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Entering the game

- Why does it take so long to load? I keep waiting, but nothing happens.

When you start the game for the first time you will have to wait because the game needs to download the core game files which are about 10Mb in size. Meanwhile, you might want make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, you’ll definitely need it. After the download is completed, these files will remain on your computer (in the cache) and every time you start the game afterwards, the load time will be much shorter. Also, we advise you to increase the cache size of your browser to 200 Mb (this will allow the browser to store the downloaded files (textures, models, sounds) on your computer.

- I don’t see the start up webpage, why? (or – "I see only a black screen, why?")

Most likely, you have to install the latest version of Flash player, or you might have a problem with your internet connection (e.g. closed ports). Please see the Troubleshooting section of this FAQ.

- Why do I need to submit my e-mail address?

If you happen to like this game and you want to save your game progress, your e-mail will help to recover you password (should you forget it) or recover your account and all saved progress in case of a server crash. You will also receive important information related to the game, confirmation of account registration, newsletters, etc.

- Why should I read the license agreement?

License agreement is a contract on the transfer of rights to use licenses, know-how, trademarks, technical expertise and services. Any use of the game and its individual objects means that you are aware of and agree with the agreement and unconditionally accept all of its terms. In order to be fully aware of your rights and rights of the owners of the game, we recommend you to read the License agreement before entering the game.

- Why do I need to know the rules of the game?

Tanki Online isn't just an exciting game, it's a community of people with common interests. When communicating, we welcome mutual respect and courtesy and do not approve behavior that violates the rights of other users or insults them. Administration of Tanki Online reserves the right to limit users' ways of communication, lower their score and block their accounts in case they break these rules.

You can find the rules of the game here here.

- How can I play Tanki Online using Flash Player? What are the possible difficulties?

Starting to play

- Where to start?

After registering an account in the game you will enter the Lobby. Here you can choose a battle to enter, create your own, enter the Garage to purchase whatever you need or just communicate with other players using the chat.
You can find more information inthis section

- Why is the "Play" button inactive?

It seems that all the slots in this particular battle are taken or, possibly, you don’t meet the rank requirements of this battle.

- What are the rank limits?

When creating a battle you need to specify which ranks will be able to join it. Unavailable battles are marked with grey. This is made in order to make sure that beginners play with beginners and experienced players play with tankmen of the same ranks. However, there are still many battles that can be entered by players of almost any rank. So be careful and study the ranks of a battle before entering it. RankRange.jpg

You can find more information on rank limits here

- What buttons do I have to use on my keyboard to make my tank move and shoot things?

Basic controls: The tank can be controlled with the arrow or WASD keys, to shoot – press “Spacebar”, to rotate the turret – press “Z” and “X

  • Arrows or WASD keys - tank's movement.
  • Z and X or < and > - turret's rotation.
  • Spacebar - shoot.


- How do I use supplies?

Supplies temporarily improve certain parameters of your tank. They are available for purchase in Garage and can be activated by pressing 1,2,3,4,5 on your keyboard.

- How long does the effect of a supply last??

The First Aid (Repair Kit) restores a tank’s health points to 30 HP/s. It requires some time to recharge, so you will be unable to use this ability repeatedly in combat. The effect of the other power-ups purchased in the garage lasts 1 minute. The effect of the power-ups picked up on the battle field lasts 40 seconds.

- Can I go to the garage during the battle and then return without losing my points earned in this battle?

You can’t. If you go the garage during the battle, you will lose your points earned during the battle. Although, you can return to this battle and start from scratch.

- What can I do if my tank flipped over and is lying on its side?

You have two options. If the tank is lying on its side and has a weapon with a recoil effect (Smoky, Railgun), you can try rotating the turret and shooting the ground. If that doesn’t help try to ask your teammates for help. If they can’t help you, press the Delete key to self-destruct (this takes some time to have effect). If your tank is equipped with a light hull and a Smoky you can decrease your chances of turning over when jumping off the ledges. Just shoot in the direction your tank is flipping while in midair.

- What are the battle modes?

There are four game modes:

  • Deathmatch – is free for all matches. In this mode you are battling against all other players. The goal is to get more kills than the others.
  • Team deathmatch — is a team vs team match. The primary objective of this game mode is to kill as many players of the opposing team as possible.
  • Capture the flag — the name speaks for itself. The objective is to capture the enemy flag and carry it out from the enemy territory to the your base.
  • Control Points — is a team vs team match. Every team has to capture as much points as possible and get the highest score (each point gives to the team 1 point every 10 seconds).

You can find detailed descriptions of all four battle modes here.

- What is a private battle?

You can create a private battle, by ticking “Private Battle” in the “Create Battle” window and pressing the “Start” button. You will see the “Battle Info” window where you can copy the link to your battle and send it to the friends you would like to play with. Private battles are not shown in the general battle list.


- What are the ranks for?

Ranks give you access to different kinds of turrets, hulls and paints. Higher ranks give access to more powerful equipment, they also make you look awesome in the eyes of beginners.

- How many tanks do I need to destroy to achieve the next rank?

The game utilizes a score system which determines your career progress. The amount of points awarded for a kill is 10 points, no matter what rank your opponent is. In the top left hand corner of the screen there is a sign which represents your current rank, there is also a bar with two numbers inside separated by a slash. The left hand number shows the number of points you have earned to date, and the right hand number is the number of points needed to obtain the next rank.


- How do I buy items?

The bar at the bottom of the Garage window is the Shop. The items with a grey background are unavailable to you because you do not have the required rank. Click on the icon of an item available to you and then click the "Buy" button. The item will then be transferred to the upper bar "Your Items".

- How do I upgrade weapons?

There are 2 buttons under description of each turret and hull (unless they are M3 already). They are called "Upgrade" and "Buy M0"/"Buy M1"/"Buy M2"/"Buy M3". First one is used for upgrading your current turret or hull. Second one is used for purchasing new modifications of an item.

- What are paints? What do they give to my tank?

Paints are special coatings that provide your tank with protection from certain types of weapons. They can be purchased in Shop.
You can find the full list of paints as well as their descriptions and protections here.

- Where can I see detailed information about statistics and prices for weapons and hulls?

Each turret and hull has got its own features and characteristics.
Go to Turrets and Hulls to get full descriptions and compare various weapons to each other.

- How do I sell unnecessary things in Garage?

You can't do that. Items you purchased will stay in your Garage forever. Spend your crystals wisely. This encyclopedia will help you to make the right choice and prevent you from buying unnecessary things.