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Zap! A flash of electricity, and suddenly your tank is a sitting duck: supplies removed and blocked for several seconds. You've been hit by an Electromagnetic Pulse.Icon EMP.png If you'd like more information on this powerful effect, read on.

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Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a Status Effect applied by certain specialized pieces of equipment. When a tank is affected by an EMP, three things happen:

  • All currently-active supply effects are removed: No RepairKit.pngNo DoubleArmor.pngNo DoubleDamage.pngNo SpeedBoost.png
  • Extra supply effects from the Defender, Booster, Trickster or Crisis drone are removed: No ExtraArmor.pngNo ExtraDamage.pngNo ExtraSpeed.png
  • All supplies are placed in a cooldown lasting exactly the duration of the EMP. Rep supp.pngDA supp.pngDD supp.pngNitro supp.pngMine supp.png

Some important things to note:

  • Even if a supply was previously in a longer cooldown, it can be activated immediately after the EMP.
  • Already-planted mines are not affected, though new mines cannot be dropped during the EMP.
  • Tanks affected by an EMP will have this symbol above them: Icon EMP.png If you received the EMP or were the one that inflicted it, you will also see the text Supplies Removed briefly appear above the affected tanks.
  • Battery usage and drone recharge are not interrupted.


  • Juggernaut.pngThe Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
  • Icon overdrive at field.pngMammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
  • Icon Immunity.png Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

Electromagnetic Pulses also do not effect tanks wearing the EMP Immunity hull augment, which can be purchased for 4990MiniTankoin.png (or less, during a sale), or obtained from a Container or Ultra Container, with Epic rarity level.

Name Description Effects
EMP Immunity
EMP Protection.png
4 990 MiniTankoin.png
Makes your tank immune to the effects of Electromagnetic Pulses. This includes Hunter's Overdrive, which will be unable to deactivate your Supplies. Supplies are not removed by EMP Plus.png

If you attempt to inflict an EMP on an immune tank, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above them.

What can inflict EMP?

Left Hunter's Overdrive
The first EMP to appear in the game, this powerful effect is still the most common source of supply deactivation.

  • In addition to Stunning nearby opponents, Hunter's overdrive inflicts a 5-second EMP on all enemies within 25 meters.
  • The EMP takes effect immediately upon zapping, but the cooldown starts after the Stun, resulting in a total of 8 seconds during which enemies without immunity will have no supplies.

Left Wasps' Overdrive
This small hull's stinger is a devastating N2 bomb.

  • In addition to momentarily Stunning surviving enemies and setting them on fire, Wasp's bomb applies a 3-second EMP to all tanks within its radius.

Additionally, there are currently three turret augments that can inflict EMP, which can be obtained in Ultra Containers at the Legendary rarity.

Name Description Effects
Electromagnetic salvo

Alteration gauss electromagnetic salvo.png
Replaces the standard explosive projectile with an EMP projectile that deactivates any active supplies of enemy tanks hit by the electromagnetic salvo. The projectile loses its splash damage effect in normal shooting mode, and damage is reduced while using the electromagnetic accelerator. However, the projectile travels at a higher speed and recharges much faster. EMP duration after sniping shot: 5s Plus.png
EMP radius: 10m Plus.png
Sniping reload -50% Plus.png
Sniping damage -25% Minus.png
EMP Rounds

Smoky EMP Rounds.png
Replacement for the standard cumulative shots with EMP rounds. Critical hits will deal decreased damage but will disable the target's activated supplies. EMP duration: 5s Plus.png
Critical damage: -15% Minus.png
EMP Rounds
Augment EMP Rounds Railgun.png
When critical shots hit a tank, they apply the EMP status effect, disabling activated supplies. The effect doesn't last long.*

*The duration of this EMP is by far the longest currently in the game, however.

EMP Duration: 10s Plus.png
Critical damage: -30% Minus.png
Shot warmup time: +20% Minus.png