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The forum is your place to meet with other tankers and discuss the game. The forum is all about the community - you can join a clan, enter contests or simply participate in avid debates about the best turrets, hulls, and paints in the game.

Logging in

To log in to the Forum, use the same username and password as you use in the game "Tanki Online".



In the right top corner of the image is the user Management and the search box.

If you click on "Log in", you have to enter the requested information and also type in the security code. 

If you are logged in, you can find in the user management your personal messages and also your notifications. 

You can use the link below to take you directly to the Forum's login page:

Forum Groups

Users of the forum are divided into 2 groups, depending on their post count. This allows active forum members to have more permissions on the forum. The main reason for this is to help guide new players into the forum, as well as decrease the amount of flooding, phishing and other violations which may occur by players who create alternate accounts solely for this purpose.

  • General - Automatically given to players upon registering to forum.
  • Advanced - Given to players who have been forum members for at least 30 days and also reached 100 posts.

Privileges of Advanced over General are:

  • The ability to hide own content.
  • 40 reactions per day (vs 15).
  • Advanced users are able to hide their posts and topics.
  • The ability to see game violation reports section.
  • See and reply to archived topics in AWS and newspaper
  • Post topics in eSports content

What is the reason for having 2 different groups?

This allows active players to have more permissions on the forum. The main reason for this is to help guide new players into the forum, as well as decrease the amount of flooding, phishing and other violations which may occur by players who create alternate accounts solely for this purpose.

Sending and using the PM

PM is the common abbreviation for "Private Messaging."

The PM forum service is the project's only official means of communication for players outside of the chat lobbies of the game itself. It can only be utilized by forum members and can be used even if a player is banned from making public forum posts, or sending chat messages in the game. There are two types of private messaging: Individual-individual communications and private group chats.

In order to send a PM to another player(s):     
1. Click on the envelope at the top of the page and then "Compose New".


2. Enter the name of your chosen recipient(s) (you can send a message to up to four players), and the subject of the message.


3. Enter the message you wish to send to the recipients.
"Send Message" sends the message, "Preview Message" shows you what your PM would look like when sent.

4. If you already sent your PM but forgot to add other recipients or you are viewing a received PM and you want to add other users to it, simply click on the + icon and enter the name of the recipient(s).


Using your Notification Log

The Notification Log is an extremely useful utility that is used by most Forum users. In case you don’t know how to use it, you can activate it by locating Account Settings in your User Panel:

Then open “Notification Settings” and choose the options that suit you. Once you manage to activate it, you should see something that looks like this:
Unread notifications appear highlighted, whilst read ones don’t.
NotiStep 4.png

Following and Unfollowing Topics and Forums

Following Topics and/or Forums are extremely handy and a necessity for most. To follow a Forum, simply click on the desired Forum (News and Announcements, for example) and locate the “Follow this Forum” button, click it, choose which type of notification you’d like to receive and you will then receive notifications if and when a new topic is posted. The button looks something like this: FollowForum1.png

To follow a Topic, click on your desired topic and click the “Follow this Topic” button, then choose your notification preferences and you will receive notification alerts when a new post appears in your chosen Topic.


You can also click on the icon beside the “Follow this Topic/Forum” button to see some of the players who are also currently following that Forum/Topic.

Replying to Topics and using the Post Editor

For certain areas of the Forum, you need to first make sure that your Forum Group is high enough to allow you to reply to your chosen topic. To reply to a topic, simply open the topic and scroll to the bottom where you will find a box that allows you to type your reply and allows you to further organize your post using a Post Editor. This picture indicates what the Post Editor looks like and its 10 handy components: PostEditor2.png

1. Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript

Each function modifies the appearance of the text; Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough. Subscript and Superscript work differently, though. Subscript can be used to position characters below text and Superscript can position characters above text. For example: Subscript(text here), Superscript(text here).

