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Guide to playing in Deathtrack effectively

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About Deathtrack

Deathtrack winter.jpg

Overview: Deathtrack is a map that is becoming increasingly popular day to day, not only because of its huge surface area, but also because of it's varying height levels, distinctive props and complicated battle strategies.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 12v12, 24 Players


Deathtrack first appeared in the game on October 1st, 2009 - it's quite an old map!



“Camping” Tactic

The first strategy in any DM game is to camp; and with camping, come's a huge challenge - you have to use your supplies and make sure you're safe from at least two sides giving you complete protection.
That being said, there are many, many camping positions in Deathtrack, and almost all of them are in the four corners (where activity level is relatively low than other areas in the map). All of these positions work fairly well with Magnum, Railgun or Shaft. One of the best positions you can use is the one right next to the Blue flag where the pillars are located. There is enough cover and a Repair Kit drop zone right next to you in case you get shot. Suggestions wise, I'd rather use a medium hull along with Shaft here, as you need to be mobile and dynamic - moving around when needed. The biggest advantage of this position is that it governs almost all of the map, making the sniper here deadly to anyone on the team.

Another good place to camp is behind or in front of - depending upon your turret - the big orange-brown building horizontally opposite to the Red flag. This place has a lot bushes, and a broken tower if you get pinned; meaning that if you're Magnum or Railgun, this place is perfect for you.

The third good spot to camp is right in the middle of the map, on top of the little cliff or podium-like thingy with two sets of ramps leading up to it. This place will allow you to shoot all over the Red base (as it is only easily accessible by the Blue team). The weapon and hull of choice here could be something like Magnum along with Titan, or a more "dirtier" combination of Mammoth and Shaft. Both work incredibly good here, but do note that at times, the Red team will get tired of you and try to end you once and for all.

“Hit and Run” Tactic

Another strategy is the Hit and Run strategy. As stated by the name, this involves moving around almost all the time attacking everyone. You will almost certainly need quite a few supplies to pull this off effectively, especially Double Damage, but it can just about guarantee a top placing.

The key to pulling this tactic off effectively is to get out of the enemy’s line of fire. Try to damage them while driving around them, staying behind the turret if possible. The ideal equipment is probably a quick, sturdy hull such as Hornet, Viking or Hunter partnered with a turret that has high damage and a reasonably quick reload speed, such as Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Twins or Striker.


A TDM match in Deathtrack will go a lot slower than other modes, mainly because of the huge size. People will become reluctant to travel such huge distances only to get a few kills at a time, and instead, they'll opt for sniping - one of the biggest methods used to win a Deathmatch TDM. Use the sniping positions stated above, lay a few mines and try to play with Magnum, as it has huge damage, can take out a bunch of enemies in one shot and above all, has a good reload time in accordance with the wreck it causes. Additionally, I'd suggest using green-colored camouflage paints such as Clay, Needle and Forester to make yourself invisible from distant enemies.



The main strategy to defend the flag in this map is to go all out, spam mines near the flag, put two or three defenders with medium to long ranged turrets on top of the flag along with one Isida. However, do not think that a Freeze or Firebird isn't useful here, as they are.

Another method you can try is have a Freeze and Hornet or Viking hanging out around the flag so any tankers trying to get past will find it even harder to get away.


In attack, there are ultimately two ways to get the flag or return it - you can either go through the middle quickly or you can go through the corners steadily and surely land right on the Blue flag.

For hulls, a light or medium hull is recommended, such as Hornet or Wasp, just so that you can nip in and out of the enemy base quickly without taking much damage. While attacking, it is best trying to go in groups of two or more. This means that if they target one of the two, the second can try taking advantage of the reload time and stealing a sneaky flag. You will need to try and take the route that has the most teammates on it as if you lose it, they will be near to pick it up. As for turrets, Freeze, Smoky, Hammer and Twins/Ricochet will definitely help in stealing the enemy flag.


There are a total of five control points in this map - two in either bases and one in the middle, all of which will be highly contested at certain points in the battle. This is because of the map's size, which is so big, teammates usually find it easier to cover far distances alone than in a group (because groups can sometimes cause havoc, while on the other hand, a single tank finds it easier to sneak up on a certain point). Light to medium hulls are necessary for capturing or stealing control points, while heavy hulls prove to be more worthy while camping in the middle or defending points in one's base.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Smoky, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum or Shaft
Viking, Hunter or Titan


Firebird, Hammer, Railgun, Freeze, Shaft, Isida, Smoky, Thunder, Magnum or Striker
Viking, Hunter, Titan, Hornet or Wasp


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Twins, Freeze or Isida
Viking, Hunter, Titan or Mammoth