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The game servers work around the clock. Usually, there is a restart of all servers at 02:00 UTC+0 or 03:00 UTC+0 (depending on Daylight Savings), which makes them unavailable for around five-ten minutes. Downtime is sometimes lengthened if major maintenance is required.

There are multiple methods to enter the game. You can use any that you prefer. These alternative methods can be found below.

Entering via a browser

Entering via Browser

The following is one of the most common and easiest methods, entering Tanki straight from your browser. You can use the following direct link to access the servers from your browser.

Entering via a browser - Flash

If you end up using the HTML5 online version of Tanki and want to revert to using Flash, or for whatever reason you wish to use Flash, use the following link.

Entering via a browser - HTML5

If you want to try the HTML5 version of Tanki, or you can not run Flash for whatever reason, use the below link. Note: HTML5 is still a relatively new technology. Not all browsers support it, thus if you experience errors try using another browser or updating your existing one.

Warn Red.png
Attention! HTML5 version of Tanki is still under active development and testing by the developers. You may experience bugs / glitches.


  • Refer here for troubleshooting.


Plus.png All you need is a browser to play - no downloads or anything.
Minus.png There may be more lag on a browser compared to the client or Standalone Flash player.

Entering via Standalone Flash Player

Standalone Flash Player

If you prefer to use Standalone Flash Player, you will find the link below:

Just copy one of the following links, go to File → Open → and paste it.

Direct link for accessing Test Server.

After you enter a link for the first time it is saved in the menu.

There are three ways to get into private battles using Standalone Flash Player:

  1. You can join the battle using a browser. Then you need to copy the URL from the address bar and open it using the Standalone Flash Player. In this case, you get right into the battle.
  2. You can copy the URL right into the chat and then click on it (in this case other players will also be able to see the battle)
  3. You can be invited by a friend who is currently in the battle.


Plus.png Works faster
Plus.png There is no need to keep your browser open
Minus.png Links to battles (including links to private battles) do not work
Minus.png Links to websites of payment systems don’t work – it is better to use a browser
Minus.png You need to close the player to re-enter the game

Unfortunately, joining a specific battle by clicking a link to it isn't possible on the Standalone Flash Player. However, you may send a private message containing the link to yourself in chat and join the battle that way.

Sequence of actions

Download the program:

Launch it:
Go to File → Open → Select a Server link from the list and paste it.

If you use Windows it is possible to create separate shortcuts to make the Flash Player automatically go to the necessary server. To do this, you need to create a shortcut leading to downloaded file called "flashplayer_25_sa.exe", then open its properties, find a line called "Object:", put a space just after the name of the file and enter the link of the server you need.

The standalone version of Flash player saves cache in Internet Explorer’s temporary files.

Creating Standalone Flash Player Shortcuts

  1. Download the Standalone Flash Player .exe file and find it in the download folder:
    Flash player std.png
  2. Right-click on the file and select 'Copy to' > 'Desktop (create shortcut)'
  3. A new shortcut will be created and placed on your desktop:
    Flash player shortc.jpg
  4. Right-click on it, select 'Properties'
  5. In the "Properties" window, you will see the word "Destination". Paste the link of the server you want (one of those listed above) into that field.
  6. Make sure to leave a space between the document link that was already there and the link you pasted:
    Flash player shrtf.png

Entering via the official Game Client

Entering via official Game Client

Tanki has its own reliable and optimized client which anybody can obtain.


1 Download the client. Check to ensure that you meet the System Requirements.



2 Open the installation package (double-click) and follow the on-screen installation wizard. (Windows).

Mac users download the client program itself, thus for them no installation is required.

3 Now that the client is installed, simply launch the client by selecting it from the Start Menu, or searching for it.


Plus.png The client is usually faster than the other methods of entering the game.
Minus.png Battle links may become a hassle as the client has no address bar to enter battle links. The easiest way to get around this to send yourself a private message in the chat with the link to join. You can send yourself a private message by typing Your nickname: followed by the link.
Minus.png Issues tend to be more common in the client than in other methods of entering the game, such as a browser.


Error/Issue Solution
Blank screen. Follow these instructions
Server connection closed Follow these instructions
Error #2124 Re-install and update your Flash Player.
Error #2032 Follow these instructions
Payment page issues Use a browser instead.

