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A guide to Railgun


Railgun is one of the most iconic weapons in the game, and it certainly has a very intensive history with the game. From its donning of the title "Fear Machine" to its invaluable use in today's clan systems, Railgun has certainly had its uses, proving time and time again that it is not a weapon to be underestimated.



Railgun has a very interesting history. Like Smoky, Firebird, and Twins, this weapon has been around for a very long time. However, it was not initially known by the name "Railgun." At first, it was named "Fear Machine." This name fit it exceedingly well, since at first it was the most powerful gun that crystals could buy. Every successful tankman had a M3 Railgun along with M3 Dictator. The "Fear Machine" mounted on Dictator really did rule the game. However, that all changed when new weapons came out, such as Thunder and Freeze. It was about this time that Railgun got its new name, "Railgun." So, in the next era of Tanki, Railgun became a historic weapon, which was used mainly for clan wars and special events. With the rebalance, Railgun has become a weapon that is ready and able to compete with its old rival, Shaft.


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Though most of the time Rail's gameplay isn't fast paced, it still is a whole lot of fun if you like knocking out enemy tanks at long range. Since you will be doing a lot of sniping, you probably will want to take a bit more time choosing sniping positions, which may slow you down if you're inexperienced at doing this on a whim. Once you get to your position, though, you will have a lot more fun pecking away an enemies. This weapon is really effective in NS battles, where the enemy cannot be protected by punching the 2 button. However, this means that you will probably have to go without punching the 3 button, and rely on your skills. Most tankmen enjoy Railgun because it sharpens their skills. If you miss even one shot with this weapon, you could be in peril within a moment's notice. This weapon usually can play both mid field and attack positions very well.

Defense from a Railgun


If you feel like you have problems defeating this weapon, or if you encounter this weapon often, you might want to try equipping an effective module to protect yourself against it. First and foremost, thanks to Railgun's playing style, the Griffon family is usually a perfect fit for it, defending from all varieties of ranged turrets that could be problematic to Railgun. If you're more concerned about sneak attacks from short ranged weapons, though, the Grizzly family (specifically, member T-B) can serve you well while still keeping Railguns at bay.

These are the best types of modules to protect yourself from Railgun. If you think that protection from this weapon will really aid your quest to rack up kills, then feel free to purchase one of these modules, respectively upon what your needs are.

Using Railgun

In short, this weapon is not to be used as a frontlines weapon. It is best to find a good camping spot with plenty of cover. This will allow you to use Rail as it was initially meant to be used for. It probably isn't a good idea to use it in games without teams, since it is definitely a supportive weapon that works better with allies to cover and be covered by. Without a team, Rail is not nearly as effective, but that's not to say it can't deal great damage in DM mode.


CTF is an okay choice, but it isn't the optimum one since the best way to get points in that game mode is to capture a flag. Still it can still use supportive fire, it can be deadly to an enemy team. The best mode to play this weapon in is TDM, since that is exactly what Rail is best at -- mindless killing at one focused point. Most of you know that it is important to work as a team, but if you work like a team with Rail, you will notice a great improvement in your effectiveness. Since Rail takes a longer time than most weapons to reload, you will find a partner extremely helpful, and it will increase both of your scores to work together and avoid death. Another last reminder: Don't miss! Rail is great, but since it takes so long to reload, one mistake can mean death.


Well, I hope I have gone over most of the important things regarding Rail, and I hope that you will have tonnes of success with this weapon. If you like camping, this definitely is an excellent choice, and you will really enjoy Railgun. Good luck!

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