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The «War: Domination» was a global event in which three separate and autonomous factions - namely the Lions, Bears and Wolves - went to war with each other on the territories of a fictional world (hereinafter referred to as the World). This time around, the factions had to battle it out after voting territories to attack/defend and gain "stars", a resource which not only became a faction's deciding factor that whether it would capture a territory or not but also reward each registered player with containers.


At the start of the War, players needed to purchase the «Distributor» paint. Doing this would automatically assign each player their faction.

Faction Distributor

Paint Distributor.png

This paint was made specifically for the global event «War: Domination».
After purchasing, this paint is removed and replaced with one of the following faction paints: Lions, Wolves, or Bears.

Paint Faction
Paint Lions.png

War2 LionsLogo.png

Paint Wolves.png

War2 WolvesLogo.png

Paint Bears.png

War2 BearsLogo.png



«Easy Stars» Booster

After confirming their votes at the start of every turn, players needed to play in Matchmaking battles in order to gain a special in-game resource, stars. Each turn began with zero stars, and as soon as one gained five stars (also the minimum number needed to confirm votes for each turn), they would get three containers. At fifteen stars, players would get five containers; and finally, at thirty stars, ten containers.

An «Easy Stars» booster pass was available in the Shop for those who wanted to achieve them more quickly than others. It doubled the stars you would get at the end of the battle, which were given out as follows: One star for third place and below, two for second and three for first place. In case of a tie in non-team battles, both the players would get the same amount of stars. However, in team battles, a tie would only give the top players of either team two stars.

The World

War2 Map.png
Symbol Purpose/Meaning
War Capital.png Capital
War2 1VP.png Territory - 1 Victory Point
War2 3VP.png Territory - 3 Victory Point
War2 5VP.png Territory - 5 Victory Point
War2 Vault.png Vault
War Attack.png Attack
War Defense.png Defense

Just like the Tanki Online War, Capitals were the base of each factions - an important territory from each of the factions would start the War and capture other territories. Taking control of an enemy's Capital would not eliminate them from the War. To do so, you would've had to take control of all of the enemy-controlled territories. This would make them unable to defend any of them, hence removing them from play.

Territories were marked based on tiered Victory Points (VPs). Gray ones gave a faction one VP per turn, while dark green ones gave 3 VPs. The highest VPs were given out by light green territories, at the very middle of the World.

In addition, there were three locations in the World which contained Vaults. These gave all the players of the faction a total of fifteen containers, provided that they confirmed their votes the turn these were attacked.


Regardless of whether or not the faction won or not, all players received the following prizes:

  • For five stars gained per turn, three containers.
  • For fifteen stars gained per turn, five containers.
  • For thirty stars gained per turn, ten containers.
  • For each Vault captured for the first time, fifteen containers.

Winning the War - twenty containers and animated version of the faction paint.

Course of Action

Faction War Attack.png War Defense.png
Paint Lions.png
Camp, Gubakha, Duel
Magistral, Duality, Highland
Lions Capital
Paint Wolves.png
Bridges, Scope, Fort Knox
Stadium, Farm, Esplanade
Wolves Capital
Paint Bears.png
Tribute, Red Alert, Island
Solikamsk, Dusseldorf, Molotov
Bears Capital


Lions animated paint.gif

After a the first half of the war, during which the map was dominated by the Bears and Wolves, the Lions faction stepped up their attacks and made an unexpected comeback, winning the War and receiving the The Winner paint.

Interesting Facts

  • During the war, special channels in the in-game Lobby chat were available where tankers could talk with members of their own faction.
  • Originally, the animated Lions paint was going to be removed from garages with the start of the next war. However, the developers later decided to let players keep the paint as part of the legacy of the WAR in Tanki Online.