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{{See also|Status Effects|Temperature|Augments}}<br>
{{See also|Status Effects|Temperature|Augments}}<br>
"Ow! That's hot!" you say. "And it's destroying my tank!" That's right: you're on fire.[[File:Icon_Heat.png]] This article details how to put yourself out and set your enemies aflame.
"Ow! That's hot!" you say. "And it's destroying my tank!" That's right: you're on fire.[[File:Icon_Heat.png]] This article details how to put yourself out and set your enemies aflame.

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"Ow! That's hot!" you say. "And it's destroying my tank!" That's right: you're on fire.Icon Heat.png This article details how to put yourself out and set your enemies aflame.

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Burning is a Status Effect applied by certain specialized pieces of equipment. When a tank is on fire, this happens:

  • The tank takes 300 damage per second
  • The tank will cool off at a rate of 10% max temperature per second, for a maximum burning time of 10 seconds.
  • Freezing effects are removed.

Some important things to note:

  • The damage dealt by burning is not increased by double damageDD symbol.png or extra damage Icon DD.png.
  • The damage is reduced by double armorDA symbol.pngand extra armor Icon DA.png
  • The damage dealt is reduced (up tp 5%, or 10% for Brutus) if the burning tank is using a drone, but not increased by the attacker using a drone.
  • Using a repair kit will put the fire out and repair the tank most of the time, but if a damage tick from burning occurs immediately after activation (before the kit has had time to remove the effect), the kit's healing will be stopped.
  • Firebird protection modules do not reduce damage from burning.
  • Shooting anyone with freeze (including a teammate) will put out their fire, and shooting anyone with firebird will relieve their Freezing.
  • Burning tanks will have this symbol above them: Icon Heat.png If you are burning, or are the one starting the fire, you will also see the text Burning briefly appear above the affected tanks.


  • Juggernaut.pngThe Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
  • Icon overdrive at field.pngMammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
  • Icon Immunity.png Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

There are also two hull augments that protect against burning:

Name Description Effects
Heat Resistance
Fire Protection.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Partially protects your tank from the damage and effect of heat, making it harder to burn. Does not affect direct damage from Firebird. Overheat effect resistance: 50% Plus.png
Heat Immunity
Fire Immunity.png
4 990 MiniTankoin.png
Makes your tank immune to heat damage, such as that inflicted by Vulcan's overheating, or the persistent burn after-effect from Firebird. However, Firebird will still be able to deal direct damage to your tank. Overheat effect resistance: 100% Plus.png

If you attempt Burn an immune tank, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above them. There is no indicator for heat resistance.

What can Burn a Tank?

Left Firebird
Firebird is the only turret capable of setting tanks on fire with no additional augment. In addition to dealing regular damage, it increases the Temperature of tanks, at a rate of by 20% per second at Mk1 to 50% per second at Mk7+.

  • Shooting a frozen tank (even a teammate) with firebird will unfreeze it. If it's an enemy, they must be unfrozen before they begin taking burning damage.
  • There are two augments for firebird that affect its burning effect. Note that the Adrenaline augment is not on this list, as it does not increase burning damage.
Name Description Effects
Compact fuel tanks
Alteration firebird compact fuel tanks.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Especially for the fans of the "put it on fire and roll away" tactic: fast increase in temperature and burning time due to the increased rate of fuel consumption.

Maximum temperature limit:Icon info.png +100% Plus.png
Heating rate: +100% Plus.png
Energy consumption: +50% Minus.png

Incendiary mix
Alteration firebird incendiary mix.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Thermite mixture will burn through tank armor, dealing increased damage, but without igniting the target. No heating effect.

Damage: +50% Plus.png
Energy consumption: -50% Plus.png
Overheat effect removed Minus.png

Left Hopper's Overdrive
Perfect for a quick getaway, this overdrive is frequently used to sail over helpless enemies.

  • In addition to stunning nearby tanks, Hopper's Detonation Jump sets all enemies within 20 meters for on fire for 9 seconds.

Left Wasps's Overdrive
This small hull's stinger is a devastating N2 bomb.

  • Along with a short Stun and EMP, enemies that survive the blast will have to contend with 10 full seconds of burning: wasp's bomb sets the temperature of all enemies within its range to the max.

Left Vulcan
This machine gun can shoot indefinitely, but after a few seconds, the user will self-inflict burning damage. Their temperature will increase at a rate of by 30% per second at Mk1 to 50% per second at Mk7+ un til they stop firing.

Additionally, there are currently 4 turret augments that allow turrets other than firebird to set tanks on fire. Epic augments can be obtained in Containers or Ultra Containers at the Epic rarity, or purchased for crystalsCrystal.png. Exotic augments can be only be obtained in Ultra Containers at the Exotic Rarity.

Name Description Effects
Dragon's Breath

Alteration hammer dragon breath.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Features pellets by the striking name of «Dragon's Breath» that ignite enemy tanks on critical damage shots. Takes more time to reload in order to meet fire protection requirements.

Critical hits ignite the target: +9% per pellet Plus.pngIcon info.png
Clip reload: +10% Minus.png

Incendiary rounds

Alteration smoky incendiary rounds.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Replacement for the standard cumulative shots with rounds filled with an incendiary compound. Critical hits deal regular damage, but also ignite the target.

Critical hits ignite the target: +50% Plus.pngIcon info.png

Critical damage: -25% Minus.png

Incendiary band

Alteration vulcan incendiary band.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Modification for the fans of showering enemies with bullet fire, non-stop. While overheating from continuous fire, these rounds will ignite and put the target on fire.

Shots ignite the target Plus.png Icon info.png
Maximum heating per projectile: +0.07% Plus.png
Ignites only when self-heating Minus.png
Projectile speed: -50% Minus.png

Incendiary Rounds

Augment Incendiary Rounds Railgun.png
Literally heats shells inside the barrel before shooting. Critical rounds set fire to the target.

Critical hits ignite the target: +30% Plus.pngIcon info.png
Max tanks set on fire: 2 Plus.png
Critical damage: -30% Minus.png
Shot warmup time: +20% Minus.png