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===Legacy (LGC)===
===Legacy (LGC)===
{| class="wikitable" align="center"
{| class="wikitable" align="center"
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Eternity" Legacy Module|Eternity]]
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Eternity" Legacy Module|Eternity (x4)]]
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Flora" Legacy Module|Flora]]
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Flora" Legacy Module|Flora]]
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Marine" Legacy Module|Marine]]  
| [[Micro-upgrades of "Marine" Legacy Module|Marine]]  

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Each turret, hull and module with protections can be upgraded. Thanks to Micro-upgrades, you don't need to wait until the next modification of an item becomes available, you can improve its stats step by step immediately.

When fully micro-upgraded, M0, M1 and M2 modifications of turrets, hulls and modules have equal parameters to their higher modifications. When you fully micro-upgrade an item, you will be able to get the next modification for free, if you have the required rank for that modification.

In order to start this process, you need to select an item in your garage and click on the "Upgrade" button. One item can have several parameters that can be upgraded all together. There are a total of 50 upgrade steps for each turret and hull. Once the process of upgrading has started, installing the upgrade will take some time. However, you can always skip this waiting time by clicking on the "Speed up" button. Alternatively, equipment can still be used while the upgrade is in progress.

NOTE: The Weight parameter for hulls is disabled in Parkour mode.


Firebird Freeze Isida Twins Ricochet Smoky Thunder Railgun Shaft Hammer Vulcan
Firebird XT / / / / / Thunder XT Railgun XT / / Vulcan XT


Wasp Hornet Hunter Dictator Viking Titan Mammoth
Wasp XT Hornet XT / / Viking XT / Mammoth XT


Solo (S)

Dolphin S-A Fox S-A Wolf S-A Falcon S-A Spider S-A
Dolphin S-B Fox S-B Falcon S-B Wolf S-B /
Dolphin S-C Fox S-C Wolf S-C / /

Duo (D)

Eagle D-A Panther D-A Ocelot D-A Orka D-A Panda D-A
Ocelot D-B Panda D-B Orka D-B Panther D-B Eagle D-B
Panther D-C Orka D-C Ocelot D-C Panda D-C /
Panther D-D Orka D-D Ocelot D-D / /

Trio (T)

Kodiak T-A Grizzly T-A Badger T-A Ursa T-A Griffon T-A Shark T-A Lion T-A
Badger T-B Grizzly T-B Kodiak T-B Shark T-B Lion T-B Griffon T-B Ursa T-B
Badger T-C Shark T-C Grizzly T-C Griffon T-C Kodiak T-C Ursa T-C Lion T-C
Badger T-D Grizzly T-D Shark T-D Lion T-D Ursa T-D / /
Grizzly T-E Badger T-E Kodiak T-E Ursa T-E Shark T-E / /
Ursa T-F Grizzly T-F Badger T-F Kodiak T-F / / /
Grizzly T-G Badger T-G / / / / /
Grizzly T-H Badger T-H / / / / /
Grizzly T-J / / / / / /

Legacy (LGC)

Eternity (x4) Flora Marine Swamp Forester Metallic Lava Lead Invader Safari
Magma Dragon Mary Storm Carbon In Love Alien Chainmail Dirty Swash
Jaguar Guerrilla Desert Corrosion Pixel Tundra Vortex Roger Fracture Cedar
Python Sakura Electra Sandstone Spark Digital Rustle Blacksmith Hohloma Loam
Rhino Winter Urban Atom Red Suit Cherry Savanna Irbis Emerald Mars
Inferno Hive Jade Taiga Tiger Prodigi Nano Rock Raccoon Needle
Picasso Zeus Graffiti Clay Lumberjack Africa / / / /