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Hunter 04.png

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border=0Has a good amount of speed and is armored enough to withstand the enemy fire for a decent period of time.
border=0Having a medium size and height, it can actively use the architecture of the map for cover form enemy fire.
border=0Easy to maneuver practically everywhere.
border=0Good turning-to-size ratio.


border=0Hunter’s characteristics are too “medium” - sometimes a bit of health and speed is not enough. That’s why some players often prefer Hornet or Viking over Hunter.
border=0Many players do not like Hunter’s “awkward” look.
border=0Hunters odd drift is very off-putting as well as many players are used to either Hornets drift or no drift at all

Preferred equipment

With a medium hull it’s more logical to equip mid-ranged turrets such as Twins, Ricochet and Smoky. However, Hunter is suitable for all the other turrets as well.

Preferred maps and game modes

Hunter is suitable for absolutely any game mode and map, because of its speed and survivability. The most suitable role of a player with Hunter is midfield, which will help the team both in attack and defence. In DM the best way of fighting is to constantly stay in motion on the map and to control the drop zones.

Interesting facts and history

- Hunter was in the game from its very beginning and was served as a hull with medium protection for inexperienced players.
- Now the modification M0 is given to all Recruits at no cost, as opposed to Wasp M0, which had been the traditional Recruit-level tank for the first 4 years of the game's existence.