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History of Cybersport

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The English Cybersport Channel started in April 2012 with one DJ, Snyper22. He streamed daily radio shows, lasting for around 4 hours, from 3pm GMT to 7pm GMT. They included music, contests with crystal prizes, and Snyper streaming battles he was playing in. The shows were hugely popular. Snyper also streamed the first Cybersport tournament, the Tanki World Cup, which started in May 2012 and went through to July 2012, on the Livestream channel. The Livestream channel was embedded into the Tanki Cybersport section of the main page, and Livestream Procaster was used to do the streaming. The Cybersport team was then expanded, and Cybersport switched to the new livestream and a new channel in August 2012. After this, it switched to another new channel in May 2013. Since it started expanding, Cybersport has streamed many events, and there have been many Cybersport Commentators, or “DJs” as they were more commonly known.

List of Commentators (Past and Present)

Current Commentators:
Damn_Slow - Current eSports Administrator

Former Commentators:
SuperNick95 - Former Cybersport Administrator
ShadowVisions - Former Cybersport Administrator
BarKode - Former Cybersport Administrator


There have been many events in Cybersport, and eight major team tournaments. They are the Tanki Online World Cup (WC), the English Clan Championship (CC), Cybersport League Season 1 (CSL 1), Cybersport League Season 2 (CSL 2), Lucky 7 Season 1 (L7 1), Lucky 7 Season 2 (L7 2), the Winter Qualifying Tournament (WQT) and Clan Championship 8 (CC8).

If you want to see the complete history of eSports events and their winners, check this: History of eSports winners.

Tanki Online World Cup

The Tanki Online World Cup was announced on May 10 2012, and teams were able to sign up on the 14th of May. Each team represented a country, and 22 countries took part. They were the USA, Jamaica, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia. The competition was run on a last team standing basis i.e. the last team in the competition wins. Each country was given 5 “factories” at the beginning, and each factory 'produced' 1 of the 5 supplies found in the garage. For every factory owned, each team member got 10 of that supply at the start of each week. Any player from the rank of Warrant Officer Three could take part. The prize for the winning team was 100,000 crystals (in the old economics, 1 million crystals now) and 2000 of each supply.

The tournament was played in the following way:

  • Every Monday, each team would challenge any other team and place a bet on a certain number of factories.
  • Each country could have a maximum of 3 battles per week, meaning that it issued one challenge and could only be challenged by 2 other countries. All countries could only issue one challenge a week.
  • Each country was required to challenge and make a bet, and to accept all challenges without denial. The winner takes all (the whole bet).
  • During that particular week, all teams had to play their challengers before the next Monday.
  • For everyone's convenience, all matches were to be played at times agreed upon by the team leaders.
  • Any country that was left without any factories was automatically knocked out of the tournament.

Each battle was played as follows:

  • Private Battle
  • CTF mode
  • 5 players and 5 substitutes
  • 60 min, meaning 30 min on one side and 30 min on the other. The leaders create 35 min battles to allow 5 min preparation.
  • With supplies
  • With bonus drops
  • Paints: for players - any paint is allowed

The tournament took place over 10 weeks and was jointly won by India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The final battle between these 2 countries never took place due to technical issues (lags) and so the prize split between them.

The contest topic for the WC can be found here.

The English Clan Championship

The English Clan Championship was announced on the 14th of August 2012 and was organised by Koolwalky and MizARee. 25 clans signed up to participate. The list of clans that applied, rules and battle formats for each round can be found here. The map list and basic format can be found here.

A Qualification round was then held to bring the number of participating clans down to 16.

The actual tournament began on September 17, and the qualifying clans were seeded into groups.

The tournament was won by Dare Devils, with Georgian Clan Crusaders coming in 2nd, and Try To Stop 3rd. The prizes, in old economics, were as follows: 1st Prize - 150 000 crystals, 2nd Prize - 100 000 crystals, 3rd Price - 50 000 cyrstals. Here's a Tanki Online Newspaper article by skitee explaining more about the tournament.

Cybersport League Season 1

CSL 1 began on January 12, 2013 and 10 clans participated. They were Sinister, The Mighty Midgets, WhiteRedSquad, Dutch Warriors, Dare Devils, Kings of Arab, Supreme League Killers, The Tank Breakers, Cobra's Poison and FSA. It was played over 4 rounds and won by The Mighty Midgets, with Cobra's Poison coming in 2nd and WhiteRedSquad 3rd. Fixtures and results can be found here.

Cybersport League Season 2

CSL 2 was announced on March 9, 2013 and clans had to sign up by March 17. A total of 26 clans applied; the list of these clans and basic rules and format can be found here. Full rules can be found here.

