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So, what to pick? It's generally advisable to have one hull of each kind: heavy, medium, and light, but if you prefer one play style above another, you may not need one of each. If you'd like more help picking a hull, check out these more detailed guides:
So, what to pick? It's generally advisable to have one hull of each kind: heavy, medium, and light, but if you prefer one play style above another, you may not need one of each. If you'd like more help picking a hull, check out these more detailed guides:
[[Light Tanks - How to Choose, How to Use]]<br>
[[Light Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use]]<br>
[[Medium Tanks - How to Choose, How to Use]]<br>
[[Medium Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use]]<br>
[[Heavy Tanks - How to Choose, How to Use]]
[[Heavy Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use]]

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Mammoth could have had a different name. While the heavy hull was still in development, the name "Goliath" was seriously being considered by the developers.


It has been a decade in the making - the fast-paced, three-dimensional tank shooter game we all know as Tanki Online. We as members of the community have been here for a few months or even several years, while others have just joined the project. This article is designed to help beginners as well as those who have played for a long time, but not yet grasped all the charms of the game, so most likely the article will be useful even to many experienced players. Here we go:

Economical Point-of-View

It's no wonder many people face shortages of crystals many times in their careers. Some drain their count while purchasing a "temporary-fix" kit in the low ranks while others knot up their progress in high ranks such as Marshal by spending all the crystals on useless micro-upgrades, supplies, and so on. Let's take a look at some alternative ways and strategies one can use to quickly gather crystals and be on their way to a more powerful garage.

Development Strategy

This is perhaps the most complex and urgent issue.

Without looking into this, many end their military career in Tanki Online almost without starting it. The reason for this is usually a lack of crystals and the inability to buy the next desired upgrade.

There are many fixes in this regard:

  • The first obvious fix is buying crystals for real money. This method costs money, but it comes in handy if you are unable to spend a lot of time in the game in order to get the desired amount of crystals to upgrade your weapons.
  • This method is totally free, but it requires great patience. Quite often people spend earned crystals on absolutely useless things. As a result, they have various low-level hulls or tanks, but no high-level equipment, which is not good. When you start to play, pick your own strategy, choose a turret and a hull that you like, and save crystals to upgrade those particular items. This way, you get a powerful hull/turret combination and will be able to fight on equal terms even with players who invest real money in the game.
  • Partially paid but at lower ranks, with an investment of €5 or less, you will have up to 25 000 crystals. This number of crystals at the beginning of your career will allow you to buy any turret and hull, making you a fearsome opponent on the battlefield! This in turn makes it easier to get a top placement in battles and acquire a large part of the battle fund!
  • Entering contests can also provide a hefty paycheck - there are plenty of Newspaper contests in the forum that have crystals as prizes as well as some official contests that come around now and then. The official contests will be advertised on Tanki's Home Page. Currently, the contests' team and the designers' team also hosts contests from which one can earn lots of crystals and even things like Tankoins, days of Premium Account, Gold Boxes, containers, etc. Don't forget, the social media team also hosts monthly giveaways on the Tanki Online Discord server.
  • Then there are also Challenges - a tiring but worthy tiered system of earning cool and awesome rewards that can not only increase your supply and crystal count but also spice up your garage at the same time!

Earning Crystals

Play DM battles - and try to take part in long battles (for example 999 kills) and you could potentially earn up to 10,000 crystals. Always keep in mind the server restart. You can use this time of the day in your favor. You will often see battles lasting 300 minutes (5 hours). Typically, they are team battles. It's not necessary to immediately enter into such a battle. Wait until the remaining time is approximately 180 minutes (3 hours) from the end and join against the winning team. The Battle Fund at that time will be very big, and many players will leave. Alternatively, if you are a strong player, you can play in several short battles. You will spend roughly the same amount of time, get slightly fewer crystals, but will be able to diversify your gaming activities.

Battles - Fight to the Win!

Battle Modes

There are several types of battles: Team Deathmatch, Control Points, Capture The Flag, Rugby, Assault, Team Juggernaut, and Siege.

