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| style="text-align: center;" | '''1 000 crystals'''
| style="text-align: center;" | '''1 000 crystals'''
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Goldhalloween2016.png|75px|link=]]
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Goldhalloween2016.png|75px|link=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMbWnSatrsM]]
| style="text-align: center;" | '''Halloween — 2017'''
| style="text-align: center;" | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMbWnSatrsM '''Halloween — 2017''']
| style="text-align: center;" | '''1 000 crystals'''
| style="text-align: center;" | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMbWnSatrsM '''1 000 crystals''']
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Goldtankersday2017.png|75px|link=]]
| style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Goldtankersday2017.png|75px|link=]]

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GoldBox banner 2.png

Supply item, after activation one Gold Box with crystals inside will drop at a random spot on the map.

Maybe you’ve heard somewhere an ancient greeting uttered by an old clan of gold diggers - “Gold pls”. At one time, that request was for mods and admins, but also for regular tankers. Gold diggers would haunt the battles in search of Golds yet to drop, and the thirst for shiny boxes would dominate their minds, rendering them incapable of coherent speech and play.

There are drop zones for Gold Boxes on every map - and most maps have several drop zones.

Originally the Gold Box was dropped when the battle fund reached a multiple of 700 crystals. Since Update 1.78.0, it can now appear in a battle with any fund size. The probability of dropping was 1/10000. However, now it is connected to the timer, and not the battle fund (with the actual probability disclosed as around 1/3—or 1/1260 per second—by the developers).

On February 19th 2016, an option to disable Gold Boxes dropping in PRO battles was added.

On July 29th 2016, the "Gold Box Supply" was added to the game. This new supply is available for purchase in the shop for players ranked Warrant Officer 1 and higher — and can also be acquired by completing special daily missions. Once you have a Gold Box supply in your garage, you’ll be able to drop it using the 6 key.


The Gold Box Notification Siren

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Black Box

A Black Box

The Black Box is a special Gold Box, black in colour, which randomly drops instead of a standard Gold Box only in Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles. The player who catches it receives 1 Container instead of the standard 1 000 crystals for normal Gold Boxes. The Black Box can not be dropped by players, it can only be dropped by the server randomly instead of a Gold Box. The notification for a Black Box is the same as for the standard Gold Box. The chances for a Black Box to drop instead of a Gold Box has not been released by the Developers.

History of the Black Box

Black Boxes first appeared during the 2017 Black Friday celebrations, and then they were removed when the celebrations ended. Tankers liked them so much that Black Boxes were also added for the duration of the 2017-2018 New Years celebrations. After the New Year celebrations ended, on January 9th, Black Boxes were added into the game forever.

FAQ: Gold Box

Q: Why are some Gold Boxes that drop in battles black?
A: With the introduction of containers, sometimes, black-colored boxes drop, taking the place of a regular Gold Box. These boxes reward you with a single container, as opposed to the standard 1,000 crystals.

Q: Can users, Helpers or Administrators drop Gold Boxes?
A: Gold Boxes are completely random; i.e., they have a random probability of dropping which is connected to the timer of the battle. The only way for users, Helpers and Administrators to drop a Gold Box is by using the "Gold Box Supply".

Q: How long after the notification does the Gold Box start dropping?
A: Since March 24th, 2018, you will have 10 seconds after the notification before the Gold Box starts dropping.


Q: Where do Gold Boxes usually drop?
A: Gold Boxes drop at different, fixed random "zones" placed all over the map. The best place to start looking would be your base first.. After you have scanned that area, try looking in the middle, your enemies' base, the edges of the map or other obvious places.

Q: How can I find out where a Gold Box is dropping?
A: You are looking for a white square with a golden crystal in the middle. Move your camera to its highest point so you can see as much ground around you as possible. After about five seconds since the notification has appeared and you still haven't found the zone yet, bring your camera down to the lowest it can go and start looking in the sky for the Gold.

