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Guide to playing in Scope effectively

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About Scope

Overview: Scope is an incredibly unpopular map. It's a rare day when a battle survives for most of the day, despite the stage having unique aspects that cannot be found anywhere else. Scope, while not among the ranks of Polygon and Island in terms of abundance, still offers an excellent variety of gameplay options, granting opportunities to support every turret and hull.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 20 players, 10 vs 10



Scope balances on the border between being a medium and large map. A massive open space sprawls between two cordoned bases, leaving each side and the no-man's-land clearly defined. There is a long underpass that connects the 2 sides as well. Aside from the apparent routes across the field between several entrances and exits on the ramparts, there is a small network of tunnels underground that travel beneath the stage. As this stage can support all kinds of metallic life, there's no surefire winning combo right off the bat, as the situation can change drastically between individual players. However, a few manage to just stick out among the multitude of other combinations.

  • Wasp and HammerWasp / Hammer always fares well on Scope due to the excellent tandem functions of massive damage output by Hammer, suitable reload time, and unsurpassed nimbleness and aptitude for traveling quickly from location to location, as well as escaping tight situations. This combo suits the underpass and bases of the map as the speed will allow you to get through it quickly and the high damage output will allow you to severely damage or kill anyone you come up against, especially if you keep a mental check on which tanks have suffered injuries previously. The best way to use this combo in the bases is to sneak around the back of your enemies, attack them from behind, and retreat back into a tunnel, making way for another entrance. Surprise is undeniably Hammer / Wasp's best factor, so possibly a paint that can help you blend in with the surroundings would serve you well. Lead is great for the field, whereas Carbon and Rhino have potential to keep you well hidden in the shadows.
  • Viking and Ricochet – Due to obvious reasons, Ricochet can pretty much own anyone they so choose in the tunnels. Add the stability and suitable balance of health and speed of Viking, and a considerable threat is born. High projectile speed and the uncanny ability to fight from behind blind corners means that you're going to be difficult to confront directly, especially in the tunnels where missing is something that requires effort to accomplish. You're not limited to the confines of the subterranean complex, however; the planar design of the bases means there are still plenty of opportunities to fire a few crafty shots and knock off the aim of a few light tanks. Find some Double Damage crates, and the raw power alone will be enough to quash enemies that dare stray near.
  • Viking and Shaft – On a map named Scope, it would be assumed that a weapon with a scope should have little to no problems. Shaft leaves nothing to be desired in this aspect, taking maximum advantage of the wide open grounds before each building to pound away at trespassers of their base. Staying on the buildings themselves is preferable to a Viking / Shaft for a maximum targeting range. Viking also doubles its effectiveness as a stable hull by being able to occasionally outrun an attacker if needed. Hiding your laser is the key to not being immediately discovered. You will need to find an object that is very close to you that can hide your laser, so you don't wind up scaring away all of your potential targets.


Both bases in Scope are quite well covered. Each construct is built like a castle: few entrances, high walls, and plenty of ways to attack from above. These traits make the buildings easy to defend, but at the same time, it also means that the tunnels become far more favorable. Dividing your attention between the lower entrances and the main gate is necessary to properly defend your side. A Hunter / Twins with good aim will do for blockading an area and patrolling, but if you're looking for a more stalwart approach, Mammoth / Thunder has been known for being nigh undefeatable with a few supplies. As for attacking, you would usually want to take the underpass to get to the base. The open areas in the middle can be used as well, but often there are quite a few Shaft and Railgun patrolling that area or scouting from directly above. It’s recommended that you use Hornet or Wasp for offensive maneuvers, as the other hulls just don’t quite have the speed needed to get in and out with the flag and outrun the other team if needed. However, medium hulls are great at supporting the attack and blocking off the enemy as needed. Any turret can perform well; it just depends what you are comfortable with and what you are trying to do. For example, Firebird, Thunder and Hammer are great for clearing the area around the flag, Ricochet is capable of attacking from behind cover, and Smoky or Railgun is best for attacking the enemies at a range. If you decide to use Shaft, remember that you're their lifeline in the event of a retreat. This means clearing the way for them or taking out pesky opponents is a must when the opportunity becomes available.


Hornet or Wasp is great for getting to those control points that are closer to the enemy base, but have a Viking follow up quickly to keep the point under your team's control. When partnered with a powerful turret that can lay into opponents quickly, such as Firebird, Freeze or Twins, you become both fast and extremely deadly. Even Isida can potentially whittle away at enemies and add to its own survivability, but they may be better suited for a support role over a purely offensive one. Once the points are sorted out between teams, the real battles ensure, usually a push and shove between the central ones. Mid-fielders are more important in this battle mode, allowing Dictator to roam the fields with any moderately ranged weapon and wreak havoc upon anyone who dares pass through the enemy gates.