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Entering the game

Why does the game take so long to load? I keep waiting, but nothing happens.

When you start the game for the first time you will need to wait because the game needs to download the core game files, which are about 30MB in size. Meanwhile, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee or grab something to eat to keep you company during your upcoming battles. After the download is completed, these files will remain on your computer (in the cache), making future load time much shorter. We also suggest that you increase the cache size of your browser to 400MB. This will allow the browser to store the downloaded files (textures, models, sounds) on your computer which can improve performance.

Why do I need to submit my e-mail address?

If you like Tanki Online and would like to save your game progress, your e-mail address is very important. It will help you recover your password if you lose it, or recover your account and all saved progress in case of a server crash. You will also receive important information related to the game, confirmation of account registration, newsletters, etc.

Why should I read the license agreement?

The license agreement is a contract on the transfer of rights to use licenses, know-how, trademarks, technical expertise, and services. Any use of the game and its individual objects means that you are aware of the agreement, agree with it, and unconditionally accept all of its terms. In order to be fully aware of your rights and the rights of the owners of the game, we recommend you read the License agreement before entering the game.

Why do I need to know the rules of the game?

Tanki Online isn't just an exciting game, it's a community of people with common interests. When communicating, we welcome mutual respect and courtesy and do not approve of behavior that violates the rights of other users or insults them. Tanki Online Administration reserves the right to restrict a user's access to communication channels in the game and all its social media and forums, lower their score, or even block their accounts in case they break these rules.

You may find the rules of the game here.

How can I play Tanki Online? What difficulties might I encounter?

Starting to play

Where to start?

After registering an account in the game, you will enter the Lobby. Here you can choose to join a battle or create one yourself, enter the Garage to purchase items and upgrade your equipment, or just communicate with other players using the chat feature, which unlocks at IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter.
You can find more information this here.

Why is the "Play" button inactive?

The "Play" button on a PRO battle is inactive either because that particular battle is full, or because you do not meet the rank requirements for it. If the "Play" button for matchmaking battles is not working, the servers may be down or you may be having internet issues - try reloading the page or restarting the application.

What are rank limits?

Every battle is set to be available to a specific range of ranks. This is set by the person creating the battle in PRO battles, or automatically in regular battles. This helps make a balanced and fair game experience. However, there are still many battles that are made available to a very wide range of ranks, so be careful and study the rank requirements for a battle before entering it. RankRange.jpg

You can find more information on rank limits here.

Why is the waiting time so long?

It's possible that your internet connection is slow, or that there aren't many players on the server near your rank who want to play that game mode. Try checking your connection, and if waiting times are slow even on good internet, try joining a different mode or "quick battle."

Why am I getting an error?

Some troubleshooting tips for lost server connection can be found here. If that doesn't help, try contacting Technical Support.

How can I report a cheater?

You can type

/vote nickname

in chat (substituting the player's name for "nickname") to report a violator of the rules, or click on their name and select "Vote."


What buttons do I have to use on my keyboard to make my tank move and shoot things?

Basic controls:

  • Arrows keys or WASD - Tank movement.
  • Z and X or < and > - Turret rotation.
  • Spacebar - Shoot.

How do I use supplies?

Supplies temporarily improve certain parameters of your tank. They are available for purchase in the Garage or can be obtained through missions and containers. They can be activated by pressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 on your keyboard.

How long does the effect of a supply last??

  • The first aid kit (repair kit) instantly restores 1000 hit points and reduces burning and freezing effects. Additionally restores 3000 hit points over 3 seconds. It requires some time to recharge, so you will be unable to use this ability repeatedly in combat.
  • The boosted armor supply reduces all damage 30 seconds.
  • The boosted damage supply increases the damage of your turret for 30 seconds.
  • The speed boost supply increases the speed of your tank by 40% for 30 seconds. Also increases rotation speed of your turret for 30 seconds.
  • The mine supply deals 1500hp when driven over, with a 1% chance to deal 3999HP. Dropped mines disappear once your tank is destroyed.
  • The gold box supply drops a Gold Box containing 1000 crystals on a random location in the map.
  • The battery supply is automatically used once every minute to operate an equipped drone.

The effects of supplies from drop boxes and supplies from the garage are identical.

Can I go to the garage during the battle and then return without losing the points earned in the current battle?

Yes, you can. You may go to the garage to buy additional supplies or even change equipment. If you change your equipment, your tank will have to self-destruct to apply the necessary changes. However, none of your points will be lost. Additionally, make sure not to spend too long in the garage, as you may get kicked from the battle for inactivity after 2 minutes.

What can I do if my tank flips over and is lying on its side or back?

You have two options. If the tank is lying on its side and has a weapon with a strong recoil or impact effect, you can try rotating the turret and shooting the ground. If that doesn’t help, you can try asking your teammates to flip you over. If not even they can help you, press the Delete key to self-destruct (this takes 5 seconds). If your tank is equipped with a light hull and a turret with recoil, you can decrease your chances of turning over when jumping off the ledges by just shooting in the direction your tank is flipping while in mid-air.

What are the battle modes?

