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Turrets Animation.gif

Turrets play a very important role in Tanki Online. The type of weapon you choose will strongly affect your playing style, whether it is aggressive, lightning-fast attacks, or firing from protected positions.
Your turret of choice can be upgraded. All guns have four major modifications. These are M0, M1, M2 and M3 from weakest to strongest. Additionally, each of the four modifications can receive a number of Micro-upgrades. A fully micro-upgraded M3 turret is often referred to as M3+, or M4.

Lower-level modifications aren't expensive, so you can try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. However, it is impossible to get everything you want at once. Certain guns and modifications may only be purchased once you have reached a certain rank.



The correct choice of turret is only part of an effective strategy. You also need to choose a hull. The good news is that there are plenty of those in Tanki Online. From the lightest and fastest, to the heaviest and most armored, hulls also come in 4 modifications (M0, M1, M2 and M3 from weakest to strongest respectively). As with turret modifications, each major hull modification can receive a number of Micro-upgrades.

Lower-level modifications aren't expensive, so you can try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. However, it is impossible to get everything you want at once. Certain hulls and modifications may only be purchased once you have reached a certain rank.

Paints and Modules



You can further personalize your tank using a wide variety of paints: there are common paints and rare, unique paints that are used by representatives of the game’s administration, tournament winners, and other players who have gained special recognition for their contributions to the project.

Modules are special elements that can be equipped on your tank, designed to protect it from the enemy weapons. Visually, modules do not appear on the tank nor show any effect, however, if you press and hold the R key while in battle, you can see which modules and what protections are used by other players that are in the battle with you.


Skins turrets.gif
Skins hulls.gif

Skins are elite items that have a unique appearance. They are an optional appearance for your equipment. You will be able to equip them on appropriate turrets and hulls at any Rank, no matter the modification (M0-M3). However, it is important to note that they only differ from their original counterparts by looks, and not by any extra, higher or better statistical values. For example, there is no difference between a Thunder M3 and a Thunder XT M3 except for the new additions onto the turret. The same goes for hulls, such as Hornet M3 and Hornet XT M3.


Drones Animated.gif

Drones are your helpers in battles. They boost your stats, enhance supplies and help in many other ways. They can be purchased with crystals in the Garage in the “Drones” section. You are also able to upgrade them in order to make their effects more stronger.

Drones can be bought for crystals in the 'Drones' section of the Garage, or they can be bought as a Product Kit for real money in the Shop.


Containers logo.png

Containers are items which have unknown contents inside them. Upon opening the box, players can receive something from a selection of items. The contents will vary all the way from supplies to rare paints and more.

Containers can be obtained from mission chains, catching Black Boxes, winning them in Contests, or purchasing them in the Shop.


Overdrive is a tank's special ability, which instantly activates all supplies for yourself and nearby teammates. Overdrive has a number of strategic uses, such as giving yourself a boost when supplies run out, sharing supplies in a group, helping a damaged teammate when they are escaping with the enemy flag, and many more. This ability requires careful planning and assessment of the situation in order to be used effectively. On average, one player will be able to charge and use their overdrive 2-4 times in every 10-minute battle, depending on how well they play.



During a battle, in chat you will occasionally see words such as “Drugs!” or “Drugger!”. These words are in no way related to the use of illegal substances. They simply refer to players who are making use of Supplies. These items from the garage allow you to temporarily boost a particular feature of your tank while in battle, or place an explosive mine in the battlefield.



Maps are whole worlds, designed and brought to life by artists and mapmakers with great attention to every detail. All of this is done to make sure that there is perfect balance between players competing on every map.
Non-Pro battles are automatically created by the server. The server picks a Map and Mode from the Map Pool. The Map Pool contains maps that have been deemed to have fair/even gameplay. Not so long ago, a new Night-Mode was added to some existing maps. You might want to check them out if you have yet to do so. They look fantastic. Maps are also equipped with a number of supply drop zones as well as Gold Box drop zones. With so many different and original maps to play in, you will never run out of new places to explore, play in or conquer.


Passes give you certain privileges in the game. Take part in battles where supplies are disabled, change your nickname, get special deals for buying crystals, earn experience faster or even get a premium status. All of this is possible with the respective pass.

Premium Accounts

Premium item.png

With a Premium Account, users will be getting a whole list of advantages such as 50% more experience points, 100% more crystals in every battle, a special and unique paint during the time in which the Premium Account will be active, the ability to buy XT Hulls and XT Turrets, a special rank icon with the ability of turning it ON / OFF and a PRO Battles Pass.



