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#REDIRECT [[Blue planet]]
#REDIRECT [[Blue planet]]
{{see also|Paints|War of Space}}
=== Description ===
This paint is modeled after planet Earth, with its lush forests, roaring oceans, imposing mountains and expansive deserts. Even if we colonize other planets in the future, this is the one we'll always call home.
{{note|orange|Note|'''This paint is available to obtain from the War for Space event on August 2019.'''}}
=== Interesting Facts ===
*One of three colors created for the July event "War for Space".
*Paint could be received as a reward for completing the challenges of the challenge (08/01/2019 - 08/29/2019) with a combat pass.
=== Appearance ===
{{PaintPreview|file=Preview_Earth_WfS2019.png|500px|link=|type=events|model=Blue planet}}

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