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When not fighting, our tankers are involved in various contests that are held by the Game Administration. Many tankers have become known thanks to these events!

Coming soon

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Coming soon

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Masters of Parkour (2017)


"HallowMINE" Contest


Mister and Miss Tanki Online Contest! (2017)

Mr and mrs to 2017.png

Parkour Survival Contest (2017)

Parkour survival.png

"Goodbye Cedric" Meme Contest (2017)

Cedric leaving memecontest.jpg

Commentator contest (2017)

Commentator contest 2017.png

Wikimania Contest (2017)


THE GAME (2017)

Thegame 2017.png

Women's Day Postcard (2017)

Women's Day contest.jpg

THE GAME (2017)

Thegame 2017 jan.png

THE GAME Winners (2016)

Thegame 2016.jpg

Craft-A-Tank (2016)

Craft a tank 2016.jpg

THE GAME (2016)

Thegame 2016.png

15 seconds to New Year (2015)

15sec 2015.jpg

Masters of Parkour (2015)

Mstrparkour 2015.jpg

Miss TO (2015)

MsTO 2015.jpg

Mister TO (2015)

MrTO 2015.jpg

THE GAME (2015)

Thegame 2015(2).png

TO Photoshop (2015)

Photoshop 2015.jpg

TO Commentator (2015)

Commentator 2015.jpg

THE GAME (2015)

Thegame 2015.jpg

New Year Rank Up (2014)

Newyearrank 2014.jpg

Postcard (2014)

Postcard 2014.jpg

Masters of Parkour (2014)

Mstrparkour 2014.jpg

Supplies Tutorial (2014)

Suppliestutorial 2014.png

Comic Captions (2014)

Comics 2014.jpg

Miss TO (2014)

MsTO 2014.png

Mister TO (2014)

MrTO 2014.png

TO Commentator (2014)

Commentator 2014.png

TO Video Guide (2014)

Videoguide 2014.png

TO Photoshop (2014)

Photoshop 2014.png

THE GAME (2013)

Thegame 2013.png

15 seconds of fame (2013)

15sec 2013.png

Halloween on Twitter (2013)

Twithall 2013.png

Miss TO (2013)

MsTO 2011.png

Mister TO (2013)

MrTO 2011.png

Masters of Parkour (2013)

Mstrparkour 2013.jpg

TO Best of (2013)

Bestof TO 2013.png

Custom Made Paint (2013)

Custompaint 2013.png

TO Body Art (2013)

Bodyart 2013.jpg

Artist of TO (2013)

ArtistTO 2013.jpg

20 seconds to New Year (2012)

20 seconds 2012.png

Parkour (2012)

Parkour 2012.png

TO Photojabba (2012)

TOphotojabba 2012.jpg

2 minutes of fame (2012)

2minsfame 2012.jpg

TO Best of (2012)

Bestof TO 2012.png

TO Cook (2012)

TO cooking 2012.png

TO «Déjà vu» (2012)

Djv 2012.png

20 seconds to New Year (2011)

20 seconds 2011.png

Crystallizer (2011)

Crystallizer 2011.png

TO Model Maker (2011)

Modelmkr 2011.png

300 Tankmen battle (2011)

300tnk 2011.jpg

Miss TO (2011)

MsTO 2011.png

Mister TO (2011)

MrTO 2011.png

Artist of TO (2011)

Artist 2011.jpg