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About Cross

Cross winter.jpg

Overview: Highland is quite a complicated map - it has various height levels, is quite cramped at certain places and requires a specific set of skills to play in. It is a medium-sized map and an excellent training place for mastering close-defensive and offensive tactics. It offers a nice experience in the fast-paced gameplay which only minority of players notice and take for good. It is also a nice and popular place for parkouring. Small to medium ranged turrets will thrive here, but due to the vast space between both the bases, longer-ranged turrets such as Railguns or Shafts can sometimes pop up too.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 8v8, 16 Players


  1. Cross first appeared on December 18, 2009.
  2. The creator of the map — eras.



DMScenario Cross.jpg

Due to the interesting position of certain walls, houses, et cetera; a wide range of equipment can be suitable here. Let us take a look at hulls - this map is a moderately sized, so a light or a medium hull such as Hornet or Viking is suitable here as their maneuverability can come in handy when dodging enemies or defending themselves using the walls and houses present in the map. At the same time, heavy hulls like Titan can also be used here if you are looking into positioning yourself in one area and dominating. There are a wide number of turrets that could be effectively used in Cross - and the most suitable turrets would be Ricochet, Smoky, Railgun and Striker. Around the periphery of the map, the area is empty and so long range turrets like Railgun/Smoky would be really effective and at the same time, in the central area, due to houses and walls being present. It is really efficient for a turret like Ricochet/Thunder/Striker due to its splash damage/ricocheting effect which would dominate. An ideal type of equipment generally suitable for all playing styles would be Smoky and Viking.

Next in my acronym are the miners. Miners, as the name suggests, are players whose main way of destroying enemies is through mine use. In normal mode, this is incredibly uncommon, as it takes players a long time to reload their mines, and they do not care to waste them. However, in pro battles, one can switch on the setting of “smart supplies”, which allows you to burn supplies much more quickly. This is where a miner would play.

Miners are not necessarily playing in DM mode to make kills. In fact, they usually go to play in “Save the Gold” events. These are matches where players have to attempt to take gold boxes from other players who drop them and then surround them with mines. Still, there are occasionally miners who simply want to accumulate kills. The best strategy for these kinds of players is to find an efficient camping location, surround it with mines, and then start shooting at enemies. This can actually be a very efficient way of gaining experience if you know where to plant your mines. Cross has some very effective mining locations, making it perfect for this type of combat. One of these such locations is behind the cement block that has already been mentioned several times in this guide. Here you can equip a heavy hull such as Mammoth (your mine will be stronger if you plant it using a hull with more armor) and heavy damaging turret such as Vulcan. This location will allow you to attack enemies normally but be invulnerable to short ranged attacks. Another good location is on top of the ramps, near the repair kit. This location will allow you to attack the most enemies and collect the most kills. However, this is only for players who don’t mind using a lot of supplies to stay alive. Because the ramps are the center of attention, all hostile eyes will be on you, and you will need to protect yourself with much more than just mines. I recommend either titan or mammoth (whichever one is the strongest at your rank) and striker, as it is a perfect balance between fast reload and high damage.

After the slayers and the miners are the ambushers. Ambushers are players with short-ranged turrets that are usually paired with light to medium hulls, and, as the name suggests, they wait for enemies to pass by before jumping out at them and destroying them. The entire point of an ambusher is the element of surprise. Without this, you will suffer from more deaths than kills. Other than that, the last kind of attacker found in DM mode is the hider. The hider, also known as the sniper and the “camper”, is the player who hides behind obstacles and uses a high-damaging turret to pick off his or her enemies one by one. For this role, I recommend either Shaft, Striker or possibly Magnum; depending on where you decide to go. What hull you use also depends on this, although in general heavy hulls such as Titan are quite effective.


TDMScenario Cross.jpg

The main objective of TDM is the make sure that their team gets the most number of kills, or to make sure that the enemy team gets the least number of kills. To ensure victory, different ways are applied. The most approved way is to equip a heavy hull such as Mammoth or Titan, which would be very difficult to destroy, as compared to a medium or a light hull. To make it even more difficult, an Isida should be present for assisting the heavy hulls. Since the heavy hulls like Mammoth and Titan are used, it is not wise to equip self-damaging turrets such as Striker and Thunder since it would be very difficult for them to survive as compared. The most appropriate type of turret would be a long-mid range turret such as Smoky, Ricochet, Twin, etc. The reason being that is because when a heavy hull is equipped, the movement is reduced so to compensate for that, long-mid range turrets are used to shoot enemies far away and at the same time, to make sure that the hull isn't taking a lot of damage itself.While there are heavy hulls, the enemy team's first instinct would be to destroy the heavy hulls, for this, turrets like Railgun and Shaft can be used with a light/medium hull which can use the walls and ramps for the defense when they are aiming for the heavy hulls. One single Railgun shot can give heavy damage to the opponents so it's more suitable with a light hull such as BP (for easy maneuverability). If equipping heavy hulls is not a playing style of your choice, then the other way is by using dynamic strategy. Before, an Isida and a Titan would dominate as it would be difficult to kill, but at the same time the damaging rate would be reduced which in turn would take time for the enemy team to be destroyed, we could channel that and double the damaging rate by, instead of equipping Isida, another damaging turret such as Hammer/Smoky should be equipped. With the double firing power of Twins and Smoky, it would overpower the enemy team and would kill instantly. An ideal combination would be a BP, Mammoth/Twins, and Isida/Viking. The three-man team could take out a dozen before they die themselves, a huge asset in this format.

