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Guide to playing in Gravity effectively

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About Gravity

Gravity new.jpg
Gravity winter new.jpg

Overview: Gravity is a map that you can occasionally find all across the spectrum - it's worth taking a look at, since it can be a nice alternative to the norm, but it isn't the easiest to find.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 20 players, 10 vs 10



Given the ample cramped quarters in this map, it would be expected that shorter-ranged turrets prosper here, and whilst they do, it's not as viable as it could be. The reason for this is the fact there are many, many inclines on this map, and they have to be used to navigate around the map, meaning that often, you will have to fight on them - since these inclines are mostly a single prop in length, shorter range turrets will be forced to fight at undesirable angles, meaning their charge will miss, whether they're at the top or the bottom - this obviously doesn't apply to Twins, but it's a problem the other turrets face. With that being said, they're still viable, since opponents will also be faced with this problem - just that it comes down to mind games as opposed to being a certain offensive presence. Longer ranged turrets have a viable role in shooting from the outside of the map.


Despite the problems that shorter ranged turrets face, they can still be a problem from an offensive and defensive standpoint. The bases are cramped, making it ideal for attacking and defending, which can be beneficial or a hindrance, depending on the role you're playing in battle. Longer ranged turrets can also be a midfield presence on the outskirts of the map, attacking offensive threats, often with no way for them to attack back.


There are five control points, and Gravity isn't too large, meaning all points will be under threat. Light hulls still have a niche role in navigating around the map - the very narrow inclines make it significantly easier for light hulls to move around the map, although they can fall down in combat - it's advised to equip Firebird or Freeze, since it leaves a mark after they've dealt with you. A midfield presence on the outskirts of the map is always helpful although control points are nearby, so they will need to be weary of that.