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Guide to playing in Bobruisk effectively

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About Bobruisk

Overview: Bobruisk has always been one of the more iconic, yet not so commonly played maps, in Tanki Online. It was featured in the StarLadder HardStyle tournament which saw it host some truly amazing gameplay.

Battle Modes: TDM, CTF, CP, DM

Size: 20 players, 10 v 10



Bobruisk in CTF mode is what it, as a map, is most famous for. Its two sides are at different heights - Red team having the high ground and the Blue team the low ground. Defensively, some say that Red are at an advantage as their defenders can remain in cover easily and also have clear places in which to place mines:


Equipped with Freeze you can make a formidable defender in a Supplies game or even in a Pro Battle.

In contrast, Blue side defenders are generally more exposed which can lead to them getting shot as they have no cover from which to defend behind. However this can also lead to an advantage - that of seeing the enemy approaching a long time before they are near your flag:


In terms of attacking in Capture-the-Flag, Viking can be a good choice equipped with Freeze or Firebird. If you like supporting the attack, Isida can be a great choice as getting back your own base without any assistance in Bobruisk can be tricky.

Sometimes, Wasp can sneak into the Blue base and steal the flag away, so if all else fails, keep this in mind. Pace can be a greater asset than health in some occasions.

Magnum is a very good choice here, since there's lots of cover and the lack of range.


Team Deathmatches in Bobruisk can often come down to camping. Both side have good camping spots (a.k.a use Magnum) and Shafts thrive in TDM as there are plenty of bushes for them to nestle themselves into:



Deathmatches in Bobruisk are good for most weapons in all honesty. The only weapons that probably would not work out very well are Shaft and Vulcan.

Short range weapons such a Striker and Firebird can thrive here.

In terms of tactics - it is best to stay away from the central ditch as it attracts a lot of enemy fire. Sneak in between houses and take out your enemies stealthily instead.


The key thing to remember in CP mode always is that you only need to have control of 2 points to win. Focus on 2 of the points which will mean that you are not stretching your team too far. Only if you are certain that you are in control should you go for the third point. If you attack prematurely then your team's position could be weakened irreparably and you would lose the game.

Your team should ideally have a lot of Isidas, primarily to heal them and themselves. The goal is to stay alive by a point, or stop your enemies taking a point. Isidas can accomplish both of these task.

Recommended Equipment


Striker, Firebird, Ricochet, Isida, Thunder, Twins, Freeze, Hammer, Smoky.
Viking, Hunter, Titan or Mammoth.


Magnum, Shaft, Railgun, or Thunder.
Mammoth, Titan, or Viking.


Freeze. Magnum, Isida or Firebird.
Viking, Wasp, Titan or Mammoth.


Isida, Shaft, Magnum, or Thunder.
Viking, Hunter, Titan, or Wasp.