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Advice from experienced players

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Wikilogobook.png Beginner's Guide
Wikilogobook.png Flipping
Wikilogobook.png Gold Box Hunting
Wikilogobook.png Finding The Right Battle To Join
Wikilogobook.png Learning how to shoot accurately
Wikilogobook.png Guide to Deathmatches
Wikilogobook.png Guide to Team Deathmatches
Wikilogobook.png Guide to Capture the Flag
Wikilogobook.png Guide to Control Points
Wikilogobook.png Five Ways To Win
Wikilogobook.png Stalemate situations
Wikilogobook.png Changing Equipment
Wikilogobook.png Smart Cooldowns and Predictable Drops
Wikilogobook.png How to Survive a Railgun
Wikilogobook.png Camera Settings
Wikilogobook.png Pro's Advice Videos