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Achievements are Tanki medals issued for reaching various milestones. There are currently 188 of them, ranging from the most obvious, such as destroying enemies and capturing flags, to more unusual ones, such as attaining one of the special paints.

Your personal statistics and achievements, as well as the weekly ratings, can be viewed by clicking on the ratings button in the upper panel of the homepage or Forum.

To get access to your own achievements, as well as getting access to other tankers' achievements, simply open your / their profile and click on the "Achievements" icon.

Upp pan ratings.png

Destroy enemy tanks
Ach destroy.jpg
Get destroyed by enemy tanks
Ach dead.jpg
Earn experience points
Ach exp.jpg
Earn crystals in battles
Ach cry.jpg
Catch gold boxes
Ach gld.jpg
Earn XP in DM mode
Ach DM.jpg
Earn XP in TDM mode
Ach TDM.jpg
Earn XP in CTF mode
Ach CTF.jpg
Earn XP in CP mode
Ach CP.jpg
Earn XP in ASL mode
ASL achivement.png
Earn XP in RGB mode
RGB achivement.png
Earn XP in JGR mode
Jugger achivement.png
Use Repair Kits
Ach repkit.jpg
Use pieces of Double Armour
Ach DA.jpg
Use pieces of Double Damage
Ach DD.jpg
Use Speed Ups
Ach nos.jpg
Use Mines
Ach mines.jpg
Use Batteries
Batteries achivement.png
Use Supplies
Ach supplies.jpg
Earn XP with Firebird
Ach firebird.jpg
Earn XP with Freeze
Ach freeze.jpg
Earn XP with Isida
Ach isida.jpg
Earn XP with Hammer
Ach hammer.jpg
Earn XP with Twins
Ach twins.jpg
Earn XP with Ricochet
Ach rico.jpg
Earn XP with Smoky
Ach smoky.jpg
Earn XP with Striker
Ach striker.png
Earn XP with Vulcan
Ach vulcan.jpg
Earn XP with Thunder
Ach thunder.jpg
Earn XP with Railgun
Ach railgun.jpg
Earn XP with Magnum
Ach magnum.png
Earn XP with Shaft
Ach shaft.jpg
Earn XP with Gauss
Gauss achievement.png
Collect turrets in your garage
Ach turrets.jpg
Collect hulls in your garage
Ach hulls.jpg
Collect all M3 turrets and hulls equipment in your garage
Ach xt turret m3.jpg
Special Achievements
Ach esport.jpgAch esport2 help full.jpg