Q: What is the best/easiest way to catch a Gold Box?
A: Have a read through this guide to Gold Box Hunting.

Q: Can Gold Boxes be disabled?
A: Yes. There is now an option to disable Gold Boxes from dropping in Pro battles. The Gold Box Supply will also be disabled.

History of the Gold Box

Modern look of the Gold Box

The look of the box may change depending on celebrations or events happening at the time.

Gold Box — Holidays' and Celebrations' Designs

Gold Box — Holidays' and Celebrations' Designs
Holiday / Celebration
2018 july crazyweekend gold.png Crazy Weekend — July 2018 1 000 crystals
2018 ufo gold.png World UFO Day — 2018 1 000 crystals
2018 cosmonautics gold.png Cosmonautics Day — 2018 1 000 crystals
2018 mayholidays gold.png May Holidays — 2018 1 000 crystals
2018 foolsday gold.png April Fools Celebrations — 2018 Different rewards
2018 womensday gold.png International Women's Day — 2018 1 000 crystals
2018irondays gold.png Iron Days — 2018 1 000 crystals
2018 V Day Gold.png Valentine's Day — 2018 1 000 crystals
2017 black friday gold.png Black Friday — 2017 A Container
RwCjQ7n.png New Year — 2018 1 000 crystals
Goldhalloween2016.png Halloween — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldtankersday2017.png Tankers’ Day — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldsummersales2017.png Summer Sales — 2017 1 000 crystals
XxfVUOo.png Tanki Online 8th B-Day — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldcosmoday2017.png Cosmonautics Day — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldaprilfools2017.png April Fool's Day — 2017 Different rewards
Goldwomensday2017.png Women’s Day — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldirondays2017.png Iron Days — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldvalentines2017.png Valentine's Day — 2017 3 000 crystals
RwCjQ7n.png New Year — 2017 1 000 crystals
Goldtanki7thbday.png Tanki Online's 7th Birthday — 2016 1 000 crystals
Goldhalloween2016.png Halloween — 2016 1 000 crystals
Goldaprilfool2016.png April Fools' Day — 2016 Different rewards
Goldinternationalwomensday2016.png International Women's Day — 2016 3 000 crystals
Goldvalentineday2016.png Valentine's Day — 2016 3 000 crystals
Goldnewyear2016.png New Year — 2016 2 016 crystals
Goldtankersday2015.png Tankers' Day — 2015 2 000 crystals
Goldhalloween2015.png Halloween — 2015 1 000 crystals
Goldtanki6thbday.png Tanki Online 6th B-Day — 2015 6 000 crystals
Goldmay2015 9000.png May Holidays — 2015 9 000 crystals
Goldmay2015 8000.png 8 000 crystals
Goldmay2015 7000.png 7 000 crystals
Goldmay2015 6000.png 6 000 crystals
Goldmay2015 5000.png 5 000 crystals
Goldstarladder2015.png StarLadder Championship — 2015 3 000 crystals
Goldaprilfool2015.png April Fools' Day — 2015 Random reward, from 100 to 5 000 crystals
Goldinternationalwomensday2015.png International Women's Day — 2015 3 000 crystals
Goldvalentineday2015.png Valentine's Day — 2015 3 000 crystals
Goldnewyear2015 2.png New Year — 2015 2 015 crystals
Goldnewyear2015.png 1 000 crystals
Goldhalloween2014.png Halloween — 2014 3 000 crystals
Goldgamescom2014.png Tanki Online at Gamescom — 2014 2 000 crystals
Goldtanki5thbday.png Tanki Online 5th B-Day — 2014 5 000 crystals
Goldnewyear2014 2.png New Year — 2014 2 014 crystals
Goldnewyear2014.png 3 000 crystals
Goldhalloween2013.png Halloween — 2013 3 000 crystals
Goldmoonsilence2013.png Farewell to Moon Silence — 2013 3 000 crystals
Goldnewyear2013 2.png New Year — 2013 200 crystals
Goldnewyear2013.png 100 crystals
Goldhalloween2012.png Halloween — 2012 305 crystals

