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The War of Thrones was a War that took place from April 1st to 29th, 2019. The goal of the participants in this War was to collect as many stars as possible in their own faction - which was randomly assigned. The faction that has collected the most stars at the end wins.

To participate in this War, one had to buy the special distributor paint - Arbiter - for 5 000 crystals. The paint automatically assigned the player to one of the three factions randomly. The paint was purchasable from the 29th of March and remained available for purchase until April 1st.

The factions

Paint Targies.png Paint Staries.png Paint Lannies.png

There were three factions - Targies (left), Staries (center), and Lannies (right). After purchasing the Arbiter it would be replaced with the corresponding paint for your faction.


Targies Staries Lannies
War of Thrones Dragon.png War of Thrones Wolf.png War of Thrones Leo.png
9.07 million Stars.png 9.47 million Stars.png 8.97 million Stars.png

As mentioned above, the task of participants was to collect stars in Matchmaking battles. The faction that had the most stars when the war ended won.

In the end, the Staries faction won the war, earning 400 000 more stars than the Targies and 500 000 more stars than the Lannies.


The size of the prize depended on number of stars earned. The rewards included weekly containers and containers. Note that only participants of the winning faction received these rewards. One could receive a maximum of 40 weekly containers and 30 regular containers in total.

War of Thrones 1.png War of Thrones 2.png War of Thrones 3.png
800–1749 Stars.png

10 weekly containers.

1750–3499 Stars.png

10 weekly containers and 10 regular containers.

3500 + Stars.png

20 weekly containers and 20 regular containers.