Remember that though you can play like a real pro on any team, your final earnings will depend significantly on the performance of your whole team, not just your individual score. So if your team doesn't work together, you might lose and miss out on crystals.

In PRO Battles, it is strongly recommended that you play with others of your rank.

Still, the choice is always yours. Playing with people of your rank, won't give you that much XP, but you will have the opportunity to earn a decent amount of crystals to further improve your garage.

Joining Battle

There are three types of battles in the game:

  • Matchmaking System Battles: These battles are tailored to your rank, skill, and equipment level by the matchmaking system of the game. Queue up into such battles and you will almost every time end up with players fully or nearly equal to your level. This means that you will not only have an easier time playing the battle but also try and go for the win in equal variables!
  • PRO Battles: Generally, most would not recommend beginners to join PRO Battles. These battles are custom-made by the player base and feature non-core maps such as Molotov and Siege. They can have extended scores and time caps which sometimes results in hefty payouts at the end.
  • Parkour Battles: Parkour battles are not battles at all, but instead serve as a chill lounge for players who want a break from the exhaustive environment of dashing Wasps and stinging energy beams. It is at your discretion to join such battles, but do remember they do not affect your crystal count at all.

Garage Equipment - Invest Carefully!


We've already done all the experimentation for you!

If you prefer dynamic combat, you'll be better off with a light hull like Wasp or Hornet. Hunter and Viking are also good choices and come highly recommended due to the good balance of speed and armor.
If you love to snipe while hiding, then almost any medium or heavy hull will suit you, though Hopper can perch in high places.
And of course, there is always Dictator, which is an excellent support tank.
You may also want to experiment with which type of hull you like - hovering or tracked. The controls are different, and each type has its advantages. Hovering hulls are generally more maneuverable (though they don't turn quickly), while tracked ones don't get shoved around as much.

Now let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of various hulls:

Advantages and Disadvantages
Hull Advantages Disadvantages Overdrive
Hull wasp m3.png
Has the highest speed and is very small and agile. Weak armor, unstable - if you are trying to kill someone using high-recoil turrets, you will probably rollover if the opponent is shooting at you at the same time Icon overdrive n2 bomb.png
Drops a bomb that explodes after three seconds and causes tremendous damage with a large area of effect. The bomb will ignore the enemy's active supplies when dealing damage, and stun, remove supplies from and burn anyone it doesn't immediately kill.
Hull hornet m3.png
Fast and maneuverable, and stable on its tracks. Weak armor, slowest can be hard to control as it drifts around corners. Icon overdrive scout radar.png
Allows the entire team to see the health bars and location of enemy tanks. Additionally, temporarily removes all enemy armor and strengthens your turret.
Very hard to flip, can move in any direction Difficult to maneuver around tight spaces and obstacles, a bit slower than other light hulls Icon overdrive BFG.png
Jumps up into the air, briefly stuns nearby enemies, and sets nearby enemies on fire.
Hull hunter m3.png
The most maneuverable medium hull, also very stable Doesn't do great in large maps due to moderate speed and short-range overdrive Icon overdrive electromagnetic pulse.png
Deactivates enemy supplies, as well as Wasp's bomb and Titan's dome generator. It also stuns and leaves all enemies within its area of effect immobile.
Hull vicing m3.png
Fastest medium hull, rarely flips Low maneuverability, ability to drift/slide Icon overdrive berserk reactor.png
Greatly increases your turret's damage and firing rate for seven seconds.
Hull dictator m3.png
Very tall but stable, the turret is closer to the back so it is easy to shoot while covered. Slow, Easy to accidentally shoot over nearby targets Icon overdrive supplies overload.png
Your tank and all allies within the area of effect will be repaired and buffed with Boosted Armor, Boosted Damage, and other such supplies as well as dropping a Mine each and it will also speed up the recharge time of the Overdrive with 33% except for Dictators. Also freezes nearby enemies and briefly strengthens teammates' turrets. No supplies are taken out of the player's inventory when activating this ability.
Extremely stable, can move in any direction A bit slow, gets pushed around easily Icon overdrive BFG.png
Shoots an icicle that damages, freezes, and removes the armor from tanks that it hits.
The fastest heavy hull, high armor Slow, low turning speed, low traction Icon overdrive BFG.png
Shoots a slow-moving energy ball that quickly heals nearby allies and destroys nearby enemies as it travels.
Hull titan m3.png
Steady, high armor, quite maneuverable for a heavy hull Slow, large and easy to hit Icon overdrive shield generator.png
Drops a protective dome generator that greatly reduces incoming damage for you and your allies inside it.
Hull mammoth m3.png
Can push anybody, high armor Lowest speed and turning speed Icon overdrive at field.png
Your tank is instantly healed, immune to negative status effects, moves faster, and can destroy enemy tanks by touching them.

