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We will always consider your feedback and comments!

Ico35.png Video Guides

Here are the best video guides made by Tanki Online players. This collection of video guides will teach you how to use turrets to their full potential, use supplies wisely as well as explaining the physics engine behind the game. There are also a few parkour guides that will teach you and your friends how to conquer some of the toughest buildings in TO.

Ico35.png Guides for Maps

A collection of map guides written by reporters, players, and Wiki Editors. From the absolute basics to In Depth information, these guides will help you learn how to effectively play on every map and mode in Tanki Online.

Ico35.png In depth: Game Mechanics

An in-depth analysis on how the Tanki Online Game Mechanics work. This will explain how everything works, from Firebirds burn to Shafts laser.

Ico35.png Guides for Turrets and Hulls

All turrets and hulls in Tanki are different. Here you will find all the information you need to be able to use every turret and hull in the game effectively and professionally.

Ico35.png Advice from experienced players

It can be hard starting off in Tanki Online, so here are some tips, tricks, and pieces of advice from some of the games most experienced players.