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You're about to activate your Overdrive. A split second before your fingers can press Shift, a stray shell hits you, and the icon Icon Jammer.png appears over your tank. You finally hit the button to activate Overdrive. Nothing happens. You've just been Jammed.

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Jammer is a status effect applied by certain Overdrives, and in the future also Augments. When a tank has been jammed, it will no longer be able to activate its Overdrive. Jammer only prevents a tank from activating OD; nothing will happen if the affected tank has already initiated its Overdrive, and overdrive charging or use is not interrupted.

Jammed tanks are identifiable from having this symbol above them: Icon Jammer.png Additionally, if you were the one who inflicted the effect, the word Jammed will briefly appear above affected tanks.


JGR Icon.png
The Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
Icon overdrive at field.png
Mammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
Icon Immunity.png
Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

Jamming also does not affect tanks wearing the Jammer Immunity hull augment, which can be obtained from an Ultra Container, with Legendary rarity level.

Name Description Effects
Jammer Immunity
Jammer immunity.png
This augment completely saves you from the «Jammer» status effect. Any tank with this augment will be able to activate its overdrive after the «Jammer» status effect is applied. Jammer effect resistance: 100% Plus.png

If you attempt to Jam an immune enemy, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above their tank.

What can Jam a tank?

Left Hunter's Overdrive
A long-time favorite of those who love to throw a wrench in their enemy's plans.

  • In addition to inflicting an EMP and Stun on nearby opponents, Hunter's overdrive Jams all enemies on the map for 10 seconds.
  • The Jam takes effect upon zapping, which occurs after the 1.1-second overdrive warmup.

Left Wasp's Overdrive
This small hull's stinger is a devastating N2 bomb.

  • In addition to a brief EMP, Stun and a long burn, Wasp's bomb jams all enemies that are in a direct line from the bomb (not shielded by any buildings or landscape features) for 3 seconds.