So, what to pick? It's generally advisable to have one hull of each kind: heavy, medium, and light, but if you prefer one play style above another, you may not need one of each. If you'd like more help picking a hull, check out these more detailed guides:

Light Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use
Medium Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use
Heavy Hulls: How to Choose, How to Use


Which weapon should you choose? This depends on the map you want to play on. At lower ranks: Firebird, Freeze, Twins or Smoky for small maps; Twins, Thunder, Smoky, Striker Railgun for medium-sized maps;  Smoky and Railgun or even Shaft For large maps. At higher ranks: Firebird, Isida, Twins (for smaller maps), Ricochet, Thunder, Railgun, Striker, Magnum, and Shaft for medium maps, you can also use Isida or Freeze with a fast hull. For large maps use Thunder, Railgun, Magnum, Shaft, and in some cases even Ricochet.

Let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages of every turret:

Advantages and Disadvantages
Turret Advantages Disadvantages
Turret firebird m3 2.png
High damage - the burning effect will kill almost everyone and will continue even after you are destroyed. Disadvantages include a small range of action and a slow recharge.
Turret freeze m3.png
This weapon deals high damage to enemies and freezes them, turning them into helpless victims. Short range and slow recharge.
Turret isida m3.png
Great for team battles. You can easily earn experience points by healing your team. On the downside, it only has a range of about 15 meters.
Turret hammer m3.png
This weapon deals massive amounts of damage in three quick bursts before needing to reload. It has a reload speed similar to smoky between shots, of which there are three in a clip. The reload time between clips is closer to Railgun.
Turret twins m3.png
High rate of fire, big knock-back and fast reload, and an annoying sound to the enemy, all of which will help you strike terror into the heart of your opponent. Can be hard to safely hit enemies - too far, and the slow projectiles will miss, but too close, and you'll get hit by your own splash damage.
Turret ricochet m3.png
Another powerful weapon. Famous for dealing high damage in a small amount of time. You can use the bouncing bullets to destroy enemies while taking cover from hostile fire. Inevitable death if your energy pool runs out and you're in between enemies.
Turret smoky m3.png
The most versatile weapon. With some skill, it can be highly effective at any rank. The main advantages are a high shooting rate combined with decent damage. It is possible to kill an enemy with one shot thanks to the critical hit (a flash of lightning that strikes the opponent). Due to its low reload times, it is hard to control.
Turret vulcan m3.png
Vulcan is the ultimate defending weapon. It has infinite ammo. If you shoot for too long you will start to overheat and deal self-damage.
Turret thunder m3.png
Has a lower rate of fire than Smoky but deals good damage. In addition, Thunder can deal damage to multiple enemies with just one shot! Splash damage, and plus, Thunder's damage decreases with distance.
Turret striker m3.png
It has a great value of damage output and can effectively take out groups of people. Though aiming at targets in the immediate area is easy, shooting people far away is very hard, and at times, impossible.
Turret railgun m3.png
A favorite amongst the majority of players. Each shot takes away a huge amount of HP, excellent knock-back effect, especially if the opponent is moving. Disadvantages include a slow recharge.
Turret gauss m3.png
Can deal incredible amounts of damage if used correctly by knowing when to use the standalone shot versus the supershot. Has no laser which allows being sneaky and quickly grab kills from far away. Is a great weapon to steal kills in solo modes. Supershot can take some time to charge the weapon up again. The trail of the bullet path is visible. Splash damage is also a problem.
Turret magnum m3.png
It can wreak havoc if in the right hands, as it can deal an extensive amount of damage over a very large radius (when compared to other turrets, such as Thunder). It has the ability to shoot in vertical angles, making it the ultimate campers' weapon, but also works as a mobile artillery unit. The main downfall is difficulty - you need to learn three variables in order to precisely using this weapon - power, shot angle, and aiming direction. Splash damage can also be an issue if you decide to fire a shot close-range.
Turret shaft m3.png
Infinite range, high damage. Slow rotation speed and recharge time.