Timeline of events

Gold Box drop location marker
  • 03.12.2009 Addition of the Gold Box worth 1000 crystals.
  • 11.12.2009 Value of the Gold Box reduced to 100 crystals.
  • 04.06.2010 Gold Box drop locations added to all maps.
  • 06.05.2011 In honour of Victory Day for a few days instead of the typical Gold Box there were boxes worth half of the typical value, but their drop rates were almost three times greater than usual. These boxes had a different design.
  • 19.07.2011 Launch of the "Hidden Gold Box" event.
  • 28.02.2012 On Massacre map, one of the Gold Box drop zones was removed. Before, there were two zones and two Gold Boxes dropping with a slight delay between them.
  • 08.03.2012 Notification added, displaying the name of the player that took the Gold Box.
  • 26.04.2012 Gold Box drop algorithm was changed. After this update it could randomly drop at any fund.
  • 18.05.2012 For the first time, (after Massacre) multiple drop zones were added on the following maps: 2042, Boombox, Garder, Sandbox, Silence, Silence 2, Zone.
  • 31.05.2012 Additional drop zones added on maps Polygon, Sandal, Short Bridge, Madness, Iran.
  • 08.06.2012-01.07.2012 During the Euro-2012 football event the value of Gold Boxes was increased to 200, 300, 400 and 500 crystals as the event was progressing.
  • 30.10.2012 «Halloween 2012» event. The value of the special Gold Box, on the Halloween map, was 305 crystals.
  • 13.02.2013 The value of the default Gold Box was increased tenfold (up to 1000 crystals), due to the changes in the game’s economy.
  • 29.04.2013 Gold Boxes now drop in the same places as crystal boxes. A notification about an upcoming Gold Box was added.
  • 01.05.2013 The text notification gets a siren to go along with it.
  • 03.10.2013 Start of the «Goodbye Moon Silence» event. On Moon Silence map, the value of Gold Boxes was tripled and its drop rate increased by 1.5 times. The player who took the most Gold Boxes received a bonus consisting of 50 supplies per type.
  • 31.10.2013 Start of the «Halloween 2013» event. Value of Gold Boxes on all maps was increased to 3000.
  • 02.12.2013 During the winter holidays' celebrations «From Christmas to Christmas», the value of the Gold Box was increased to 2014 crystals.
  • 24.12.2013 For the last few days of 2013, the Gold Box value went up to 3000.
  • 31.01.2014 Removal of the bug that caused Gold Boxes to drop on billboards, making them almost impossible for players to reach.
  • 08.02.2014 On maps Arena, Scope, Valley, Opposition, Hill, Deck-9, Pass, Gubakha, Courage and Canyon the Gold Box value was doubled. This was done to attract players’ attention towards these rarely used maps.
  • 01.05.2014-12.05.2014 In time for the May Holidays, Gold Box's value was increased to 3000.
  • 02.06.2014 The colour of Gold Box notifications was changed to a brighter orange. This was done to help players differentiate between messages about flags and Gold Boxes' drop warning.
  • 04.06.2014-08.06.2014 For the game’s birthday celebrations, the Gold Box value was increased to 5000.
  • 14.08.2014-18.08.2014 During the Gamescom video game exhibition, Gold Boxes' value became 2000 crystals.
  • 29.09.2014 Gold Box texture was changed.
  • 10.10.2014 Complete rework of the Gold Box’s shape and texture.
  • 31.10.2014 The Gold Box was turned into a pumpkin. For the 2014 Halloween celebrations its value was increased to 3000.
  • 20.11.2014 Developers launched an experiment in which all crystal boxes were removed from all maps, with the exception of the Gold Box. After this update the Gold Box itself would drop instantly after the siren, without the previous delay.
