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  |[[File:Turret_striker_m3.png|link=|thumb|left|[[Striker|Striker M3]]]]
  |[[File:Turret_striker_m3.png|link=|thumb|left|[[Striker|Striker M3]]]]
  |[[File:Turret_magnum_m3.png|link=|thumb|left|[[Magnum|Magnum M3]]]]
[[File:Turret_magnum_m3.png|link=|thumb|left|[[Magnum|Magnum M3]]]]
|[[File:Turret_gauss_m3.png|link=|thumb|left|[[Gauss|Gauss M3]]]]

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IconsSmall 26.png General

27 IconsNormal 27.png IconsPremium 27.png 1 000 000 122 000

IconsSmall 28.png Fieldmarshal

Unlocked Garage items




Protection from Firebird Fox M3 Protection from Freeze Badger M3 Protection from Isida Ocelot M3 Protection from Hammer Wolf M3
Protection from Twins Panther M3 Protection from Ricochet Lion M3 Protection from Smoky Dolphin M3 Protection from Striker Orka M3
Protection from Vulcan Shark M3 Protection from Thunder Grizzly M3 Protection from Railgun Falcon M3 Protection from Magnum Griffin M3
Protection from Shaft Eagle M3 Protection from Mine Spider M3



  • By becoming a Marshal, one gains the access to buy any turret, hull and module of M3 modification, of their choice.
  • Marshal was the highest rank in the game before Fieldmarshal, Commander and Generalissimo ranks were introduced on December 17, 2012.
  • The first player to achieve Marshal rank was the tanker named T7000.