clans, e.g. TOF (except for Sport categories) or team tournaments and so on, no matter the community they belong to. If a player wants to take part in any of those tournaments firstly he has to leave the clan by publicly announcing it in his clan's topic. A player that left his clan for this reason can't return or enter any other clan for the next 3 months.


5.1 - If after a check the administration discovers that sharing was happening in some clans (A player was playing with other's account) these players will be kicked from cybersport and will have a fine on their garage up to 25%. The clan in which this happened can be punished with the ban from the clan tournaments or with the removal of the license. The same punishment is applied in case of use of third party software.
5.2 - It's forbidden to use alternative accounts for starting new clans.
5.3 - If a player joins a new clan just to help to get to the number of 10 players that took part in clan tournaments, and shortly after leaves the clan, he will be banned from cybersport for fraud.
5.4 - It is forbidden to explicitly offend or troll members of other clans. Examples of trolling would include, but not limited to, showing others leaving a battle, showing other tanks upside down, using a defamatory or derogative language.
5.5 - Moderators reserve the right to refuse to give the license, reactivate the license, change the name of the clan and to change the leader of the clan, without giving any reason.

Clan section's curators have the right to:

6.1 - Give the licence to any clan, according to their opinion (even if the clan doesn't meet the requirements described above).
6.2 - Remove the license from any clan without giving any reason.
6.3 - Rename/Reopen/Recreate a clan, and/or break any of the rules mentioned above.