  • 27.11.2014 The experiment was over after a week and the Gold Box got its delay time back. However, now it dropped exactly 20 seconds after the siren and not at a random time like before.
  • 01.01.2015-03.01.2015 During New Year celebrations, the Gold Box value was increased to 2015 for 3 days.
  • 14.02.2015 For Valentine’s Day, the Gold Box value was increased to 3000 for a day and had a special texture.
  • 08.03.2015 For International Women’s Day the Gold Box value was set to 3000 crystals for 24 hours.
  • 01.04.2015 During April Fool’s Day developers changed the Gold Boxes to contain a random amount of crystals, from 100 to 5000. Besides, the drop chance was doubled. The player named “ALFA-XD” was the first to catch the most valued Gold Box (at 2:22 UTC) and received an iPad as the promised prize.
  • 18.04.2015 From 13th to 17th of April, 38 thousand viewers were simultaneously watching the final matches of Star Series, so to celebrate this the Gold Box value was made 3000 crystals for a day.
  • 05.04.2015-09.05.2015 During the first week of May Holidays, the Gold Boxes’s drop rate was doubled and, starting on 5th of May, the Gold Box value was gradually increased from 5000 crystals all the way up to 9000 crystals on 9th of May.
  • 04.06.2015 The game’s sixth birthday was a one-day multiplier for the Gold Box: 24 hours of Gold Boxes with 6000 crystals in them.
  • 30.06.2015 The new update, amongst other changes, increased the delay between the Gold Box notification and its appearance from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • 10.09.2015 For Tanker’s Day the Gold Box value was doubled for 24 hours.
  • 31.10.2015 Especially for the Halloween event, the unique Halloween-themed map had Gold Boxes dropping 10 times as often. Most Gold Boxes that day (195) were taken by a player named Ti-to, for which he received a “Dream tank”. All other players in the TOP10 of Gold Box hunters' list were given crystals rewards.
  • 25.12.2015-11.01.2016 For over two weeks, all battles had Gold Boxes worth 2016 crystals.
  • 14.02.2016 For Valentine’s Day the Gold Box had a special texture and a value of 3000 crystals.
  • 07.03.2016 For International Women’s Day the Gold Box value was tripled and the event lasted for three whole days.
  • 01.04.2016-04.04.2016 On April Fool’s day developers changed the typical Gold Boxes to “Super Gold Boxes”, which had unpredictable contents. Besides, the Gold Boxes would drop five times more often than usual.
  • 29.07.2016 Users can now purchase (for real moneys) a Gold Box supply and drop it in battles.
  • 24.10.2017-28.10.2017 As part of the Black Friday 2017 celebrations, Containers were first introduced to Tanki and all Gold Boxes that dropped in the game became black, and instead of crystals, inside there was 1 Container.
  • 10.01.2018 Gold Boxes now have a chance to either contain a 1 000 crystals prize or a reward of one Container.
  • 24.03.2018 Gold Boxes now drop 10 seconds after the notification instead of 30 seconds.
  • 07.04.2018-09.04.2018 As part of the April Fools celebrations, Gold Boxes contained unpredictable rewards and dropped five times as much.
  • 29.05.2018 With the release of Matchmaking Gold Boxes no longer drop solely according to the battle funds' growth.
  • 03.07.2018-09.07.2018 For the World UFO Day celebrations, all Gold Boxes dropped in the form of a meteorite instead of on a parachute. Their drop rate was increased by ten times.

