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Premium Accounts

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Premium banner.png

Premium account is a paid service which gives bonuses and privileges to its owner. The service appeared in the game on the 21st October 2015; and is available for purchase at any rank.

Purchasing Premium Accounts

Getting a Premium Account is possible with real money or by completing Daily Missions.
To do this, you must go to the special menu, indicated by the Buy1234.png icon on the upper panel on the main game interface.

Premium item.png

Price of the service:

  • +1 day — $1 USD
  • +7 days — $3 USD
  • +15 days — $5 USD
  • +30 days — $10 USD
  • +60 days — $20 USD
  • +90 days — $28 USD

It is also possible to receive Premium time as a gift when purchasing crystal packs:

  • 60 000 (+45 000) crystals — 1 day of Premium for free
  • 100 000 (+100 000) crystals — 3 days of Premium for free
  • 143 000 (+215 000) crystals — 7 days of Premium for free
Premium window.png

After receiving the Premium status, a new item called "Premium Account" will appear in your Garage, under "Special" items' section. In its description you can find information about the remaining Premium days. Before the Patch Update #493, the visibility of the Premium account icon to others (rank icon and bonus reward) could be turned on and off.


However, the option to do that has now been removed.

If you already own a Premium account and you buy crystals or extend its duration, the extra Premium days will be added to the remaining Premium days you have. Thus, the Premium can be extended in advance, without needing to wait for its expiration.

You will receive a notification informing you that your Premium will end soon on the last days of its duration. At the moment of its expiration you will get a reminder that all Premium options have been deactivated.

Premium Accounts Bonuses

IconsPremium 30.png
  • Special rank icon. Visible everywhere: in Chat, in battle and on Forum
  • PRO Battles Pass functions: ability to create professional battles, including Format Battles, and take part in them. If you already have a PRO Battles' pass in your Garage, with the purchase of a Premium account it does not disappear and stays in the Garage. If your Premium account has expired before the pass did, the previously bought PRO Battles pass will continue to work till the end of its duration shown in its description
  • 50% bonus to experience points earned in battles
  • 100% bonus to crystals earned in battles

Premium battle.png

In the "Reward" column you will see the amount of crystals you've earned from the battle, and in "Bonus" column you will see the additional amount of crystals earned in presence of the Premium account. If you do not have Premium, you will see a "crown" icon in place of the bonus. Bonus reward is not connected to the battle fund at all. Even if you don't have a Premium subscription, you will surely get the amount of crystals you've played for from the battle fund.

Premium Paint.png
  • Premium paint - which is only available to owners of Premium status while their Premium is still active. The paint is removed from the Garage as soon as Premium subscription is over.
  • Ability to buy XT Hulls and XT Turrets. If you've received an XT mission earlier than you got Premium, and you've bought in the Garage the item that is in your Super Mission, the mission will be changed to a random one with a random reward. Bought XT equipments will stay in your Garage forever and the owner will be able to use them even after their Premium subscription has expired.
  • Daily bonuses that include 2500 crystals, 3 repair kits, and 10 of each of the other supplies (excluding gold boxes).