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Mammoth guide

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Mammoth 04.png

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Hull mammoth m3.png


border=0The most armored tank in the game.
border=0Just by its look it evokes terror to other participants of the battle.
border=0It’s practically impossible to kill a Mammoth which is using drugs.
border=0Has an enormous amount of mass and power, making it very stable.


border=0The lowest speed and maneuverability of all hulls in the garage.
border=0The large size and slow speed makes Mammoth an easy target.

Preferred equipment

Due to its inability to sneak up on enemies on most maps, it has become an unspoken rule amongst players in team matches that Mammoth + Short range weapon = NO. Usually, players boasting this fortress on treads equip Thunder, Twins, Vulcan or Shaft, but depending on the situation, other turrets can be used effectively, too.

Preferred maps and game modes

Mammoth is the real king of DM and TDM matches. Thanks to its huge reserve of health, it can withstand attacks for a long period of time and inflict an immense amount of damage on multiple opponents. In CTF, it is usually used as a last defender, standing quite literally on top of its own flag; in CP, it is pretty much an unmoving turret mount.

Interesting moments and history

- Mammoth was introduced to the game in Spring, 2010.
- Was a commonly favored hull in drug (supplies-enabled) battles.