The Tournament was run in a league fashion, with each clan playing 4 matches. Winning clans played against other winning clans in the next round, and losing clans vs losing clans. After the rounds of matches, tie breakers were played to determine the top 10 places. CSL2 was won by Dare Devils, with Georgian Clan Crusaders placing 2nd. WhiteRedSquad claimed the 3rd place.

Lucky 7 Season 1

Lucky 7 was announced on 26th June, 2013, and the main point of the tournament was for a clan to win 7 matches before the others. The winning clan received the Lucky 7 paint, which had 15% protection from all guns. Clans were allowed 12 representatives. The Shield of Fire came first, and its 12 members (MitaAdrian, Mr.Tronky, SKY.007, wronger, DX-Generation_MoD, Pura-Potenza-MMO, Turbobestia, SIifer, ProTank41, husto, XXX-Nordico-XXX and tankulo. Clans RC (Reaper Crew) and GGC (Georgian Clan Crusaders) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively, and each member of the clan received 20,000 crystals as consolation prize. See here for the tournament main page.

Lucky 7 Season 2

The second season of Lucky 7 was announced on 30th September 2013, and again the aim was to be the first clan to win 7 matches, but some new changes were enforced. The number of clans that could take part was unlimited, and the tournament layout was changed from round-robin to single elimination (if you lose a battle, your clan is out). The clans were divided into four groups, and the best two from each group would proceed into the play-offs. The reward was the same — a special paint with 15% protection from all turrets — however there was an addition. The winning clan would receive 1,000,000 crystals and 500 of each supply to divide between its members. The 2nd place received 800,000 crystals and 400 of each supply, and the third was awarded with 700,000 crystals and 300 of each supply. On November 24th, the tournament ended with Clan Noob Army placing first, Clan Vengeance second and Cobras Dangerous third. Due to irregular behaviour, Clan Noob Army received only 400 of each supply to divide, and only 800,000 crystals. See here for the tournament main page.

Winter Qualifying Tournament

The Winter Qualifying Tournament was announced on 6th December 2013, and had two main purposes. 1) Since Cybersport 2.0 was being enforced, the results of the tournament would determine which of the English Community clans will be placed in Top League or League 2. 2) According to the tournament, clans who reached the green area in the tournament grid, and the Russian Top League, would take part in Clan Championship 8. The prizes were: 1st place: 2 500 000; 2nd place: 1 700 000; 3rd place: 1 300 000; 4th place: 1 000 000; 5-8th place: 700 000; 9th-16th: 500 000. Again, these were divided among the players.

Eighteen clans from the English community took part. The initial battles took place on 16th December, and went from the qualification stages, to the group stages and finally the play offs. In the end, only Russian clans reached the finals. In 1st - Clan CaS (Calm and Skill), in 2nd, Start-UP and in 3rd Clan STEP by STEP. The English clans also fared well, with Noob Army in 7th, Cobras Dangerous in 8th, The Tank Breakers in 11th, Dare Devils in 12th and Arab Knights in 14th. See here for the tournament information.

Clan Championship 8

Clan Championship 8 was announced on 25th February 2014, and ran until 11th April. For the first time, the prizes included money! First place received $6 000, 10 000 000 crystals and the Champion paint; second received $2 000, 10 000 000 crystals and the Silver paint; third received $1 000, 6 000 000 crystals and the Bronze paint. Champion has 22% against all turrets; Silver has 25% protection against Smoky and Thunder, 30% against Twins and 20% against Ricochet and Shaft. Bronze has 35% against Ricochet and Railgun, and 40% against Twins. The finals took place on 11th April, Clan Noobest vs Scorpions, and Tanki players could choose one of two paints representing the clan they thought would win. See here for reference. NooBest won, Scorpions placed second, and MIX third. These were all Russian clans. For the tournament table and information, see this link.

First set of Blitz tournaments

Before Starladder

Blitz tournaments started in Fall of 2013 and ended in Spring of 2014 just before Starladder was introduced. It was a weekly event, for clans in the 3rd and 4th League, that usually took place on the weekend. Crystal prizes were awarded.

During Starladder

In the summer of 2014, Tanki Online signed a contract with Starladder. Once Starladder was introduced Blitz tournaments were replaced with Ranking Cups, Weekend Cups and Daily Cups.

