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Guide to playing in Short Bridge effectively

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About Short Bridge

Overview: Short Bridge is a map that isn't impossible to find, but simultaneously isn't one you can reliably look for. As the name implies, it's not a large map, by any means. Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 10 players, 5 vs 5



Closed ranged turrets excel in this map because there's nowhere to run! In a lot of maps, closer ranged turrets find their niche by sticking around in the cramped quarters, but that's pretty much what this whole map is! Turrets such as Firebird, Hammer, Freeze will have little trouble in finding prey. Bearing in mind that there's little to run to, heavier hulls work best here, and a balance isn't necessary here. Short bridge is very cramped in all spots, meaning you can sport a Titan or Mammoth yet still prove effective in the battlefield. However, hulls such as Viking and Hunter shouldn't be discredited; the extra speed can situationally help in a pinch.


Light hulls have little-to-no role in capturing flags here, as the map is particularly small, meaning it's highly unlikely an attacker will have a clear, unmanned path for escape, since there are so few paths available. Therefore, hulls such as Wasp and Hornet should be completely avoided. Conversely, hulls such as Titan and Mammoth can make for bulky defenders, whilst Dictator, Hunter and Viking can make for suitable attackers; all of these should be coupled with a closer ranged turret; you will be able to cover a lot of the flag bases with Firebird and Freeze, for example.


There's only one control point in this map, meaning that if you're not going heavy, there's no point going at all. Titan and Mammoth are the optimal hulls for this gamemode, as no matter where you respawn, very little distance is needed to reach the control point. Couple this with a hard hitting turret, since, undoubtedly, you'll be on the offensive throughout the entire match.