Tips and Tricks - Dominate The Battles!

Techniques and Shooting Tactics

Below you will find a few tips for shooting with different guns.

Secrets for shooting with Smoky:
If you are dealing with rail, then this is the plan of action. Shoot 3-4 shots and wait until you see a light turning on in front of the barrel. To make them miss, you just need to shoot at the edge of the opponent's hull. 
The same thing can be done against Thunder, but in this case, you just need to wait for 1 shot, wait for a split second, and just shoot at the edge of the hull. 

Tips for shooting with Twins:
The principle of operation is the same as the one used with Smoky. Twins knock every enemies' sights easily. Just some skill, and you will rule the battlefield. However, do use Twins' alterations depending upon the largeness of the map you're playing in.

Secrets of shooting from Ricochet:
Master the bouncing effect. With Rico, you can hit targets that no other weapon can. Use the bouncing ability and always listen, there will be a distinctive sound every time a ball hits an enemy.
Ricochet easily disrupts aiming and slows down the enemy. When facing a Freeze or a Firebird, start moving backward, away from the enemy, and do not stop shooting.

Make sure you learn how to move the turret (with Z, X, and C buttons). Simultaneous turning of the hull and turret greatly increases your chances of survival!

Equipment Combinations

Here are the main combinations:
Wasp - can be used with Smoky, Hammer, Firebird, Freeze, Railgun and Isida.
Hornet - best combined with Isida, Smoky, Hammer, Thunder, Gauss, or Railgun. Also good with Freeze and Firebird.
Hunter - Smoky, Twins, Ricochet, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum.
Viking - Good with any weapon. The best options are Thunder, Railgun, Hammer, Magnum, Striker, and Ricochet.
Dictator - best combined with Railgun, but also good with Isida, Ricochet, Vulcan, Magnum and Thunder too.
Titan - Railgun, Twins, Smoky, Thunder, Shaft, Vulcan, Striker and Magnum.
Mammoth - Good with any weapon. The best options are Twins, Vulcan, Freeze, Thunder, and Shaft; also works a treat with Striker/Magnum.

If you're a fan of team play and want to focus on stealing flags, the best hulls are Wasp, Hornet, and Hunter. If you prefer to stay on the defensive, your best option is Mammoth combined with Freeze or Ricochet. Dictator is the best option for assaults on enemy positions.

Using Supplies

Some tips on how to use consumables:

  1. Do not use them in advance. Try to get as close as possible to the enemy flag. When you have crossed the middle of the map/are almost at the enemy's base, start using 'em!
  2. Do not waste consumables if you are near an enemy flag that is being defended by Freeze. You will be able to destroy it, but due to the freeze effect you won't go far and your supplies will expire.
  3. If you are playing Death Match, use consumables strictly by necessity. Thoughtless use of supplies can lead to an alliance against you. You will lose the rhythm of the game, and as a result, you will also lose the game.
  4. If you aren't able to buy consumables - collect them in the game. They are dropped in certain places on every map. Stay close to these zones and you will have enough supplies to remain competitive on the battlefield.
  5. It is always advised to activate Boosted Armor first because sometimes an enemy is hiding with a long-ranged turret such as Shaft or Railgun. If you were to activate Speed boost or Boosted damage, you would die.