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The Challenges are a time-limited event implemented in the game for a pre-determined time that rewards players with all sorts of goodies, exclusive items and rare rewards. They are similar to "Star Week", with which many tankers are already familiar. Challenges give you rewards for the number of Stars.png Stars (a special resource exclusive to such events) earned in battles; and consist of many stages (or "tiers") with each new stage bringing you additional and better rewards. To complete stages, you need Stars.png Stars - which are earned only in Matchmaking battles.

You can access the "Challenges" window by clicking on the respective tab from the Missions window. In the Challenges tab, you’ll be able to see your current progress in the event, including how many Stars.png Stars you have earned, how many more you need to complete your current stage, and what the rewards will be when the Challenge ends. Whenever you reach a new stage, you will receive an in-game notification. The rewards for completing a stage are added instantly to your account - unlike most previous Star Week/Crazy Weekend events.

Read more information about the current Challenge on the special site or the official forum topic.

Earning Stars

Stars are earned by finishing Matchmaking battles. When the battle finishes, the players who were in it will receive a number of Stars.png Stars based on

  • their position on the final scoreboard, and;
  • whether their team won or lost (this does not apply to solo battle modes such as JGR and DM).

For the exact amount of Stars.png Stars given, please read below:

  • 1st and 2nd places on the winning team, 1st place on the losing team or 1st and 2nd places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 3 Stars;
  • 3rd and 4th places on the winning team, 2nd and 3rd places on the losing team or 3rd and 4th places in solo modes (DM and JGR) — 2 Stars;
  • All other places1 Star, if you were active during the battle.

You can increase the number of Stars.png Stars earned by getting a Premium Account. With it, all the Stars.png Stars you earn will be doubled. This means that you can reach the final tiers with half as much effort.

Increasing your tier rewards — the “Battle Pass”

The Battle Pass

Challenges have also introduced a new pass into the game — the BattlePass.png "Battle Pass", which allows you to unlock a set of bigger and better rewards for each stage of the challenge. Some of these rewards can be pretty unique! You’ll be able to buy the BattlePass.png Battle Pass at ANY stage of the challenge — at the very beginning, in the middle, or even in the very final stage — and you will still get ALL the rewards from both the top and bottom rows.

The prizes given by the BattlePass.png Battle Pass will be stacked on top of the normal rewards (i.e. completing tier 50 will give you BOTH Shaft XT and Hornet LGC Skins). Both levels of prizes will be visible in the interface, so at any time you can see the rewards you’re currently getting, and compare them with the rewards that you could unlock with a BattlePass.png Battle Pass. You can purchase the pass directly from the Challenge window - it is sold in the Shop for €5.99 (along with 3x Days of Premium Account) and will only be valid for the current challenge (e.g. the pass will disappear after the current challenge is over and you will need to buy it again if you want increased rewards for the next Challenge).

Premium Account players also get additional advantages during Challenges. In addition to its many benefits, a premium account now also double the Stars you earn in battle. This means that if you have a premium account, you will be able to reach the final stage of the challenge (and the biggest, coolest rewards) twice as fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Challenges also be available in TO Mobile?
A: Yes of course. The mobile version is still played on the main game servers, which means there will be the same challenges.

Q: How and when will I receive my rewards for completed Challenges?
A: Prizes are automatically awarded as soon as you complete a stage. You don't have to wait, or click any buttons or anything.

Q: How will I know that I have moved to a new stage of the Challenge?
A: You can view your progress at any time in the Challenges tab. Additionally, for each new stage you reach, you will receive a notification in the game.

Q: Can I do a challenge with friends?
A: Yes of course. The only restriction is that you MUST play Matchmaking battles. But it makes no difference whether you do it alone or as a group.

Q: What advantages does a battle pass give?
A: It significantly increases rewards for completing challenge levels. More information is above.

Q: How do I buy a battle pass?
A: In the bottom left corner of the «Challenge» tab, you will find a button that will take you to the section of the Shop where you can buy the pass.

Q: What happens if I buy a battle pass, and have already completed some or all of the stages in the current challenge?
A: You can buy a battle pass at any time while a Challenge is active. As soon as you buy the pass, you will receive all the rewards from the gold row up to your current challenge level.

Q: Will I keep ALL of my rewards when the Challenge ends?
A: Of course, the rewards are all yours to keep. Just keep in mind that a battle pass is only valid for one Challenge. So each fresh Challenge requires a new battle pass if you want to access rewards from the gold row.

Q: Will I still get some rewards if I don’t buy a battle pass?
A: Of course! But you will only get the rewards from the silver row, not the gold row. The battle pass will give you the rewards from both rows.

Q: What will happen to the "Easy Stars" Pass?
A: The role of the “Easy Stars” Pass will be taken over by the Premium Account. So, Premium will now allow you to earn stars twice as fast (just like the Easy Stars Pass used to do). Therefore, The Easy Stars subscription will be removed from the game.

Q: What kind of rewards does the Challenge offer?
A: The Challenge offers everything ranging from crystals, containers, supplies, batteries for drones, Gold Boxes, Premium Account time, normal and animated paints, rare skins and shot effects. More information about the rewards is listed below.

Tier Rewards

As you start getting more and more Stars.png Stars, you will advance up the tiers. The prizes will get bigger and better as you go up. Use the table below for information on the prizes.

The rewards in the table below apply only to the current on-going Challenge. The previous or next Challenge may have a different set of rewards than listed below.

Challenges Archive