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Containers are items which have unknown contents inside them. Upon opening the box, players can receive something from a selection of items. The contents vary from supplies to rare paints.


Containers were first seen in the game on November 24, 2017 during "Black Friday" festivities. They were sold in the Shop until 05:00 Moscow time on November 28; and could be found under the «Containers» tab in the Shop. Then, on December 24th, Containers were permanently added into the game. Currently, they are priced as follows:

  • 1x container: 1.49 USD;
  • 3x containers: 4.29 USD;
  • 10x containers: 13.99 USD;
  • 25x containers: 29.99 USD;
  • 50x containers: 54.99 USD;
  • 100x containers: 99.99 USD.

These boxes can be opened individually or in batches of five or fifteen at a time. Note that the percentage chances of high tier items does not change if you open the boxes individually or in bunches.

Rarity Colors

With the server restart on December 28th, new color-coded effects were added to the game when opening containers. The better item you get in the container, the cooler effects you’ll see when it appears. Colors for the effects will also depend on rarity, as follows:

  • White — common items (small sets of bonuses);
  • Green — uncommon items (medium sets of bonuses);
  • Blue — rare items (bigger sets of bonuses, paints from the Garage (except premium-only paints));
  • Purple — epic items (crystals, very rare legendary paints as well as paints from the Shop and «Frost»/«Golden Star»);
  • Gold — legendary items (crystals and animated paints, which were or not available, but now unavailable for purchase).
  • Exotic - extremely rare items (unique skins, a package of a million crystals)

Items and Rewards

The items available from opening the Containers are as follows:








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Interesting Facts

  • During the Black Friday 2017 celebrations, containers could be obtained from special “Black Boxes” instead of the standard 1,000 crystals.
  • The drop rate percentages of each item from containers have not been disclosed by the developers.
  • Again, from December 28th to January 8th, containers dropped in a "Black Box" as part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
  • On December 24th, it was announced that containers have been added into the Shop and will remain in the game forever!
  • On January 9th, containers were permanently added into the weekly chain rewards.
  • Also on January 9th, it was announced that containers will continue to drop in battles, occasionally, along with normal Gold Boxes.
  • On January 27th, twenty-three new paints were added into the game, available only in containers, not in the Shop or the Garage. What's more is that three of these are animated!
  • On May 17th, 2018, thirteen additional and new paints were added into the game, also available only in containers. Nine of these were normal, while four were animated, one of which is special and very rarely obtained.
  • On June 7th, 2018, some changes were made to the system. Unique skins and packages of a huge number of crystals were added to the containers as well as the appearance of a new category, "Exotic".