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Forum moderators

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Forum Administrators

Administrators' Paint — «Flame»
Forum adm.png

Forum Admins perform the same functions as Forum Moderators but they are empowered with greater authority. Also, if you want to file a complaint about a Moderator's work, you should send it to an Admin.

List of Forum Administrators:

Adminicon.png Damn_Slow (send a message)
Adminicon.png FederalBureauFBI (send a message)

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators' Paint — «Ruby»
Forum mod.png
Forum Moderators watch over the forum day and night, managing off-topic messages, keeping trolls under control, removing any irrelevant information, and keeping attention focused on the important things. So if someone suddenly decides to make a mess in the Forum because «you can do anything on the internet» just call a Forum Moderator. He or she will explain that there are rules to be followed both in real life and in the Forum.

Forum Moderator Candidates

Avatar candidat moder forum.png
The users who decided to try out as Forum Moderators themselves. After passing a trial period and receiving positive reviews of their work, they will become full Moderators of the Forum.

List of Forum Moderator candidates:


How to become a Forum Moderator

If you are interested in applying for the Forum Moderator position, see the requirements and application in the following topic: Application rules for Forum Moderators.

The application topic itself should be completed with the following information:

  1. Real name.
  2. Age.
  3. Country.
  4. Languages spoken fluently.
  5. Date of game registration. (Not forum registration.)
  6. Contact information. (Skype is obligatory.)
  7. Names of alternative accounts. (Obligatory).
  8. Are you a member of a clan? If so, state which clan.
  9. Have you ever been a moderator before? Tell us about your experience.
  10. Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator?

You can also send some additional information that would help us to choose you.