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In 2011, Developers decided to make a contest in which it was necessary to turn the turret constantly. A special map called Carousel was developed for this contest. It was assumed that players would not be able to use the supplies on that map (neither purchased nor bonus boxes). The map was never released. It is worth noting that the main designer of this map was the legendary mapmaker Figishe, who created a lot of maps. Now the map is considered to be lost.

In-game events represent the epitome of non-battle activities tankers often get into while letting their engines idle and drones get a few hours of sleep. These competitions and contests come in a variety of different types, including tank races, shooting ranges, kill-the-boss battles and much more.

Community Events

These are official and complete "events" organized by the Event Organization team with specific and extended rules. These may or may not refer to singular or multiple battles that can be held simultaneously or sequentially.

Some important things to remember regarding events...
  • Community events have limited spots - players are welcomed on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Links to any event are always posted in the "Events" chat in the game.
  • Discussions, as well as questions, can be had or asked in the "Events" chat channel.
  • Events are moderated to make them fun and fair for all players!
  • Further information about such events can be found here.



Your goal is to be the fastest runner and catch the Gold before anyone else - by any means possible.

Breach the Temple


This is a top-secret mission, only reserved for the most elite of shinobi. The Temple has fallen, and we need you! The prize for Breaching The Temple will be: 15000 crystals, 1 weekly container and 30 shards



A new outfit for every new event. To masquerade, you must blend in with the participants, all in uniform equipment. However, your skills will be your key to standing out and proving yourself unique!

Ball Seeker


Your goal in this event is simple; The event helpers will throw balls, and you need to catch them! Your combo must be Isida + Hornet or Wasp. The player which catches the ball is awarded with 7,000 crystals!

Artillery Barrage


Dust off your Magnums, make sure the shells are in stock, and put on your mean face - your task is to rain hellfire from above on the Helpers peacefully running around the bottom of the map.

Black Magic


Black Magic is an event in which participants' goal is to simply catch Containers, simple as that! Participants are required to equip Isida and Wasp as well as disable their protections. Those events are held in space mode. Killing or even dealing damage to other participants is forbidden, and will result an immediate kick from the event. Participants are awarded with the containers they manage to catch.

Magnum Master


If your favorite turret is Magnum, this event is for you! In this event, participants' task is to destroy the Juggernaut who is driving in the middle of the map. But be carful, the Juggernaut may fight back! As the name suggest, the only turret you are allowed to equip is Magnum. According to the rules, it is forbidden to use Double Damage to destroy the Juggernaut or other participants. The participant who manages to destroy the Juggernaut is rewarded with 7,500 crystals.

Rescue the Princess


In this event, participants' goal is to rescue the princess from the Event helpers. In order to get to the princess, you must kill the Event helpers first. If you get past the Event Helpers, your main goal is to rescue the Princess, by destroying her. Participants are rewarded for destroying the Event Helpers. It is forbidden to use any other turret besides Firebird, Freeze and Isida. Participants are required to remove their protection modules. Each participant that manages to kill an Event helper is rewarded with 10,000 crystals. The participant that manages to rescue the princess is rewarded with 15,000 crystals and 1 container.

Box Collector

Event Box Collector Banner.png

A Fun and simple event, in which the sole objective is to catch as many Double Damage boxes as you can. Participants are required to equip Isida and Wasp as well as disable their protections. Once everyone is ready, the Event Organizer will say "GO!" in the chat, indicating the start of the event. Participants then contest for the falling boxes. You're only allowed to catch up to a maximum of five boxes.

Destroy The Target

Event Destroy The Target Banner.png

Players who like to tweak their battle strategies and sharpen their skills can improve themselves in this event. Upon joining, participants are required to drive to the middle of the map where some Event Helpers will already be present and wait for the Spectator's command. The goal is to kill a specific Helper, and once the command is given, participants equipped only with Isida and Wasp/Hornet are free to do so. The first player to kills the target wins the round, after which all players are required to return to the original position.

Frost Sprinter

Event Frost Sprinter Banner.png

A relatively new event in which the goal is to be the first to cross the finish line. This event is a race to the finish, where a mine awaits the player. There are a few things to note about this event. Firstly, participants are only allowed to use Titan or Mammoth, with the turret being Freeze. Once the race starts, all players can shoot and slow each down in an effort to reach the end first. Bumping, pushing, and killing your opponents is allowed, but placing mines is prohibited. It is also worth noting that if you go off the track (marked by a line of mines) you are disqualified. The winner is required to leave soon after they claim victory

Grill Party

Event Grill Party Banner.png

If you're one for cherishing the days of old, then this event will certainly take your fantasy. Behold... Wasp and Hornet-Fire battles! This event takes place on random maps but in the Deathmatch mode. Participants are required to use Firebird with either Wasp or Hornet. The goal is to kill as many players as you can. Each time a player reaches 50 kills, a Gold Box is dropped in the battle. The first five players are rewarded at the end of the battle.