There are a total of nine game modes: seven team modes, which are always available, and two solo modes that are sometimes played during special events:

  • Deathmatch – A free-for-all match. In this mode, you are battling against all the other players. The goal is to get the highest number of kills.
  • Team Deathmatch — like Deathmatch, but between competing team. The primary objective of this game mode is to kill as many players from the opposing team as possible.
  • Capture the Flag — The objective is to capture the enemy flag: carry it out of the enemy territory and bring it back to your base.
  • Control Points — teams competing for dominance over specific points in the map. Every team has to capture as many points as possible and get the highest score (possession of a control point gives the team 1 point every 10 seconds). If one team has most or all of the points, the other team will slowly lose score.
  • Assault - one team tries to take a flag situated in, or near their base and tries to capture it on a specific capture point, while the other team tries to prevent the first team from doing so.
  • Rugby - the main objective for both teams in this mode is to capture the falling (the ball when it is spawning) or free ball (the ball when it is not captured by anyone else) and try to score a goal by passing through the capture point, which is generally located in the enemy base.
  • Solo Juggernaut - Similar to Deathmatch but with a Juggernaut: at the start of the battle one player is randomly assigned the Juggernaut tank. The person who kills the juggernaut becomes the next Juggernaut. The goal is to get the highest number of kills.
  • Team Juggernaut - Similar to team Deathmatch, but now each team has a juggernaut, randomly assigned to one player at the start of the battle. Points are scored by destroying the enemy juggernaut.
  • Siege - Two teams will be against each other fighting to obtain one point at a time. The point takes a long time to capture, and will quickly return to being neutral if no one is on the point. If members of both teams are near the point, its status will stay fixed.

You can find detailed descriptions of all nine battle modes here.

What is a Gold Box, and when does it drop?

Gold Boxes drop and randomly and infrequently from the sky at of various points on the map. The tanker who takes the box (by touching it with their tank) will receive 1000 crystals. Gold boxes can also be dropped by players of the rank IconsNormal 11.png Warrant Officer 1 or higher. The gold box will appear 10 seconds after a siren and an orange notification.

What is a private battle?

You can create a private battle by selecting “Private” in the custom options of the “Create Battle” window and pressing the “Start” button. Private battles are not shown in the general battle list, but you can invite your friends to them by copying the link provided after creating the battle or by joining and inviting from within the battle.


What are ranks for?

Ranks give you access to different kinds of turrets, hulls, drones, paints and modules. Higher ranks give access to more powerful equipment. They also make you look awesome in the eyes of beginners.

How many tanks do I need to destroy to reach the next rank?

The game utilizes a scoring system that determines your career progress. Each kills awards 10 points, no matter what rank your opponent is. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, there is a sign which represents your current rank. There is also a bar with two numbers inside separated by a slash. The left-hand number shows the number of points you have earned to date, while the right-hand number indicates the points needed to reach the next rank.


How do I buy items?

The Garage is divided in six sections that contain all the existing items in the Game: «Turrets», «Hulls», «Drones», «Protection», «Supplies», and «Paints.» If a rank icon appears by a piece of equipment, it means you haven't unlocked it yet and need to earn more XP to use it. If a crystal price appears by it, you have it unlocked, but it is not in your garage yet until you purchase it for crystals.

How do I upgrade weapons?

There are two buttons under the description of each turret and hull (unless they are at MK7 level). These are "Upgrade" and "Buy MK0"/"Buy MK1"/"Buy MK2" etc. The first one is used for micro-upgrading your current turret or hull. The second one is used for purchasing new modifications for an item.

What are paints? What do they add to my tank?

Paints are special coatings that provide camouflage or additional aesthetic value to your tank. They can be purchased in Shop or the Garage.
You can find the full list of paints as well as their descriptions here.

What are modules? What do they add to my tank?

Modules are special items that provide your tank with protection from certain of weapons. They can be purchased in Garage.
You can find more info on modules as well as their descriptions and protections here.

Where can I see detailed information about statistics and prices for weapons and hulls?

Each turret and hull has got its own features and characteristics.
Go to Turrets and Hulls to get the full descriptions and compare various weapons to each other.

How do I sell unnecessary things in Garage?

You cannot sell items. The items you purchased will stay in your Garage forever. Spend your crystals wisely. This encyclopedia should help you make the right choices and prevent you from buying unnecessary things.


My account has been stolen / got lost. How do I get it back?

If your account has been stolen, you should contact the Tech Support via this form

What to do if I forgot my password / e-mail linked to my account?

If you've forgotten your in-game password or the e-mail address linked to your account, use this form to contact the Tech Support.

I came across a chat violator. How can I report them?

As of now, chat violators cannot be reported, it is recommended to use the ignore feature (either by left-clicking on their nickname and selecting the 'Ignore' option, or by using the /block Nickname chat command) this way, you won't see their messages ever again.

I came across a battle violator. How can I report them?

Any form of battle violation (such as hack, cheats, sabotage etc..) can be reported on the Game Violations section over the RU Forum. Before reporting a violation, make sure you read the rules of the section. (It is recommended to use a browser that has the ability to auto translate the pages). You can also use the vote command if there is a game violator in your battle.