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ASL preview.png



Assault (aka. ASL (ASL mode.png) is a fusion-style format. It is currently only available to play in Matchmaking maps and battles. The mode bares a strong resemblance to that of both, CTF and CP. Teams are divided into two teams, each tasked with different roles. Battles are limited either by number of capture points (100 team points in a regular battle) or by time (10 minutes in a regular battle).


Assault mode is unlike any other mode in the game - it combines the strategic element of capturing flags with the defending setups of control points. Players are divided into two teams, one which takes a flag from its base and tries to capture it by driving over or hit the specific "capture points" in the map. The objective of the defending team is to prevent the attackers from successfully delivering the flag. The defending team receives experience points for destroying enemy tanks (similar to TDM).

Successfully capturing a flag requires a lot of teamwork, skill and timing. Players should try to attack together, use their Overdrives and try to go in the perfect moment - like when a heavy defender dies or the whole defending team is low in health.

Defenders should try to fortify their base by laying mines, staying together and using heavy hulls to block off access to the capture point. The overall objective of this mode makes it very strategy-based and requires a lot of effort to win, something that can't just come from supplies and personal skills. Work together, take care of your teammates and capture your way to victory!

Images & Items

In-Game Item Purpose
AS red flag.png

Red Flag
The Red flag is what the Red team must take to the Blue point, in order to complete a capture.
AS blue point.png

Blue Point
The Blue point is what the Blue team must defend, preventing the Red team from capturing their flag.

AS blue point distance.png

Blue Point Indicator
This is the Blue point indicator showing from a distance where the blue point is located.

AS score.png

Score Counter
The Score Counter shows the current score. The Red side shows how many captures the Red team has managed to complete (each capture grants 5 team points) and the Blue side shows how many kills the Blue team has made (1 kill grants 1 team point).

Icons & Indicators

Icon / Indicator Purpose
ASL Red Player deliver flag.png
Indicates that a player of the Red team has successfully captured the flag.
ASL Red Player drop flag.png
Indicates that a player of the Red team has dropped the flag.

Statistics & Facts

  • Upon self-destructing, the player loses 10 points of their battle score and loses 1 kill to their name.
  • If a player manages to kill an enemy on their own, they receive 10 EXP points and 15 points to their battle score.
  • If multiple players assisted to destroy an enemy, each player receives 5 points to their battle score along with 5 EXP points each.
  • Healing a player with isida, gives 5 points to their battle score along with 5 EXP points.

  • For each flag captured, the red team receives 5 team points.
  • Flags can only be taken by players from the red team.
  • If a player manages to take the flag but is destroyed, the flag automatically returns to the flag post.
  • A player who has held the flag cannot pick it up again until the flag is returned to the base.
  • Though the blue base has control points, the point does not share the same mechanics as the points from CP mode. Therefore, the point can only be "captured" if the red flag manages to touch the blue control point.
  • For each kill made, the Blue team receives 1 team point.

  • Assault mode was previously seen in previous Christmas celebrations. It was permanently implemented into the game on December the 13th, 2017.