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Drop boxes (or consumables) as well as gold / black boxes fall on each map at special points.

The following table shows the types of drop-zones and bonuses that are in the drop boxes.

Name View of Drop Zone
Repair Kit
100px-Bonus first aid.png
Effect: Repairs your tank. Any damage received during repairing process will stop the effect.
Repair kit drop.png
Double Armor
100px-Bonus double armor.png
Effect: Temporarily lowers all incoming damage by half.
Double armor drop.png
Double Damage
100px-Bonus double power.png
Effect: Temporarily increases the damage dealt by your turret by two times.
Double power drop.png
Speed Boost
100px-Bonus nitro.png
Effect: Temporarily increases the speed of the tank and the rotation speed of its turret.
Nitro drop.png
Gold Box
Effect: The player who catches the gold box receives 1 000 crystals.
Gold droped.png
Black Box
2017 black friday gold.png
Effect: The player who catches the black box receives 1 container.
Gold droped.png
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy drop.png
Effect: Instantly charges your Overdrive to 100%.
Nuclear Energy dropzone.png
Crystal Box
Bonus crystal.png
Effect: Adds 10 crystals and 10 experience points to your account.
Crystal drop.png


  • Drops remain on the map until someone takes them.
  • A drop falls exactly 104s after it was previously picked up.
  • The gold box falls exactly 10s after the “Gold box Will be dropped soon” notification.
  • At the end of a battle, all drop boxes disappear.
  • Drop zone indication can be turned off in the settings. This will not hide the gold box drop zone however.
  • When a battle begins, the initial drop boxes will start to drop 120 seconds afterwards. (this does not apply to gold / black boxes)