History of the Gold Box

A Gold Box in Polygon

The community firstly heard of the appearance of an unusual box with crystals on December 3rd, 2009. It was announced in the Tanki Online blog that on several maps a Gold Box would appear once the battle fund reached a set number of crystals. The Gold Box instantly became the main topic of discussion in chats and in the forum. Tankers had been sharing opinions and ideas for days. The lucky ones were posting screenshots as proof of the fact that they caught a Gold Box. Over time, people started to understand when and where Gold Boxes would fall.

Originally, the box contained 1000 crystals. Back before the economy update, this was a significant amount (worth 10,000 crystals in the current economic system), especially for the lower ranks, and those who managed to get a Gold Box were extremely happy. However, there were players, mostly buyers, who wanted the value of the box to be lowered. The main argument was that, for the game economy of the time, 1000 crystals were a lot, so why should one buy crystals if he or she could just catch Gold Boxes? The 1000 Gold Box only lasted a week. On December 11 2009, developers decreased its value to 100 crystals.

Back then, the Gold box would fall at a random time within a few minutes after the fund reached 700 crystals or any multiple of that (1400, 2100, etc.). However, after Update 78, the direct link to that specific fund value was removed and up until now the Gold Box can fall at any point during the game, whenever the battle fund increases by at least 1 crystal. Some players get quite upset when the Gold Box doesn’t drop at all or drops too often in a short period of time. However, it is pointless to blame the developers for making the system “rigged” — the drop chance is completely random and unpredictable.

Gold Box Hunters

Typical fight for a Gold box

Within a few months from its first appearance, almost every player knew where and when a Gold Box would drop. The game seemed to have changed. Battles changed completely when their fund got close to 700 crystals. Many players hoping to catch a Gold Box would start to cluster around the drop zone. In all maps, the spot used to be near the centre of the map. Teams would fight to control that particular area to increase their chances of getting 100 crystals. Activating all the supplies several minutes before the drop was a normal procedure. Some would argue that there was no point in this as this practice would often cost the tankers more than 100 crystals in supplies used, but no one cared about that. Their motivations were pleasure and adrenaline.

Actually, the introduction of the Gold Box kept many of players who weren't interested in the game playing. For many of them, Tanki Online was all about catching Gold Boxes, and the number of these players gradually increased. Gold Box hunters' clubs were being created. Skype conferences with organised "Gold Box hunting" became a common practice. Catching a Gold Box is not an easy task and a lot of luck is involved if the player is alone, so working as a group greatly increased their chance for success. Most often this was a hobby for players with good equipment and a solid reserve of supplies.

Many players abandoned their main accounts and started secondary ones specifically for catching Gold Boxes and spending crystals on upgrades. Nicknames like "GOLDHUNTER" and "GOLD_IS_MINE" became quite common. Very few players knew of Gold Boxes, so it was quite easy for these users (people with multiple accounts) to catch them. The only problem was the smaller battle funds, so the search process was quite challenging.

Secret Gold Box (2011)

Gold1000 molotov 167.jpg
Gold1000 molotov 152.jpg

An outrageous incident took place to the 13th Air Transport Group today. Due to storekeeper Kubyshkin’s oversight, the cargo aircrafts were loaded with the banned old type of "Gold Boxes". Each of them contains 1000 crystals instead of the normal 100 crystals!

The error emerged only after all the aircrafts of the 13th Air Transport Group left for duty. An attempt to bring them back to the base failed – the long-haul communication antenna was not operational after someone had dried laundry on it. The Air Transport Group will only return on July 26, 2011.

— From the News

The contest took place from July 20th to 26th, 2011. A Gold Box worth 1000 crystals appeared on a certain map after reaching a certain fund and players had only one week to figure out which map it was on. The trick was that the box did not drop at a fund multiple of 700 as usual, but at multiples of 1000, 2000 and so on, and no one knew about this beforehand. The discussions on the Forum didn't stop for days. Players were sharing ideas and some gifted artists posted intriguing photoshopped screenshots of the new Gold Box. Since it was logical to assume that the Gold Box dropped on the less popular maps, players were specifically examining the forgotten ones and crossing out the ones where nothing was found on the “Golds list”.

