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Tanki Online's birthday is considered to be June 4, 2009 - the date of the start of the open beta testing. The first player to have reached the highest rank (at the time it was Marshal) was the legendary T7000. In April 2010, a Chinese server was started. On 16 April 2014, Tanki Online was launched in Brazil. First Generalissimo in the Brazilian community was the player limadj2 — he reached 1 400 000 experience points on 2 September 2014, spending about four and a half months to get to the highest rank. As a reward for his speedy passage, limadj2 received a fully micro-upgraded Viking M3, Ricochet M3 and Zeus.


A matchmaking system in a multiplayer game is the process of getting players together for online play sessions. In other words, it automatically creates games and puts players into them when they choose to play the game. In Tanki Online, matchmaking refers to the process of distributing players into battles based on their rank and other factors, resulting in a fair match where players or teams have equal strength. The goal of the system is to allow players to quickly join battles and have fair and balanced games.

All standard (matchmaking) battles have the following settings:

Battle Length: 07m;
Battle Mode Limits:

  • 70 kills (TDM)
  • 5 captures (CTF)
  • 30 points (CP)
  • 70 points (ASL)
  • 5 goals (RGB)
  • 7 destructions (TJR)
  • 5 point captures (SGE);

Maximum Number of Players: Depends on a number of factors, as follows:

  • Higher-ranked battles have more players, and more often are created on larger maps.
  • Larger maps have more players.

Enabled Parameters: Drop Boxes, Gold Boxes, Micro Upgrades, Augments, Supplies, Overdrive, Smart Supplies, Weapon Change, Auto Balance

Only in such battles can Black Boxes with Containers fall, instead of regular Gold Boxes. Additionally, Missions can only be completed in these battles.

Using the Matchmaking System

Connecting to the matchmaking system is easy, just follow the following steps:

  • Login to the game, decide which mode you want to play; for example, CP, TDM, CTF, etc.
  • If you don't want to play any specific mode, click on the 'Play!' button. If you want to play a specific mode, click on the MM PlaySettings.png 'Battle list' button which will open a list of game modes to play. Click on the one you want to play.
  • Now, wait until the matchmaking system puts you together with a group of players and sends you into battle.
  • Once that happens, a loading bar will appear in front of you, and eventually, you'll be in a battle, ready to play.
  • If you were queued in a team battle mode, a team balance system will first balance the teams to make them more or less equal to each other.

Battles' Organization

On the main screen of the lobby, there are two buttons you can use for entering battles through the Matchmaking System. These are the MM Play.png and MM PlaySettings.png buttons. Clicking "Play" will join a battle with a random team game mode. Pressing MM PlaySettings.png allows you choose the game mode you play and shows a list of game modes available - similar to the image below.


Game Modes Unlock Ranks

TO logo.png Quick Battles - IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Tdm mode.png Team Deathmatch - IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Cp mode.png Control Points - IconsNormal 02.png Private
Ctf mode.png Capture The Flag - IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter
ASL mode.png Assault - IconsNormal 04.png Corporal
RGB mode.png Rugby - IconsNormal 05.png Master Corporal
JGR Icon.png Team Juggernaut - IconsNormal 05.png Master Corporal
SGE icon.png Siege - IconsNormal 05.png Master Corporal
TO logo.png Event - IconsNormal 06.png Sergeant
TO logo.png Custom/PRO Battles - IconsNormal 11.png Warrant Officer 1

Friend Groups

Groups of players are treated as a single entity by matchmaking systems. This means that a group can skip from session to session without its players becoming separated from each other. The concept is particularly well-suited to matchmaking systems, which can automatically handle the logistics of finding or creating play sessions with enough room for the whole group.

Key Points

  • Upon reaching the rank of IconsNormal 02.png Private, a player unlocks the ability to join and create groups. (You need to have at least 1 friend in your friends list in order for the button to appear.
  • Groups have rank limits. All of the players in the group must be not more than 5 ranks above or below the group’s creator's rank. So for example, if the rank of the group's creator is IconsNormal 31.png Legend, all the players in the group have to be ranked IconsNormal 26.png General or higher.
  • Your rank determines how many people you can invite to a group. High ranked groups can consist of no more than four members, including the group leader.
  • Groups can only play in team battle modes.
  • When queuing, the group will join a battle based on the highest rank of the members in the group.
  • If a member cancels the search for battle in a group, the search is canceled for the whole group.
  • Groups may only join the same team.
  • Group members can change their equipment without needing to leave the group.
  • Multiple groups can be sent to the same battle
  • You can join a group only through an invite by someone who created that group.