Additional help required in a Cross TDM could be that of the sniper. However, unlike the other modes thus far, where the snipers are located behind walls or towers. This way, the sniper can defend its teammates from enemies that come from behind, and it can also shoot enemies under the ramps that are on their way. This quickens the death toll and helps your team advance more quickly. For this task, I recommend Railgun. Striker does not have the time to send multiple missiles at enemies (as they can hide in many places under the ramps), Shaft can only see one place at a time and Magnum reloads too slowly. What’s more is that Railgun makes a very unique sound that is quite easy to distinguish over the sounds that the other turrets make. Every time the Railgun shoots, your teammates will hear it and will be alerted of nearby enemies. I did not specify where you should put mines, as there are so many possible places where they can be. However, if I were to choose three locations, I would choose the three ramps.



Most people assume that camping is the best type of defense, which isn't completely accurate. Camping will help your team stay stagnant, but it won't let your team move forward. To move forward, or to dominate in the map, it is essential for the defensive team to be in sync with the offensive team. The positioning and routes of the defending team are shown. It is essential for them to follow the route so they can push and damage the enemy team in their own base, whose ripple effect would increase the probability of the flag being captured. For instance, in a 6v6 battle, it is essential for at least 2 tankers to push forward and take control of the enemy side's base so the attacking squad can take the flag while the enemy team is busy clearing out their base.

In the case of drops, it is important for the defensive squad to have control over drop boxes on their side in order to have complete sync with the offensive squad. In order to do that, they have to time the falling drop boxes and push forward when suitable in order to take the drop boxes before the enemy team takes it. Once again, camping would be an unwise decision as you won't be able to take the drop boxes. If the drops are successfully taken, the both the offensive and the defensive squad can push together with ease and have flags captured whilst taking control of the enemy base.

DefensivePositions Cross.jpg

Last of all, I recommend you have a vigil directly next to the flag. Here, I would put either Firebird or Freeze. Firebird's afterburn would burn the enemies even after they outran it, making it effective. However, this would mean that enemies might not die until they have carried your flag far enough for another to take it. On the other hand, Freeze slows down enemies, giving it more time to deal damage to them and more time for the Shaft to shoot more than once. The Freeze or Firebird should hide behind the tower right next to the base, and place mines near the exits. This is in case frustrated enemies come to kill you. You should plant one more mine in the entrance of the small pathway between the ramp and the stone border of the map, which is where most enemies will come through. The mine will deal lots of damage, and then your Freeze and your Shaft will be able to take out what’s left of your enemy’s health. Another place you could place the Freeze is behind the house right next to your flag. However, this may be inconvenient to you as enemies can easily hit you from behind.


Generally speaking, there are about two routes through which an attack wave can function, one being Under-The-Bridge route (blue arrows) and the other On-The-Bridge route (red arrows), as given. The route under the bridge is a safe route and at the same time, a longer route, whereas the other route is the opposite, a short but risky route.

OffensivePositions Cross.jpg

Most commonly used route is the Under-The-Bridge route which assures the flag being successfully captured as the route travels around the walls and buildings which would act as a defensive shield when the enemy team shoots and it also travels in the team's base more than the enemy's base, hence making it a safe route. The other route is via the bridge where it is exposed, making it a bit tricky to travel unharmed. With good coordination, a tanker can go via the bridge unharmed. In the case of drops, the team should plan in such a way that they go for an attack wave when they have the drop boxes or when the drop boxes are falling because, in a game with drop boxes, the outcome is majorly dependent on which team consumes the drop boxes. A coordinated attack via the given Under-The-Bridge route can give a higher percentage of the flag being captured. The other route, On-The-Bridge, is a bit tricky because it is more exposed, but if the flag holder had a DA (Double Armor) and a Nitro alongside assistance from the other team players, it would be easy to make a quick capture. After all, in this format, coordination is one of the key factors.


CPScenario Cross.jpg

The most dynamic type of format, Capture Points (CP) is very unpredictable in the game and can completely turn the tables when least expected. Unlike other formats, here, it's not about destroying enemies, it's mainly about capturing points and making sure that the points are captured by stalling. A mere corpse could help you stall and make the enemy team take a longer time to capture a particular point.

In the map Cross, there are three points - all of which are one on the bridge having two ramps on either sides

Even though there should be dynamic gameplay in this map, it is essential to have heavy hulls which would help tremendously in the game. The enemy team spawns on one side of the map, to access the point, they would have to use one of the three ramps, if there is one heavy hull being assisted by one Isida on each ramp, it would be extremely difficult for the enemy team to get close to the points alive. They would either be destroyed before the attempt to capture the point or they would capture with extremely low health points, which would be a downfall since the opposite team would spawn back and capture it. The ideal situation would be to keep one Mammoth and any turret (with no self-damage) and one Isida Viking on the point. That would ensure complete capturing of the point and, due to the heavy hull such as mammoth having high HP, it would also be successful in slowing down the opponents as time is a major factor here. In the case of turrets, turrets such as Ricochet, Smoky, Twins would be essential alongside short ranged turrets such as Firebird and Isida. Isida's main purpose would be to assist its own team rather than damaging the enemy while the other medium/short ranged turrets do the damaging. If properly used, one Firebird can be enough to severely damage 3-4 tankers before it gets destroyed, which can be a huge asset to the team.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Smoky, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum , Twins or Vulcan
Viking, Titan or Mammoth


Firebird, Hammer, Railgun, Freeze, Shaft, Isida, Smoky, Thunder, Magnum or Striker
Viking, Hunter, Titan, Dictator or Hornet


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Smoky, Striker, Twins, Freeze or Isida
Viking, Hunter, Titan or Mammoth

This guide was compiled from the winning entries of the Wikimania contest.