2. Lists

There are two types of lists - a bulleted list and a numbered list. They both come in handy when trying to make an indented list. This is how they look like when used correctly:

3. Pictures and Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are fantastic little tools! They can make words or pictures redirect you to an external page when clicked without the need to copy and paste long links. To hyperlink a word, simply highlight the word, click the "link" button and paste the link. Inserting pictures is easy. Upload your image to a website in the internet like "imgur" and paste the link, then the Forum will automatically generate your image for you. Keep in mind that certain image extensions are not compatible with the Forum and only links with an image extension at the end of the work. If you are struggling to take a screenshot, refer here. If you are struggling to upload a screenshot, refer here.

4. Inserting Code & Quotes

These aren’t overly used functions but are nevertheless useful in their own way. This is how each of them looks when used correctly: Quote&Code.png

5. Indents and Paragraph Alignment

Indenting paragraphs is a useful function used to move text towards different parts of a post. Paragraph alignment helps to neaten up paragraphs by aligning text in different styles.
Indents paragraphs.png

6. Removing Formatted Text

The button removes the formatted text. If the text is (for example) centered, it will remove that format and revert the text to its standard form. 

7. Adjusting Text Font, Color and Inserting Emoticons

Plain and generic text is suitable for ordinary posts but for special posts, we often wish to make our posts seem more glamorous! To do this, we can adjust the font, change the color and insert emoticons.

8. Undo/Redo Buttons

The undo and redo buttons aren’t overly useful and rather self-explanatory. A better alternative would be using CTRL+Z / CTRL+Y or +Z / +Y.

Creating Topics

Before creating a topic, make sure that your Forum Group permits you to do so in the specific section. When you have an idea for a topic, you must first find the most appropriate section for it. Then, click on the button saying “Start New Topic” and begin by first giving your new topic a title.  StartNewTopic.png

You should be directed to a page looking like this and follow the directions given in the picture to make a good topic: Topic.png

Creating Topic Polls

Sometimes it’s nice to see the opinions of players by creating a survey, or poll, where players can submit their opinions on a question/topic. To create a poll, click “Edit” on the first post and click on the “Poll” button.You should find a pop-up looking like this: Poll1.png

First, give your poll a title, then enter the title of the first question of the poll and the different choices. Repeat this until you have done as many questions as you like. The answers are live and once you’re happy with your poll and the answers, you can delete it. The poll should appear to look something like this when completed: Poll2.png

Of course, it will have more realistic numbers!

Hiding, Editing and Previewing Posts

We often find ourselves posting before completely checking our facts or accidentally double posting or realizing how unnecessary our post was. The simple fix is to either hide or edit the post. HidePost.png
To hide the post, just click the “Hide” button and enter a reason (if you wish) for hiding the post. Normal players will be unable to see your post however Forum Moderators will still be able to. To edit a post, click the “Edit” button and make the changes that you wish. If you’d like to see what your post will look like before you actually post it, you can click on the “Preview" button The preview is handy if you’re trying some new coding or checking what your post will look like before everyone can see it.

Quoting and Reporting Posts

Sometimes it is good to reference or reply to a specific post and we wish to show which post we intended on quoting, this is where the “Quote” button proves to be rather nifty! The quote button word-for-word copies a post written by a player with its timestamp. This is what a quote looks like if used correctly: Quote.png

You may also use the "Multi-Quote" button to quote multiple posts without needing to individually keep pressing “Quote.” MultiQuote.png

Sometimes you may find that players have violated the Forum Rules and the best thing to do is to "Report" their post. You can do this by locating the "Report" button beside their post: ReportPost.png
You can then choose to enter a message as to why you’re reporting this member and a Forum Moderator will try to resolve the issue as promptly as possible. ReportPost2.png

Ignoring Members

Sometimes there are players who we just can’t stand and, similarly to in-game, there is a way to Ignore players in the Forum. First, go to your User Panel, then click “Account Settings”: IgnorePart1.png

You should be directed to a page looking like this and under the “other settings” box you should see the "ignored users" button IgnorePart2.png

Then all you have to do is to search for the nickname of the player you wish to ignore.  IgnorePart3.png