If you're willing to create your own group, click on the MM InviteToGroup.png button at the top of the Lobby screen. Doing so will open up your friend list and present you with a list of your friends you can add to the group. Click on the friend(s) you want to invite and then press the "Invite" button to send them an invitation to your group.

MM GI PlayerAccepts.png
MM GI PlayerDeclines.png

Inviting your friends can lead to these possible scenarios:

  • Your friend accepts the invite and joins the group.
  • Your friend declines the invite and doesn't join the group.

Once you've invited your friends, click one of the many buttons in the lobby to start a game. You can choose anything from Quick Battle to Control Points and Team Deathmatch to Assault to play any kind of battle.

MM 5.png

If you want to leave your group, click on your nickname in the top left corner of the interface (it is right above your experience bar), and then select "Leave group" from the context menu that appears. If you want to kick a member of the group you can click on their nickname to do so.

MM 3.png
Group 1.png

List of Matchmaking Maps

This is the list of maps which can be selected for standard battles. The map selection is random, with equal chance for each map. Some maps have two themes - summer and winter. The theme is also randomly selected.

List of Maps

Battle Score and earning Experience points

In Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles, more experience is earned when completing the objectives of the battle - capturing flags in Capture the Flag, destroying tanks in Team Deathmatch, etc.

Experience and battle score are not the same thing. Experience aids progressing up in Rank, battle score is required to complete certain Daily Missions.

Below is a table containing the battle points and experience earned per action in Matchmaking battles - keep in mind that the values below do not change according to how many players are in the battle.

Action Experience Battle Score
Destroying a tank 60 15
Participating in destroying a tank Icon info.png 20 5
Self-destruction 0 -10
Healing a player with IsidaIcon info.png 1-20 1-13
Healing a player with Shaft's Healing EmittersIcon info.png 1-20 1-10
Capturing a Flag (CTF) 40 75
Capturing a Flag (ASL) 40 50
Returning a Flag 20 10
Participating in the delivery of a flag Icon info.png 20 25
Scoring a touchdown in Rugby 40 75
Participating in scoring a touchdown in Rugby Icon info.png 20 25
Capturing a control point Icon info.png 20 15
Neutralizing a control point Icon info.png 20 10
Destroying a Juggernaut 60 65
Participating in destroying a Juggernaut Icon info.png 40 30
Capturing a point in Siege Icon info.png 40 50
Helping capture a point in Siege Icon info.png 10 10

Advantages of Matchmaking System

  • In the literal sense, the matchmaking system makes it impossible to send a mult into the enemy team. You will no longer need to worry about someone possibly playing for the other team (a.k.a sabotaging his/her own team) in any battle.
  • In the matchmaking system, every battle will start from exactly seven minutes. Joining a battle in the middle is still possible, but the system favors creating new battles more than making people join battles that are already underway.
  • The teams in Matchmaking battles will be almost always full right from when the battle begins - the system tries to fill up empty slots in battles as fast as possible.

History of the Matchmaking System

On 8th August 2017, the first official test of the test version of the Matchmaking System took place. Due to the hundreds of bugs and glitches with the update, a hefty amount of frame rate drops and a lack of understanding, the update was met with heavy criticism - mostly negative and exaggerated. Some of these discrepancies included long waiting times, inability to log in and load components of the game, heavy FPS and PING and latency periods, removal of missions button from its usual place, and perhaps the most infamous of them all, recruits being able to play Legend accounts. All of this drama led to almost a hundred and thirty pages of people openly negating the update in its official topic, becoming one of the most disliked update tests of all time. Thankfully, the test only ran for two days and the game returned to normal on August 10th, 2017.

Before all of this, the matchmaking system had already been mentioned a couple of times in the video blogs, but it was not until V-LOG #138 that most of the questions about the very system were answered. If you still aren't familiar with the concept of this system, we suggest you watch that V-LOG again.

On November 3rd, 2020, a 2-week-long experiment was done with some major changes to the matchmaking system:

  • 12 tanks per battle, 6v6
  • Doubled HP for hulls
  • Doubled capacity for some turrets
  • No large maps
  • 5 Minute battles
  • Doubled overdrive duration for Viking and Wasp

On January 12th, 2021, another 2-week experiment was run, with different changes:

  • No small maps
  • 32 tanks per battle, 16v16
  • Matchmaking group size increased to 4

After consideration the feedback and observations from these experiments, the matchmaking system was updated on January 29th to balance group size, battle crowdedness or emptiness, and map variety.