By the end of the first day, a number of guesses have been made. Some players were wondering if it was Molotov. Many players were waiting for a 700-800 crystals fund, only to find the usual 100 crystal gold and give up – which was a mistake. Someone even posted a screenshot of the exact place of the dropping of the Gold Boxes made by Flanagun, which led the players examine “Molotov” once again. By the morning, players had already figured it out and every minute a new battle was created on “Molotov” map. The mystery was solved and the last thing to do was to catch as many Gold Boxes as possible, but that was not easy at all. First of all, it required a 1000 crystals fund, which was difficult to reach because maps could only take up to 10 players at the time and it was even more difficult if the map had restrictions for ranks, for example, up to Lieutenants or Warrant Officers (see Ranks). Even high ranked tankers had trouble catching these Gold Boxes. As for the weaker players, they didn’t stand a chance against M3 Mammoths with expensive paints and tons of supplies. No one spared supplies, of course.

The media player is loading...

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Euro 2012 Gold Box

Euro 2012 Gold Box design

By the start of the European Football Championship 2012, the value of Gold Boxes was increased a number of times:

June 8-20
June 21-26
June 27-30
July 1
200 crystals 300 crystals 400 crystals 500 crystals

This event was active during the days of the matches. It brought more excitement into battles and the number of Gold Boxes' hunters increased. The Gold Box was redesigned to look like a football.

Over the period from June 8 to July 2, more than 330 000 Gold Boxes worth more than 90 million crystals were collected on the battlefields. The event ended on July 2 and Gold Boxes were reset to their old design and value of 100 crystals. The media player is loading...

April Fool's Day Gold Box (2016 and 2017)

On April Fool’s day, Developers changed the typical Gold Boxes to “Super Gold Boxes”, which had unpredictable contents. The event run from the 1st to the 4th of April, 2016.

%USERNAME% just got 1000 crystals. Envy won’t help!
1 000 crystals
%USERNAME% has just got 1000 crystals. DataBase Error <!=>do DROPGOLDx2 /hacked by %USERNAME%
1 000 crystals and two additional Gold Boxes dropped straight after the first one
%USERNAME% just got 5000 crystals. Envy won’t help!
5 000 crystals
Where did that extra zero come from??? %USERNAME% has just got 10 000 crystals!
10 000 crystals
%USERNAME% has caught the standard Gold Box. 50 times. 50 000 crystals!!!
50 000 crystals
%USERNAME%, show them what you are made of! All supplies activated for 5 minutes!
5 minutes of "always active" supplies
A minute of immortality for %USERNAME%! This is what it feels like to be Godmode_ON.
One minute of immortality
%USERNAME% has received 86400 seconds of Premium and needs to pull out a calculator to figure out how many days that is.
1 day of Premium
That’s 48 hours of Premium for %USERNAME%. Bring out the coffee and snacks!
2 days of Premium
Sleep is for old people! %USERNAME% has received 3 days of Premium Account.
3 days of Premium
All users around the Gold Box's drop zone are destroyed and kills are credited to the user that took the Gold Box

Black Boxes

These elusive new Gold Boxes debuted during the Black Friday 2017 celebrations. Since then, they have been seen in various different new events. Sometimes they completely take the place of normal Gold Boxes but other times they have an undisclosed drop rate. These Black Boxes reward the user with a single Container.

April Fools Day 2018 Gold Boxes

During the 2018 April Fools celebrations, Developers changed the contents of Gold Boxes to one of the following, which was randomly given to the tanker who caught the Gold.

A package of 1 000 crystals.
A package of 5 000 crystals
A package of 10 000 crystals.
A package of 50 000 crystals.
A bomb that destroys all tanks near the drop zone. Kills are credited to the catcher.
1 Day of Premium account
2 Days of Premium account
3 Days of Premium account
60 seconds of immortality

Cosmonautics Day Gold Box 2018

A falling meteorite Gold Box during the Cosmonautics Day celebrations in 2018

During Cosmonautics Day in 2018, Gold Boxes dropped as metorites, destroying any tank within a certain radius of the drop zone.
After the metorite landed, either a Container or regular 1 000 crystals Gold Box would be left on the drop zone.