  • Daily Ranking Cups allowed players in beginner clans to win crystals as well as earning ranking points to qualify for the league above. Each individual tournament took place on the same map where the matches were played in Hornet-Railgun format without any protections. The top three clans of each cup were awarded with an amount of crystals depending on the number of participating clans.
  • Weekend Cups took place on Saturdays where all the matches were played on the map determined by the tournament name. Unlimited amounts of clans could join but the tournament was based on process of single elimination. The format of the matches was Hornet + Rail with no protections. The top three clans receive crystal awards of 350 000, 200 000, 100 000 accordingly as well as $200 US for the winning clan.
  • Daily cups took place from Wednesdays to Sundays where players with the minimum rank of Major could participate when part of a clan. Each Daily Cup took place in the map which was stated in the tournament title. Up to 32 clans could take part, at a time, and the tournament was based on the process of single elimination. Restrictions on hulls, turrets, and paints did not exist. Prizes for the top three clans consisted of 120 000, 60 000, and 30 000 crystals, accordingly.

Current Blitz Tournaments

After two months of absence, Blitz was re-launched in February 2016. The tournaments are mainly intended for clan ratings but also include crystals rewards. Prizes for XP / BP, Light, Medium, Hard (Economy); 1st place - 250 000 crystals; 2nd place - 150 000 crystals; 3rd place - 50 000 crystals. Hard (VIP), Exotic: 1st place - 400 000; 2nd place - 250 000; 3rd place - 150 000 crystals; 4th place - 50 000 crystals. Registrations open 6 hours before the tournament starts and can be found in the Russian forum. Maps and formats are chosen by esports officials ahead of time.

These are the 5 formats:

  • XP/BP Format
    • Hulls: Wasp (no more than three per team), Hornet
    • Turrets: Rail
    • Format: XP / BP
    • Paints: Any
    • Protection modules : N/a
    • Supplies: Off
  • Light Format
    • Hulls: Hornet, Wasp (not more than 2 per team)
    • Turrets: Rail, Smoky (not more than 1 per team)
    • Paints: Any
    • Protective modules : 35% resistance against Smoky (not more than 2 per team), 35% resistance against Railgun (not more than 2 per team); no more than one of these protections per player
    • Micro-upgrades: Off
    • Supplies: Off
  • Medium Format
    • Hulls: Light, Medium (no more than 3 per team)
    • Turrets: All except Isida, no more than 1 of each turret type per team
    • Paints: Any
    • Protection modules : Any other than the unique prize modules
    • Mode: CTF
    • Micro-upgrades: Off
    • Supplies: Off
    • Alterations: On
  • Hard Format
    • Hulls: All, Heavy (Mammoth, Titan) - not more than 2 per team
    • Turrets: All (no more than 2 players with the same turret per team), Isida only on light hulls
    • Paints: Any
    • Protection modules: Any other than the unique prize modules
    • Mode: CTF
    • Micro-upgrades: 1. Economy - OFF; 2. VIP - ON (during registration a clan indicates whether they want to play Economy or VIP)
    • Supplies: On
    • Smart supplies : Off
    • Alterations: On
  • Exotic Format
    • It can include any combination of Turrets, Hulls or Paints. The battle mode is CTF or CP. The format is unstable and is determined separately for each event. It does not affect the calculation of Clan ratings.

Map Settings:

  • PRO Battle: Yes
  • Format: Determined by the organisers at least one day before the start of the tournament.
  • Game Mode: Determined by the organisers at least one day before the start of the tournament.
  • Number of slots; 7 on each side ( 6 players and 1 extra slot in the event of technical problems)
  • Time: 12 minutes (2 to prepare, 10 for the battle)
  • Flags: (only in CTF mode) no restrictions (-)
  • Points: (only in CP mode) no restrictions (-)
  • Micro-upgrades: Determined by the organisers at least one day before the start of the tournament.
  • Equipment Change: 1. Hard and Medium - YES 2. XP/BP and Light - NO
  • Bonus Boxes: Yes
  • Gold boxes: Doesn’t matter
  • Supplies: determined by the organisers at least one day before the start of the tournament.
  • Private Battle: Yes
  • Autobalance: No
  • Auto-Completion: No
  • Theme: Summer
  • Ranks: From Brigadier to Generalissimo

Ranking System

Participating in the tournament will give clans a rating. Ratings will change when taking part in tournament matches but also from violations against the rules. Rating changes depend on these conditions:

  • For participating in the tournament = 1 point;
  • For winning the 1/4 final = 1 point;
  • For winning 1/2 final 2 points;
  • For victory in the final = 3 points;
  • For third place win = 1 point;
  • For failure to appear or refusal to fight = -2 points (penalty);
  • For violations. The clan can be fined rating points at the decision of the organisers

Clan calculation of rating points for winning a battle is conducted according to the formula: R new = 3 * (2-10 (M1-M2) / 400 ) + 1, where M1 - in the ranking of the winning clan, M2 - in the ranking of the opposite clan.

Other Events

These events were either held before the Cybersport channel existed, or small enough not to be categorized as a major tournament.