Crystals are the game's unit of currency. Currently, crystals are used to buy and upgrade hulls, weapons, most paints, supplies, and passes, with the occasional surprise item, often associated with holidays or special days in the game. There are several ways to get crystals.


Tankoins animated.gif

Tankoins are the game's secondary currency and are primarily used to purchase items within the Shop. They are a bridge between real money and in-game content. Tankoins can be purchased from the Shop.

Battle Modes

Show your skill in Deathmatch, carry your team to victory in Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag in the dying minutes of a battle or take Control of many Points to mark your territory. Choose your preferred game mode. Each mode requires a unique set of skills, tactics and equipment to be able to effectively take down and crush the enemies.

Format Battles

Format battles are battles which are played using specific weapons, or played in accordance with specific rules. They are divided into five main categories: Hornet and Railgun (ХР), Wasp and Railgun (ВР), Hornet/Wasp and Railgun (ХР/ВР), Dictator and Railgun (DR) and Parkour.



The current progress of a player can be evaluated by their current rank. In order to rank up you need to get a certain number of experience points. Destroy enemies, capture points, and steal flags: earn experience points in order to progress further up the career ladder.

Daily Missions

The Daily Missions feature allows you to earn in-game rewards for completing daily assignments. Every day, upon first entering the game, you will be presented with a window containing the three missions you should perform to earn your in-game rewards. You can only complete a maximum of three missions per day. Any missions that you do not complete on the day, will be re-assigned the next day. A mission is only considered completed after you have clicked the "Claim Reward" button.

Friends System

The Friends system in Tanki Online lets you keep your friends even closer than before!
You can invite your friends to your battle, quickly see which server they are on and whether they are in a battle or not

Anti-flood System

An automated system which works by restricting the number of characters over time. The restriction may not necessarily apply to the whole message but even to a part of it. If you’ve used up your quota of characters for a set period of time, the extra ones will be highlighted in red, and instead of the “Send” button, you will see a timer telling you how long you have to wait before sending a message of such length.


Each turret, hull and module with protections can be upgraded. Thanks to Micro-upgrades, you don't need to wait until the next modification of an item becomes available; you can improve its stats step by step immediately.
When fully micro-upgraded, M0, M1 and M2 modifications of turrets and hulls have equal parameters to their higher modifications. When you fully micro-upgrade an item, you will get its higher modification for free.


Alterations are modifiers that allow a player to alter gameplay features of turrets while keeping them within the overall game's balance. For example, an alteration can weaken one characteristic in favor of strengthening another one.

Changing Equipment in battle

This feature allows you to modify your actual combination of hull, turret and paint and perform some other actions while remaining in a battle, without having to leave it and lose your currently achieved score. After changing, there is a 5 minutes cooldown, during which it is impossible to change the piece of equipment you just changed. You can go to the battle list, look for battles where your friends are involved, and if nothing attracts you, return to your current battle. This system also allows you to purchase crystals through the payment section.

Product Kits


A product kit is a package made up of several pieces of equipment. Together, they cost a lower price when in comparison to the same goods bought separately. All items in your kits will be accessible to you separately. It is worth noting that if you already own 50% of the items available in a kit, you will not see that product kit. Finally, in addition to the cost advantage, buying kits can enable you to get a turret or a hull without having to purchase all of its previous modifications first, and can also give you access to items which are not normally available at your rank.

Personal Discounts

Upon logging in after the server restart you may receive a Personal Discount.

Ratings and Statistics

The ratings' system is based on a weekly TOP-100 of tankers in 4 categories: experience earned, gold boxes caught, crystals earned and efficiency.

Each tanker has his own profile page, displaying various statistics such as current rank, amount of EXP until the next rank, number of enemies destroyed, number of deaths, total kill / death ratio, currently equipped gear and current positions in the weekly ratings.


Achievements are Tanki medals which are awarded for reaching various milestones in the game. There are 153 of them, ranging from the most obvious, such as destroying enemies and capturing flags, to more unusual ones, such as collecting all XT items or acquiring a rare paint.

To get access to your own achievements, as well as getting access to other tankers' achievements, simply open the respective profile and click on the "Achievements" icon.

Bonus and Discount Cards


Bonus and Discount cards are a way of giving a player a bonus or a discount on a certain item in the Shop. As their name suggests, Bonus cards give a player more of the item the card is for, but for the same price. Discount card on the other hand, gives a player an item for a lesser price.