Entering via the official Mobile App

Entering via official Mobile App

TO Mobile Google Play Button.png

TO Mobile is available to download for free in the Google Play store (an app that comes with all Android smartphones). Simply go to the Play Store and search for "Tanki Online", press "Install", and then follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can use the link below which will take you directly to the Play Store.


TO Mobile has many unique features. Some of them are good and positive, such as the free items and special events, while others are not so good, such as the battle list which isn't available. Below is a list of the most major positive and negative features of the app.


  • A special type of container called the "Supply Box" can be obtained for free every 6 hours, and this item isn't available in the "normal" Tanki clients;
  • You can earn increased battle rewards, free Supply Boxes, and more by watching ads;
  • It is possible to "set" supplies that are on cooldown to automatically activate when they are available; this can be done by tapping them during their cooldown. This feature gives a significant advantage to Mobile users as it allows them to keep their hands free to use the controls;
  • There is an aiming "aid"; if a tank is in the path of your turret, a red border will show up around the tank, which means that it is in range and can be hit;
  • Events unique to TO Mobile such as the Parade of the Beginners are available.


  • The controls can take time to get used to;
  • The icons can be confusing at first;
  • PRO Battles can't be accessed (neither the battle list);
  • Reporting violators using the voting system isn't possible;
  • Promo codes can't be claimed in the Mobile version;
  • Both PC and Mobile players play together in the same battles;
  • Clans system hasn't been added yet.

The developers are actively working towards adding as many "missing" features as possible and overall improving TO Mobile.

Entering via Facebook

Entering via Facebook

This method of entering an account is only possible for users who have an existing Facebook account.

Logging in via Facebook for existing accounts

1 Click the Facebook icon on the entry screen:

Or use the icon in the Settings menu.

2 When linking your account using the entry screen, you will need to enter your Tanki Online nickname and password once again, in order to prove that this account is really yours.

If you link your account using the Settings menu, you won't need to enter your password; everything will be done straight away!

You can only link one Tanki Online account to one Facebook profile. If you want to unlink your TO account from Facebook, simply go to Settings and click on the Facebook icon.

Creating a new Tanki Facebook account

1 Everyone who enters the game for the first time will see this form.

2 Instead of filling in all the forms, you can just click on the Facebook icon. After that, if you haven't logged into Facebook, the following window will appear:

3 After entering your e-mail and password connected to Facebook, a player will see the following window:

4 After clicking Play Now, you will need to enter a nickname for Tanki Online:

After entering the desired nickname, you'll be loaded straight to the Lobby as the rank of Recruit. From that moment, you will be able to enter the game by simply clicking on the Facebook icon.

It is not possible to choose a password for a Tanki account created on Facebook. Thus you will only be able to play Tanki from this account via Facebook. If you want to have a password set for your Facebook account, contact Tech Support.


Plus.png Added security.
Minus.png Choosing the password is not possible when creating a new Tanki account through Facebook, you must contact Tech Support to request a password which will enable you to log in via all the other login methods.

Entering via Miniclip

Entering via Miniclip

Miniclip is a third-party gaming site which can be used as an alternative to all of the login methods listed above.

Use the following link to access Tanki Online on Miniclip.


Error/Issue Solution
Entering the game through wrong parameters Ensure that the username and password are correct. If the issue persists, login via instead


Minus.png Miniclip is a 3rd-party website in which the availability of cannot be guaranteed.

Warn Red.png
Attention! Miniclip is a 3rd-party website, and therefore Tanki Online is not responsible for its availability or maintenance.

Entering via Steam

Entering via Steam

Steam is a popular third-party gaming site which can be used as an alternative to all of the login methods listed above.


1 Create an account on Steam here.

2 Download the Steam client. (check the system requirements here)

3 Open the installation package (double-click) and follow the on-screen installation wizard.

4 Now that the Steam client is installed, you can launch it by selecting it from the Start Menu, or searching for it.

5 Ensure that you are signed in on Steam, then click the "Play Game" button here to load and install Tanki on your Steam client.


Plus.png Steam has features for screenshots, etc which can be useful at times.
Minus.png Steam is a 3rd-party website, and therefore Tanki Online cannot its availability or maintenance.

Error/Issue Solution
Entering the game through wrong parameters Ensure that the username and password are correct. Try to log in with your Steam password

Warn Red.png
Attention! Steam is a 3rd-party website, and therefore Tanki Online is not responsible for its availability or maintenance.