This event is no longer being held.

Last Man Standing

Event Last Man Standing Banner.png

Last Man Standing takes place on the biggest bridge on the Highways map. Players can equip any turret and any hull except Titan and Mammoth. Once all the players gather on the bridge, Event Helpers will mine the entrances to the bridge and the event begins. The goal is to be the last one remaining on the bridge by trying to push others off the edge while not falling off the bridge yourself. The winner is decided by either one player remaining on the bridge or the timer running out.

Last Man Standing 2

This is similar to the Last Man Standing event, but with a twist! This time, the participants can only equip Wasp-Twins and are distributed into two teams: Red and Blue. Players of each team stand on their own allocated bridge and are only allowed to push and shoot members of their own team off the bridge. Shooting at the enemy team as well as placing mines is prohibited in the event.


Event Minehunt Banner.png

One of the classics, Minehunts, has been popular for a long time, even before this event existed. Back then, players used to create private maps, one-man or tandem parkour onto buildings, and then post the link in the lobby chats. Participants would usually be dropped Gold boxes or sent gifts. Minehunt follows on the same path but divides each mine into three categories: easy, medium, and hard - with appropriate prizes for each level. Note that all hulls are allowed, however, all turrets except Hammer, Ricochet, and Railgun are not allowed.

Moon Minehunt

Event Moon Minehunt Banner.png

Almost a normal mine hunt in itself, Moon Minehunt tweaks its approach to the original event by decreasing gravity through the use of space mode. Players do not only need to establish their tracks safely on the ground but make use of their parkour skills as well! Since reaching housetops and high rises, in general, is a lot easier, prizes for destroying each mine are less as well, and to make matters more interesting, turrets such as Ricochet and Magnum are not allowed.

Save The Container

Event Save The Container Banner.png

If you’re up for penetrating an almost-impregnable fortress of a bridge, then sign up for Save The Container. ‘’Save The Container’’ not only encompasses the notion of a normal “Save The Gold” event but also ups the ante on the thrill by making the reward a container. If that isn’t enough already, each time an Event Helper gets a hundred kills, a container is dropped. If they get killed, two are dropped. All hulls are allowed with the exception of Titan and Mammoth. Also, all turrets except Firebird, Freeze, and Isida are prohibited.

Save The Gold

Event Save The Gold Banner.png

One of the most popular player-made events gets an upgrade as an official event. As with any Save The Gold event, your goal is to try and claim the dropped box that is very heavily guarded by Event Helpers and mines. In the process, you’re also allowed to use supplies and kill the defenders to achieve your goal. The event normally takes place on the bridges in the Highways map, but Magistral is also a possibility. Similar to the previous event, each time an Event Helper gets a hundred kills, a Gold Box is dropped. If they get killed, two Gold Boxes are dropped. All turrets except Firebird, Freeze, and Isida are prohibited. Also, all hulls are allowed with the exception of Titan and Mammoth.

Shooting Range

Event Shooting Range Banner.jpg

‘’Shooting Range’’ is an exciting and interesting event. The main goal here is to dodge the Event Helper’s shots. The event is held in the Stadium map, and players are required to stand anywhere in the middle of the map. Helpers will be standing on the raised platform on either side of the map. Players who are killed are required to drive to the waiting zones on the left and right sides of the map, and the last player standing is awarded crystals. It is important to note that shooting Helpers is forbidden in this event.

Shooting Range 2

The inverse of the Shooting Range event, this one completely swaps the rules. In this event, helpers and regular players swap places in the Stadium map, as players try to destroy the helpers in the middle of the map. .

Space Runner

Event Space Runner Banner.png

Put your parkour skills to the test in this event by being the first one to clear the finish line… while jumping from house to house in Dusseldorf! You heard that right: on rooftops. The event takes place in Space mode, so jumping the distance between each house is a lot easier. Players must first get on top of the roofs of the leftmost buildings—which also marks the starting line—by themselves. When the event starts, each player must try and skip each house all the way to the rightmost buildings, which is the finish line.

Tanki Race

Event Taki Race Banner.png

It’s a race to the finish in this event! Suitable maps are selected by Event Helpers before the start of the event, and the racetrack is carefully planned out and marked with continuity of mines in areas of ambiguity. When all players, equipped with Isida and Hornet, are ready, an Event Helper will first guide the participants through the course. Afterward, players line up at the starting line and get ready to race. Bumping and pushing other players is allowed, however killing and laying mines is prohibited. The first two players to finish are awarded.